How to Make a Filigree and Swarovski Crystal Ornament

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video, learn how to make a stunningly elegant holiday ornament using SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS crystals, 2 identical pieces of filigree, and wire. For the hook we used beading wire and crimp beads along with more sparkling SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS crystals. Would make an excellent gift or treasured keepsake.
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Hi this Julie with and today I want to show you how to make a Filigree and Swarovski Crystal Holiday Ornament you're going to need two identical filigree pieces. We're going to line these up back-to-back so that both sides are going to look beautiful you'll see that on one side of the stamping there's usually a recessed area so I want to cover up by having two together you're going to need one 16mm swarovski pearl shaped crystal in crystal color You need a few crimp beads you're gonna need some Swarovski crystal margarita beads crystal color foil lined and you need some Swarovski crystal 4mm bicone 26 gauge craft wire in silver tone a 12 inch piece of silver color wire and then for your tools you need a pair flush cutters, crimping pliers, a pair of chain nose pliers and a ruler So to begin go ahead and sandwich your two pieces Filigreed together just so that they're lined up you want to measure a 12 inch piece of 26 gauge craft wire you don't have to be exact just make sure that it's at least 12 inches To begin take your 12 inch piece of wire and thread it through one of the open holes in the filigree you want to make sure that the long end of your wire, pull it through, there's going to be a long tail and a short tail you want to make sure the long tail is actually coming up through the Filigree in the middle It's real important that it faces in that direction, you'll see why in a moment now taking the short tail which is coming out what I'm gonna call the back right now both sides are identical but I'm going to call it the back I'm going to take my tail push it up through that big open hole, looks like a teardrop shape thread it back through the smaller open hole and take the pliers at this point and use them to get a better grip on the wire thread it through it again basically I'm just securing the wire to the filigree, if you're familiar with wire wrapping it's much the same process see in the back the tail comes through, pull it pull snug one more time I want about three loops almost like whip stitching something together in sewing to get a crimped end snip it off, its ok, it's a part of the short tail so that tail is coming out the back press it down you don't need to cut it off at the step but you cut it off later so now you've got a long tail coming through that side piece of the filigree we're going to string onto our wire one 4mm bicone let it drop all the way to the filigree and take your tail and go back to that exact same hole that we were coming through to begin with and helped it along and pull tight and the bicone is actually bigger than the hole so it's not going to slip through so now when you go to the hole next to it pull the wire through make sure it's tight make sure at this junction because this is the beginning of your wire wrapping that your filigrees are lining up well by the time you get to the other side it's not gonna matter, they're going to be anchored tight enough make sure they're still lined up place another bicone and onto your wire again go back through the same hole you came out of help your wire so it doesn't get kinked up and pulled down and pull through now I'll show you on the back how this is looking take my wire, you can see right here take my wire and pull it across this hole right here. If you're working with a different piece of filigree you're just gonna have to decide what looks best in terms of where you place the crystals it will be the same process for them now here I'm gonna get a little kink in my wire. So I'm just going to help it like so pull through and at this juncture what I want to do before a put another bead on I'm gonna go ahead and anchor my wire to my filigree go through that big middle hole in the teardrop shaped one pull through take my tail come back through the hole I just came through originally I'm going to use my finger to guide the wire so it doesn't twist up pull tightly make sure that these aren't slipping too badly take another bicone place it onto my wire again go through the same hole I came out of. Pull I'm just gonna move along to the next hole Again it's a helpful tip for the future to put your finger into the wire loop as your pulling tends to not get quite as tangled up now I'm at the middle and I'm going to repeat the exact same process all the way up till I reach this edge when you make it to the other side go ahead add another bicone as usual go back down through that same hole you came up through pull your wire now what we're going to do is we need to anchor this at the end here because we're going to be snipping off the excess wire, so go up through the large teardrop find a hole or a space next to the bicone but within that same open hole work of the filigree that you went through originally for that bicone pull your wire to the side go back again we're whip stitching this basically back through the large teardrop shape back through the open hole work next to it pull snug and do one more time and that is going to secure it when I put through the other side we're going to snip off the access wire with flush cutters snip it off right there go back to the other side snip it off that tail If you have any rough edges go ahead flatten them now what you're going to do is take another bit of wire approximately 6 inches in length place a bicone onto the wire pull it to the middle bend your wire in half and go ahead and mold the wire to the bicone if you can see how the wire looks it's pretty large gap right there I actually wanna bend the wire so it comes to a point and it's repeating the shape of the bicone. It comes it to a nice triangular shape now you take your two wires put them together thread on one 8mm margarita bead and make sure that both wires go through the bead and pull that bead all the way down to your bicone It's almost it's a flower with the center of the flower being a bicone so now taking this flower put it through an open hole of the filigree pull it down separate your wires in the back and pull them to either side go up through one of the open holes next to the margarita bead that you are attaching right now you do the same on the other side both of those those wires are sticking out the the front of your ornament take one 4mm bicone places it onto the wire tail go all the way down to the base push your tail back through that same open hole work now what you're going to do is thread up the wire through a hole next to it This is where you might use a pliers pull that snug make sure you have a really good firm grasp push that wire back through. You can see it comes out the other side pull it again again go up through pull snug back down pull snug I'm going to leave that tail for right now I go to the other side repeat the same process so one bicone let it drop although to the bottom put ail through that open hole work back up through some of the open filigree holes next to it pull snug again stitch it around, weave it around a couple times make sure to pull tight each time when that is done flip it over cut off the extra tail so now we have one side done. Don't keep the same process on the other three sides and once you do that your filigree is going to look something like this where you have all the pretty beads on it. It's going to catch the light beautifully. Pull this against a white background for a moment so maybe can see the beads a little bit better and now all we have to do is create a hook to hang your Ornament to your tree and to do that we need a 12 inch piece a beading wire on to it we're going to go ahead and string three bicones your pear shape pendant three more bicones pull that down to the center on you're beading wire and now add one crimp bead to one of the wire tails and let that pull down as well so now what you're going to do is there's not really a top or bottom to this. Just pick one of the teardrop shape holes thread one end of your beading wire through the hole take the tail which does not have the crimp bead on it thread it through the crimp bead and pull it down so that your crimp bead is at the top you've got bicones on each side and in the middle hangs your lovely pear shape pendant At this point I like to separate the beading wires, makes it a little bit easier for me to get a better grip on this I'm going to take my crimping pliers and I'm going to crimp that crimp bead so that is now secured and snug so now you need to string five bicones I'm on one of the tails string a crimp bead and we're not going to get this bead, it's going to be a decorative element, another five bicones, another crimp bead, another five bicones, another crimp bead, and finally another five bicones, and one more crimp bead, Let that side be. Repeat that same process on the other side with your other tail when you've got both sides strung and you have one crimp bead at the end of one of the tails and you don't have a crimp bead on the other tail you're going to cross your tails of your beading wire go ahead and feed the tail end that doesn't have to crimp bead on it through the crimp bead have them criss-cross within the crimp bead pull snug holding your tails you're going to grab your crimping pliers crimp that crimp bead for a little extra security go ahead and thread your beading wire through a couple of the bicones of the adjacent bead take your flush cutters cut off your excess beading wire and there you have a lovely very sparkly holiday ornament

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