How to Make a Filigree and Rhinestone Hair Barrette

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video, learn how to make a striking filigree and flat back rhinestone hair barrette. All you need is the hair clip itself, the filigree, rhinestones and some E6000 glue - that's it!. Very fun and easy to make, you will enjoy making many of these beautiful hair adornments.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with and today I want to show you how to very easily take a piece of filigree, some some flatback rhinstones and a hair clip and make a lovely barrette. All you're going to need is some post-it notes, some E6000 glue which is an industrial strength adhesive and it's gonna hold your rhinestones firmly in place. I'm using BeadSmith's Magic Pick to pick up my rank stone you don't need to use is that does make life a little easier. A scrap piece of wire. Those are the tools you'll need. And for the supplies need you'll piece of filigree, an assortment of flatback rhinestones and the hair barrette itself. To begin again you're going to want to fit your filigree to the barrette. You can see that this is a flat filigree and the barrette is actually curved. So very gently I'm just going to curve the filigree with my fingers until it fits the shape of the barrette. Then I want to flip it over and I want to put some E6000 on the back of it. So what I'm going to do is go ahead put some E6000 onto my post-it notes. If you've worked with this glue before you know it dries rather quickly so you don't want to put a lot on your post-it. I'm going to use my scrap piece of wire as an applicator. I'm only going to apply the glue to the area that it's actually going to touch the barrette. You know that this does get kind of stringy. That's fine. You can peel that off later if you get it anywhere you don't want. Once you're happy with you're glue go ahead and flip it over and carefully place it onto your barrette. I'm not at all worried about the glue that spilling over. I'm going to bedeck this filigree in rhinestones and we're going to cover it right up. So ideally you're going to let this dry for an hour or so before you go onto the next step. But for the purpose of this video I'm just gonna continue which means this might warble a little bit but I would recommend letting it dry before you proceed. So first I'm going to apply the largest rhinestone. Here I have ss48, ss34 and ss12. You can choose whatever size if you'd like. The main challenge for us in this particular project is gonna be covering the bar because we don't want that to show through. So I choose some rather large flatback rhinestone. I'm going to take some glue put it on the back of my rhinestone. Flip it over and press it directly on top of that bar. My E6000 is actually dried out a little bit. So I'm just gonna go ahead put a little bit more down. Then place some glue on the back of the rhinestone. You'l have a lot of fun with the pattern you choose to do and you definitely don't have to follow what I'm doing. Just let your creativity flow. Now when I get to the smaller rhinestones and when I say smaller I'm actually including my ss34 in there, instead of the glue directly on the back of the rhinestone I'm going to put it onto the piece of metal itself. This is probably why you're going to go ahead and have this dry before you proceed. I'm going to put a dab there. I'm going to put a dab right over there. I don't want to let any glue get on the top surface of the rhinestone. I can pick up the big ones with my fingers. Set them down into the glue and press into place. Now I'm going to go around my filigree and place my rhinestones wherever I want and I want to make sure that I cover any sign of that bar underneath. I want to go ahead and place in my smaller rhinestones, so I'm carefully putting glue between the edges of the larger rhinestones. It's a little hard to pick up the smaller size ones. I'm going to take my magic pick and it actually helps to grab the rhinestones and just place it into place. If you're wondering what this color is, this here's crystal and this one is Black Diamond AB. I has a nice blue tint to it. From here on out just keep applying your rhinestones wherever you like until you're happy with you're finished piece. Go to for all of your beading supply needs!

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