How to Make a Charm Chain Bauble Christmas Bracelet

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Designer: Julie Bean
Skill Level: Beginner
In this how-to video, learn how to make a quick and easy Christmas themed bracelet using bauble charm chain, Swarovski Crystal channel charms, and jump rings. The only technique used is opening and closing jump rings and the only tools needed are a pair of chain nose pliers.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with chain so the chain i have here is a bobble cluster link chain and if you look really closely at it it has an internal chain and then all these little bobbles which to me in this context look like ornaments hanging off of it it makes a really fun sound too when you jiggle it so I'm gonna be using the gold color now there are other colors available so you can definitely use them as well so we have a really pretty antique silver and antique brass and a bright silver color but I do want to use the gold and I'm gonna coordinate my findings to match so I picked a magnetic clasp and actually this reminded me of an ornament too so I wanted to go ahead and use that I'm gonna be using some jump rings and then I have these channel charms and these are by ster offski and I have them in the green and the red so really traditional Christmas colors here and this is a really easy project it just requires two pairs of chain nose pliers to open and close your jump rings and that is it I have 7 inches of this chain right here and what's nice is you do order it by the inch so there's no need to cut it yourself so I wanted a bracelet that was about 7 and a half inches long so I've got 7 inches of the chain and my little clasp with the jump rings will add about half an inch let me show you how to do this so we're gonna take these little channel charms and we're gonna attach them with these 4 millimeter jump rings so the only technique you need to know how to do is open and close a jump ring and to do that you grab the jump ring on both sides with the opening facing up and you twist and what's nice about these little charms is they have a little loop already provided so I'm just gonna go into my charm chain here and on the inside chain the one that all the baubles are connected to I'm just going to start connecting some of these little channel charms and that jump ring really disappears in there so you can't even see how they're connected it doesn't really matter where you put them you can put them quite randomly so you could cluster them together you can spread them out I'm gonna spread them out throughout the length of the bracelet you'll just keep doing this until all the green ones and all the red ones are already attached and I've got eight and eight just for my quantity but you can do however many you you want to do all of my little crystal charms are on now you see they're just spread out randomly and I'm going to add my clasp and it's so easy to do I'm just going to separate it out to begin with and use the same jump rings that I use to attach my charms I'm just gonna open it up and then I'm gonna find the end chain link link it on and link on the half of the magnetic clasp that is magnetic so just sticking to my pliers but is easy enough to do same thing on the other side this really is a quick and easy project it doesn't use a lot of different ingredients or different tools so it's nice in that respect and then there's the other half of my clasp close up and we have a finished bracelet I'm gonna show you what it would look like on so there we go there's a clasp it's a little bit big for my wrist I did make it seven and a half inches which is a pretty standard size bracelet size my wrist is a bit on the petite side but you see how pretty it is it got all those sparkly crystals combined with these little balls and just so easy to take on and off with that magnetic clasp so here is our finished bracelet with all those pretty crystals and I think it's perfect to wear it to a holiday party I hope you enjoyed this video and if you did please check out all our other holiday videos as well as our charm chain videos at you

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