How to Make the Desi Rhinestone Cup Chain Vintage Style Earrings

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Designer: Megan Milliken
In this video, learn how quick and easy it is to glue rhinestone cupchain, pearl cupchain, and crystal chatons into a bezel earring finding to achieve an eye-catching vintage look.
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Hi! This Megan with and I'm going to show you how to make the Desi Earrings and we're going to be doing this particular color which is the gold Desi Bridal earring you can use any color of rhinestone cup chain pearl cup chain and crystal chatons that you want to combine I have here a couple other examples, this is the Desi earring in turquoise and I have the turquoise cup chain pearl cup chain and a turquoise chatons here I have it in rose and then I also made some ring combinations and this is with jet and turquoise so I'm using Nunn Design bezels for these specific projects this is a Nunn Design bezel earring, this is a Nunn Design bezel ring and this is a twenty millimeter bezel, so the inside is a little under eighteen millimeters so if you're going to use a different bezel you might need to experiment a little bit with the sizes of the cup chain that you use and the size of the chaton that you use in order to make it fit for this size I'm using for the outer ring here a 24pp rhinestone cup chain which has three millimeter stones inside the settings for my second row I'm using a 18pp pearl cup chain that has a two millimeter pearl inside the settings and than I'm using an ss29 chaton which is 6.23 millimeters and I've got the antique gold earring setting and then I've got the brass and crystal larger cup chain and the brass and white pearl smaller cup chain. If you want to do them the way I've done them here I've matched the chaton to the larger outer layer of the cup chain find colors that match, you could also use colors that you just think look pretty together without being the same color, you can play around with the combinations and do it however you like. One thing to keep in mind is when you are using cup chain it can contract in and expand out I think it looks really nice when you take the time to remove the extra space so that you get more crystals per inch I happen to know that I need thirteen crystal links to fit inside this bezel to find that out put it inside and then see where it meets up with them all pushed together it's going to be right there if you're using a different size you can experiment around and play and see what fits go ahead and make sure that fits just like that and then I'm going to do the same thing with my my inner layer pearl cup chain it can be a little tricky to get it to lay with the pearl side up. It wants to turn get it started lay that in see how long you need it, for this we're going to use nine links I'm just going to verify that that's going to fit sometimes these chains bend easier one way than the other or you'll get a certain segment doesn't want to bend right it's little fidgety but you can usually find a way that makes it work and then you can see that we have just about a perfect amount of space for the chaton in the middle now we're gonna glue this in using E6000 glue I have just a post-it notepad here as scratch paper clean off the tip and then just apply a layer of glue to the bottom of the bezel going all the way to the outside clean off the edges if it gets on the edges just set the outer layer of the chain into the glue scoot it around a little bit get it in place if you need to use tweezers to adjust the crystals and make sure that they sit right it's a ready handy tool a fine tip jewelry tweezer and then while that glue is still wet, just lay the center cup chain right inside the first row just like that and now I'm using a chaton with a pointed back instead of a flat back because I need the height that the point is going to give us so it is a little tricky to get this point back stone to sit flat here to make it work is I used a lot of glue that's my big magic trick fill the space you want give it a decent amount of glue. You don't want it to overflow but you do want it to have a decent amount of glue across the whole bottom right there don't go over the edge of that in a piece of cup chain but you can go up to about where the metal setting ends carefully place the chaton right into the center and you're going to want to really carefully try to center it and make it flat and look at it from the edge and see if it's tilted one way or another and keep rotating to make sure that it's laying flat, it looks like I got really lucky that time and it laid flat right away set it on the edge of the notepad or if you have a couple of seed bead tubes or something laying around that you can sit in between anything to kinda keep it flat and what I did too is I let it sit for a few minutes when I did these and then I went back and checked before it was fully set up to make sure that it hadn't shifted keep your eye on it until it's firmly set up so that it doesn't move around so it's actually a really quick and easy project with a really high impact these are beautiful with a vintage look I want to make them in twenty colors and wear them all so it's a really fun easy way to make really pretty jewelry. 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