How to Make a Braided Bracelet with Ultra Suede and Swarovski Crystaletts

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Designer: Kat Silvia
Skill Level: Intermediate
In this video you will learn how to make a bracelet by braiding ultra suede cord with Crystaletts attached to create a beautiful winding pattern. This design is finished with ribbon crimps and a magnetic clasp.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Kat with and ultra suede cord so i have an example of what we're going to be doing here in this video and you can see that for this example I use those lovely pearl and gold crystal it buttons and you can sort of see how the nice little shanks are on the back so you have this beautiful sort of winding pattern on the front and we're just gonna finish this off with some ribbon crimps a jump ring and a magnetic clasp so what you're gonna need for this is I'm gonna be using the ultra suede in the 3 millimeter and I'm gonna do a black version today and you're also going to need your ribbon crimps your jump rings and these are five millimeter 20 gauge open jump rings my magnetic clasp here and then I have my crystal buttons so we're going to be using the entire package here so what you might want to consider is that if you want to do a longer bracelet you might need to purchase additional crystal ATS but I'll go ahead and break that down for you in just a minute here so to kind of get myself started I have three cords of 10 millimeters each and you can see that on the top I've clipped them so that they're nice and flat and on the bottom I've clipped them so that they have this nice little angle to them and that'll actually help with stringing on my crystal ends but the first thing that we're gonna do is I have like I said my 10 inches here and this will give you about a 6 inch 6 and a half inch bracelet so if you want something a little bit longer you'll get 3 yards of cord with this so you can definitely make it a little longer if you're unsure of how it's gonna all braid together alright so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna bring these down and I'm gonna kind of bring them close together here and I'm gonna start by adding that ribbon crimp just to kind of anchor all three of my cords so I'm just gonna line them up with my fingers there place my ribbon crimp right on top and it sort of fits those three cords nice and perfectly and then I'm going to take my chain nose pliers kind of coming over the top here just to make sure that it's going to be nice and centered and get it on there there we go and just give it a nice little pinch and you want to pinch too hard because we're just gonna kind of work our way around and this will help from sort of marring any of that beautiful silver plate there alright and we're just gonna go on the side and you can see that it's getting nice and trapped in there but we just want to give it a couple extra squeezes just to make sure that those little teeth on those ribbon crimps are gonna be nice and tight on our ultra suede because we're gonna be pulling at this just a little bit alright so now I have my ribbon crimp firmly attached and I'm gonna be using a macrame board and I'll just kind of show you the front side this is generally used for macrame it's actually the mini version so it's kind of fun to use to help you know anchor your work but I just wanted something to tape my surface to or tape my piece to so that it's on to my surface alright so I'm just gonna be using just a little little piece of just some blue painters tape there we're just gonna kind of anchor that right to my surface alright nice and secure alright so the next step is to start adding on the crystal it's to our cords so what we're gonna do is we're going to do seven on the first cord and seven on this cord and then six on the middle cord so again like you can see I've clipped it so that it's nice and easy to string on so you're gonna get it on there and then either using your fingers to slide it down you can also use your pliers just sort of get it onto the crystal so you don't need to worry too or out to the cord so you don't need to worry too much about that spacing just go ahead and string them all on here you just want to make sure that they're all facing the right direction so I'm gonna work with mine facing up that's the easiest way I feel to work so I'm gonna continue stringing these seven six and seven and then I'll be right back to show you to get started on our braid okay so I've got all of my crystal let's on here I have seven six and seven and I you can see that I've pushed on the two outer strands here I've just pushed these up towards the top about a half an inch or so from the top there so what we're going to start to do is we're gonna start to braid and as we braid we are going to start pushing up those crystal that's where we want them to be you can see on my example here they sit nicely on the outside and that's just sort of a nice little back and forth with the crystal let's all right so I'm gonna go ahead and go right first however you braid you can also follow along with what I'm doing or you can do your own thing so right here there we go so it'd be nice actually I'm gonna I'm gonna pick up all three strands that's just how it's easier for my brain to work all right and then we're getting this one so I need a crystal at up here so I'm gonna go ahead and push that out yeah and you can make this braid as tight or as loose as you like but because of the flat nature of the cord you're just gonna want to keep it nice and flat together so that they're not twisting over each other alright and then taking that left and bringing that over and again I'm gonna need a crystal edge to just push right up there there we go and you can see I want to kind of adjust those ones at the top there just so that they start to lay really nicely for me all right and again just bringing it over and pushing it up and bringing this guy over again making sure that they stay the right side up alright so you can start to see how this is forming a little bit of that little braid there so you just keep this going and the sort of rule of thumb here is when you bring the cord up and over the top you're gonna slide a crystal it down towards it because you're getting it right on those outside pieces there alright and bringing this one over and I'm just gonna slide that up so I'm gonna continue this until I reach the other side here and then I'm gonna show you how to finish it off okay so you can see that we've come to the end here and I've just slid on my last crystal ax and I've just kind of done just a little bit of adjusting just to make sure that those crystal that buttons are going to be right where I want them to so it's nice and even so we have a nice and even braid so on that last one so you're gonna cross it over so that one's gonna land in the center and now you're just gonna bring those three cords together right at the bottom here and what we're gonna do is we're gonna clip off and we're gonna add our ribbon crimp so what you want to do is because the ribbon crimp is nice and tiny we're just gonna kind of eyeball it here okay well that's that's good enough for me so now all we need to do is trim these three cords right here so you can either use scissors or your flush cutters and just go ahead and cut straight across just as we did in the beginning there there we go and I'm gonna go and set those aside and just to flip it around to make it a little easier to see I'm gonna line up my cords I have a little little straggler there we go I'm gonna line up my cords again and then right on top of that I'm going to take my chain nose pliers one more time and this is gonna be a little bit different because you can see that they want to kind of separate a little bit so you might need to kind of edge it out and just go really slow just keep them all together because you want them all to get in those nice little little grooves there of those teeth yeah hmm come on guys it's that last that side one here we go I'm just gonna pinch them all together there alright here we go just get a nice couple of squeezes with those pliers there we go all right so now we are finished I'm gonna go ahead and take it off of my tape there so this is what we have so far all right and now we're just gonna add our jump rings here and our magnetic clasp so go ahead and take your chain nose pliers I have two pairs here just to help me out with those jump rings gently twist string this on to one side and I'm gonna catch the loop of one side of my magnetic clasp which is attached now to my player there we go and I'm just gonna repeat on the other side all right yeah we're just gonna bring it together here sometimes the magnetic clasps will magnetize your jump rings are your clasp there so all right so that is what we have so we have a beautiful lovely braided bracelet featuring the crystallites and check out many more of our colors of the crystal Ed's and ultra suede to personalize this to your taste I hope you enjoyed this video you can find all of these supplies and even more videos at you

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