How to Make a Bracelet Using Braided Cork Cord and Gemstone Chain

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Designer: Alexandra Smith
In this video, you will see from start to finish how to create this design using 6mm braided cork cord, gemstone chain, and TierraCast components. First you will see how to attach the chain onto a 3-strand toggle clasp. Then you will see how to assemble the bracelet using jump rings, 22 gauge wire, a bead cap, and cord ends. The video includes helpful tips for how to taper and measure materials for a comfortable fit.
Audio Transcript
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hi this is Alexandra at beadaholique to so you how to make a bracelet with braided pork cord and gemstone chain so you'll see here I have some components I'm going to be putting together I've got six millimeter braided cork court in a beautiful green color I've got some tierracast findings including a toggle cord ends a bead cap a couple different sizes of jump rings in the oval open shape I've got four by six millimeter here and also a three by four millimeter here and some gemstone chain this is green onyx I'm also going to be using some 22 th wire and for tools I have a couple pairs of chain nose pliers in the bent and the flat I've got round nose pliers and to cut the cork cord I used flush cutters and that was also for the gemstone chain and for gluing our cord ends I've got the e6000 glue so as you can see I've taken some of the guesswork out of the sizing here by pre cutting some of my supplies and so I'll be talking a little bit about that and I'm gonna lay out my lengths of chain here and get my supplies ready for assembly so there we go now the first thing we're going to do is take our braided cord which I have cut at three and a quarter inches and I'm taking into account that a quarter inch is going to be sucked up on either end by going into these cord ends so you'll want to take that into account when you're measuring and I'm going to bring in my e6000 glue and get some of this glue into the well of those caps and we'll do this first so that the glue can be drying a little bit while we're doing the other parts of our assembly I'm just gonna take my toothpick get a bit of that glue and tuck it down in there like that into the well and this is a nice tight fit this cork cord really gonna stick stick well in there once I get it situated just screw that in a little bit there we go nice and firm and now I'm gonna do the same thing on the other side take up my glue into that cap this is a six millimeter cap to fit the six millimeter chord obviously get all that glue in there and press it in it's like so all right we'll let that glue glue dry a little bit while we're putting together our other components so you'll see here that I've got my pre-cut lengths of gemstone chain and onto each of the ends of the chain I have these little three by four millimeter oval jump rings and I will explain why those are on there once we get to that phase but I put them on ahead of time because it can just be a little tedious watching the opening and closing of tiny jump rings so I have most of them on I will put on one just to demonstrate so I'm gonna bring in my pliers my bent chain nose and I'm gonna slide on the end link on one side of my chain link and just close that up on the other side there we go alright so the first connection we're gonna make is onto our toggle clasp and you'll see that this toggle has three holes down here which make for some very creative options for design so we're gonna utilize those by taking up our four by six millimeter oval jump rings get that apart there and onto each of these I'm going to slide the end link of two chains up sit my other little mini jump ring so the links of the gemstones are going on there and once I have two of them on I'm gonna latch on one of the holes of the toggle and close that up the oval jump rings do a nice job of just streamlining the design and making it a little more uniform down the line so I'll do that again here take up two more lengths of chain and these supplies the chain and the cork are sold here at a cue can adjust the length to your desired size got those on get my other oval jump ring here and finish this up so each of these chain links I'm not sure if I mentioned our two and 1/4 inch in length which is about seven links I think seven stones whoops pick that up again a little jump ring has gotten stuck sorry about that there we go try this again get a firm grip and slide it on there okay get that nice and tight so we have assembled thus far now our next phase is going to be bringing these little jump rings together into the bead cap and to do that I'm gonna take two inches approximately two inches here of the 22 gauge wire cut that with my flush cutters and I'm going to create a wrapped wire loop by gripping about a third of the way down create my 90 degree angle rotate my pliers come up and over that round prong and before I close it I'm going to slide on each of my jump rings here and what these jump rings are going to do at the end of my gemstone links is help to taper the chains into the cap in a way that I was having trouble doing otherwise they were sort of bunching in a funny way and so by creating a little more of a taper they end up nice and flush in there alright so I've got my chains attached on that wrapped wire loop and I'm going to close it up by coiling the wire closed come on a couple times there and clip the extra now I'm gonna feed the wire up through the wide end of my cap and that comes down real nice over the ends of my chains so from the top here I'm gonna create another wrap wire loop by gripping with my round nose pliers and going off in 90 degrees rotating and creating my loop and on this side I'm going to attach oh you know what that's not the right connection let me visualize here we're gonna attach it on here and I'm gonna hold this a little carefully because it's still drying but it is a nice firm fit there okay so I've got that on to the proper loop in the order of my design and I'm gripping flat on to a wrapped wire loop and coiling shut you use my pliers again a nice tight coil there clip the extra and we have that so the last part is just to attach the bar of our toggle I like to use my flat nose pliers for these jump rings so I'm gonna slide the jump ring onto the loop of my cap and I'm also going to take on the loop of my toggle bar and close that up I opened it pretty wide because the width of each loop adds up in terms of space close that up get a nice flush connection there we are alright so this bracelet design combines some unexpected elements first the three holes on the toggle then the cluster of gemstone chain that complements this braided cork cord and depending on the sizing this one happens to be slightly small for me but you can fit it larger to either feature the gemstone chain on the top or the cork I kind of like how it fits with the cork coming around the side of the wrist myself so that's the spruce toggle bracelet and all of these tools and supplies are available at be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for all the latest updates thanks for watching

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