How to Use Rhinestone Cup Chain in Jewelry Designs

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Designer: Julie Bean
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In this comprehensive tutorial video, learn all about beautiful rhinestone cup chain and how to use it in your jewelry designs. In the course of the video you will see examples of different sizes and styles of rhinestone cup chain, learn how to cut it, attach cup chain crimp on ends to the last chain links, as well as how to make a pair of earrings and bracelet. In addition you will also get a chance to see a wide variety of jewelry designs made with rhinestone cup chain featuring epoxy clay, wire wrapping, gluing, and stitching techniques.
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Hi, this is Julie with which i've laid out on my table here and how to incorporate it into your jewelry designs so in just a bit i'm going to talk about some of these different projects that we've made here at chain into them which includes wire wrapping epoxy clay gluing and some other techniques but first let's look at rhinestone cut the actual rhinestone cup chain so you see here we've got a wonderful gold-plated one with crystal crystal a bee jet even pearls and then you see there's pink and you're probably noticing there's a size range as well which I'm going to talk about in just a minute I do want to show you how pretty these are and they really do Sparkle and Clisson if that's what you're going for or if you want pearl it's very elegant almost Bridal and even these wonderful colors like the turquoise and the orange is just such a wonderful element to incorporate into your jewelry designs before we look at the sizes I want to actually just hold up a sample here of the rhinestone cup chain this here is Swarovski crystal set into gold plate and if you notice it all of these rhinestones are actually individually set into settings and this is what the back looks like and there's a little metal bridge between each setting and I'm gonna lay it down on the table real quick and you can see what will happen you can cinch them up or pull them apart depending on what look you want so if you're gonna for instance glue these you could glue them tightly together you can glue them in an arch there's a lot you can do with them and if you ever want to cut them it's very easy to do the way you cut rhinestone cup chain is you just cut through the little metal bridge I'm gonna do that with my cutters real quick and there we go we have one individual little setting so pretty now I didn't mention they come in a variety of sizes and I have four of those sizes on my table right here this little tiny one is a 14 P P and this one is actually set in brass I have a silver plated one here that's an 18 pp and there's a 24 peepee and a 32 peepee so that is the size range and you really can see the difference between say the 14 and the 32 is quite drastic now if you want to finish these off with their fold-over crimp and which are very handy that's what I've done right here you're gonna want to match both the metal and the size so I have those up here that I've isolated out and I'm gonna show you and at the end of the video how to use them but this is what they look like so it basically has a loop on one end and it has a inset that you're gonna set your cup chain right down into the end link and then these tabs that you use a pair of chain nose pliers to fold over and again you're gonna match the size with the plating and that's how you're gonna be able to secure those so let's look at a couple different things we made here at Butte aha leak eggs he use a Swarovski crystal and gold filled findings and you'll notice that the cup chain is actually delicately wire wrapped on to the form and she's just wrapping along those thread bridges so she's actually not wrapping over the crystal itself and the wire wrapping really just disappears here's another example where individual pieces have been cut off so just the same way that we cut this one a few minutes ago and set down into epoxy clay here they were just glued with some e6000 and here the designer chose to cinch them up so that be tighter together here's another example of gluing but instead of cinching them together they were just strung just with their normal spacing this is a nice little headband another example of wire wrapping and even the wire wrapping creates a really pretty design element it's another epoxy clay so these are set down into the epoxy clay so no glue was actually needed and it surrounds that really big beautiful crystal so these here are all East 6000 examples using the glue and then here we got these wonderful bangles so you can combine rhinestone cup chain with bead embroidery with stringing a lot of different options for it and the last example here is this really fantastic bead embroidered cuffs a bead embroidery as well can be used with rhinestone cup chain so I did say I wanted to make a project I do want to show you how to use it so it is such a great quick and easy element whether you're doing evening jewelry bridal jewelry or just want something really sparkly and fun I'm gonna make them matched pair to this earring first off so I'm going to count my actual rhinestones one two three four five six seven eight nine in total and it was this chain right here that I used and this is that 24 pp size so I'll count again my rhinestones on this one one two three four five six seven eight nine I'm just gonna double check that that's right yep so right on that metal thread bridge again we're gonna cut it and these don't come off so even though we cut a thread bridge you're length is intact and same with your length here always save your scraps this of course is bigger than a regular scrap but always save your scraps because you never know if you're gonna end up doing a project like this that you only just need a few extra little rhinestones so we're gonna take the corresponding fold-over crimp and here and this is oh so the 24 pp size and we're just gonna set the end cup into it and it really does fit perfectly I'm gonna take a pair of chain nose pliers hold it and now I'm just gonna gently squeeze that tab over I'm gonna go slow and gentle because I don't want to hurt the crystal I'm gonna go to the other side and do the same thing and that is now secure and has provided us with a loop which is what we really need to be able to connect it to a jump ring and earring finding a clasp whatever it might be and in this instance I wanted to also be able to hang a little dangle from it so I'm going to secure a second fold-over cup chain and there we go that's nice and secure and now we've got two loops and I like how they're oriented as well it's very handy if you are making jewelry and have something like an earring finding to connect it to because you don't need an extra jump ring to make sure it hangs properly of course you want that pretty crystal facing forward there we go now to just add the little dangle and there's a couple choices you could do a pretty pair you could do it Breo LED and I particularly like these little channel charms because they have that metal surround as well which I think accents the rhinestone cup chain nicely I'm gonna grab a second pair of chain nose pliers now to open my jump ring okay once that's opened just link it on to that loop and then link on your charm or your pendant or whatever it is you want to hang at the bottom of this so many options and close your jump ring and we have a pretty pair of very sparkly earrings now let's make a bracelet I'm gonna choose this guy right here in the crystal a B and the gold plate and I'm gonna use two jump rings and a little magnetic clasp to finish this off so you can choose how long you want your bracelet to be of course and the clasp is gonna add no probably about half an inch maybe not even quite half an inch and so I've got my two ends that match I'm gonna make this let's see for my wrist this is six inches I think I'll make it about six inches for my wrist again I'm just gonna cut that little metal bridge save my other piece for another project and then set it down in there we go so if you can look and see what that looks like you still can see the crystal but you've got those fold-over tabs holding it in place I think it's a little bit easier to see in the gold than it was in the silver okay we're gonna repeat on the other side since we're making a bracelet okay and now let me clear this out of the way so we have a little bit of room to work we're just going to it open and attach a jump ring to one side and one half of the clasp and I chose a little bit of a thicker jump jump ring a little heavier gauge just because of the magnetic clasp being so strong that it's gonna endure a little bit of wear because you're gonna be pulling it apart and snapping it back together that's one quick little tip if you are using magnetic clasp sometimes nice to choose a little bit of a heavier gauge jump ring okay got that jump ring open over here secure it to the loop and let's see what we've got let's put it on so a real pretty bracelet very easy to make a great gift idea or just if you want to make something really pretty for yourself so let's see these earrings again two projects really fun using lovely rhinestone cup chain and their fold-over ends and so a lot of other projects you can find inspiration for and ideas using this really pretty pretty chain at you

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