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Hi, this is Kat with that go with them so just to kind of dive right in here I'm gonna start talking about the adjustable chain so what we have here is we have a couple different examples so I'm gonna start right here with our silicon slider now this is a finished piece of chain and you can see that it has that beautiful rope style so it's nice and thick and you really see that beautiful sterling silver but the great thing about this is that you still have your clasp on one side which is just a very sleek style lobster clasp but you also have an adjustable slider so what happens is it's nice and tight but you just give it a little extra tug and it starts to pull the chain to your desired length which is really wonderful especially if you are doing the trend of layering necklaces or if you're giving a gift and not quite sure how long they want their necklace to be cuz everyone wears it differently with different necklines so this is a really great option so that's one style of the clasp there and you can actually make your own and I did this in another video here by adding some components together with some finished chain or I'm sorry with some bulk chain to finish it off with one of these slider beads and all you do it's the very same thing you can just slide it along that chain to your desired length so you'll be able to see that video as well there and also in that video I made a couple of other pieces I made this bracelet piece here which features no clasp but just that slidable adjuster so it's a really nice little sleek piece and that beautiful chain has the nice little diamond cuts to it so it really sparkles so you're really getting a lot of value for your sterling silver because sterling silver can be expensive but you're definitely getting a lot of beautiful wear from it so I did that bracelet style in there and add just a little charm in the end and then the other thing in that video that you'll find is how to actually construct one of these types of necklaces now this is similar to a lariat style so I have my two ends here and this slider clasp is actually adjustable as well it has two silicone holes there and you can just slide it up or slide it down now way you can get to your exact length that you would like for your necklace alright so that goes over the silicone sliders now the other type that we have here it looks very similar but it is a little bit different so I'm gonna start by kind of showing you at the side view so you can see on the side here that it looks like there's a little button on top so I'm not going to be able to move this at all until I press that little button that releases a spring and allows me to pull it through so this is a nice little way if you're worried about the silicone wearing out you can use this to adjust your necklace it's a nice little button closure so we have a couple of different styles here that are really nice we have a lovely snake chain and again you're gonna get that same sort of button style that's gonna pull right through there and we also have just some other traditional chain here as well so again these are all sterling silver on this one you can really see the button which is really nice and lovely so just slide it along and it doesn't hurt the chain at all you just want to make sure you press it hard enough because you'll notice that if you try to move it without pressing the button it won't move and it's designed to do that so definitely make sure that you depress that button and move it gently through you can see just how it's almost slipping through now which is really what you want when you're pressing down on that button alright so those are all the chains and of course you've seen on my table here I have some beautiful charms lots of different sizes and it's really important to especially when you're layering necklaces to look at the size and look at the scale of things so I'm gonna start all the way over here by talking about a few of the connectors which is very similar to this circle connector I did here and you can use these for bracelets and for necklaces and I love this one this is an infinity one and it is actually curved ever slightly so it really does make it perfect for a bracelet but like I said you can use them how you like and these are beautiful little stamping bars here and they actually have even the stamping on there of the point nine to five to really show you that this is going to be sterling silver so speaking of that I have a little teensy quality tag here and you'll see a little bit more of this in my video where I show you how to make that adjustable slider clasp yourself that's a really great little quality tag and it is a nice little Italian charm so very cute and definitely worth it if you are giving a gift of jewelry and you want to show off the quality so I have some other open blanks here and these are really nice they come with a nice thick jump ring you can either use it or open it up to take it off if you're if you don't want to use that jump ring you can definitely use something else I have a couple here and it might be a little difficult to see on this video here but these actually have little prayers on them this one is the Our Father so it has the prayer going around in a nice little circle and the ahmen right there in the center so if you are spiritual that's a lovely little gift we also have mom and love which are beautiful and perfect for bridal gifts or even bouquet charms which are still very very popular and then I have some long pieces over here just kind of you know just geometric and a little bit of sparkle here just something to add interest especially when you are layering layering those necklaces I have a little moon charm over here and actually a rather large moon charm all say and I have my small one up on my necklace here I'll show you that in a moment and just some other small charms I have a tree of life a teeny little unicorn humps a hand a lotus a little elephant here I have the ohm symbol and a couple of different ways I have a compass a wishbone soccer ball little dove so there's a lot to choose from here and even have our little sitting buddha so speaking of how you're actually going to wear these we do have a very extensive video showing you just different techniques of layering necklaces but I just wanted to show you how you can sort of double everything up or triple everything up I've shown you here so these are a couple of the other styles of those finished chain necklaces and I wanted to focus on keeping something really big here down at the bottom a little smaller of a moon charm and then this necklace right here this is a finished chain necklace and it just has that beautiful little saturn-like rings to it so it is just delicate enough that I didn't actually want to add another charm so that's sort of the three that I've put together and just to show you the back here you can see that one I have much tighter than the other one and it gets a little crazy here in the back but that's just sort of how layering necklaces are you can see I have the original finished chain up here that doesn't have that adjustable slider and then I have these two that have those button sliders just like I was showing you a little bit before so they just slide right through so it's just a lot of options when wearing these necklaces and it's really great gift ideas for anyone who would like just a little simple charm and that these are just the newest ones that we have here at beadaholique you can find all of them and even more videos at you

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