How to Undo Knots Using the Beadsmith Bead and Pearl Knotting Fine Point Steel Awl

SKU VID-1163
Designer: Rachel Zaimont
Skill Level: Any Level
This Beadsmith steel awl will help you gently remove knots from your cord when you're doing bead and pearl knotting. Learn how to use this fine-tip tool and how to avoid scratching your pearls in this video.
Audio Transcript
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hi this is rachael with beadaholique and today i want to show you how to undo a knot in pearl knotting using the beadsmith bead and pearl knotting fine point steal all now this is a nifty tool because sometimes when you're doing pearl modding you add a bead by mistake or you do a knot and you want to redo it so this is a good tool to help you tease out that not now it's a steel tool and it comes with this plastic sleeve on the end because the end is very sharp it's like a pin so be very careful when you're using it first as a refresher I'm just going to demonstrate how to put on a pearl in pearl matting so I have my strand of Griffin silk here and some nugget pearls I'm going to slide 1 purl onto the needle that comes attached to the Griffin silk and I'll slide it all the way down to the Strand that I've started now I'm going to make a knot and pull the rest of my cord through and I'm going to take my tweezers and grip the thread inside the knot and very gently pull it tight not too tight because I want to be able to shimmy the tweezers out and I'll use my tweezers to just carefully tighten that knot so now I've put a bead on but let's say I remember that I want to do a pattern and string on a bicone instead so i want to undo this knot and i want to do that as carefully as possible because the griffin silk is very delicate and it is several wound strands of silk so i'm going to take my beatsmith all and just this is going to be very small work here very close up but i'm going to carefully insert it into the knot and you want to be careful because this is such a sharp tool and you don't want to scrape your bead so be careful to angle it if possible away from the pearl at the top there so okay so I've slowed the all in and I'm just going to loosen that thread a little bit and now I can use my fingers to pick out the cord and loosen that not even more and take that not out and now my pearl is free and i can put on a different beat of my choice on to the Strand so that is how to use the beatsmith beat and pearl knotting fine point steal all you can find all of these supplies at thanks so much for watching you

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