How to Finish Flat SilverSilk with Ribbon Crimp Ends

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video, see how to make a necklace by using flat SilverSilk and finishing the ends with Ribbon Crimp Ends. The video also shows how to attach a pretty SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS pendant by tying a simple lark's head knot with the Silver Silk.
Audio Transcript
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Hi this Julie with and today I want to show you how to use ribbon crimp ends to finish your SilverSilk Right here I have flat SilverSilk. This is 4.8mm across. It does come in the other colors and also comes with a ball chain embedded in it. We have another video on showing how to finish those ends for this one I want to show you how to just really quickly and easily use these great ribbon crimps to finish the end and we're going to do a quick project and show you how really it is to do a necklace You're going to want to make sure your ends are even and they don't have a lot of straggly little piece of wire. This is all wire. It's very flexible which is nice you don't want to use scissors. You want to use flush cutters and just trim the end I want to make sure that both look good Then we're going to use some E6000 glue I just put a little on a post-it I'm going to dip the actual end of the SilverSilk into the E6000 and then I'm going to inserted it into the ribbon crimp end all the way to the back I wanna make sure it stays straight hold it make sure that it doesn't wiggle too much then I'm going to carefully use my nylon chain pliers to crimp the ribbon crimp so that side is complete, you can see it's sandwiched in there if you look at these ribbon crimps they actually have little tiny teeth on one side which is gonna help grip and one tip to make it a little bit easier when you're attaching the SilverSilk in there, go ahead and just pre-crimp it a little bit so that you;ll have a little bit less that you have to crimp while the SilverSilk is in there Again dip my end into the E6000 put it in there nylon jaw pliers going from the side and crimp We've got that trapped in there both ends are now finished so I'm going to attach a clasp. I'm going to do that by just opening up a 4mm jump ring putting in a 7mm jump ring I'm going to connect this to one end of my ribbon crimp close it on the other end I'm going to do the same thing but with a lobster clasp instead of a larger jump ring okay so we actually now have a finished necklace You could just hang a pendant from here if you wanted make a lovely chain but you can also very easily tie a lark's head knot around a pendant and have it attached that way. I have a lovely swarovski elements victory. It's one of their newer creations I'm going to divide my necklace in half I'm going to take the folded over end put it through the hole in the pendant and then I'm going to pull my tails through there we go pull down that is now secure Now you have a way of attaching a pendant and that's called a larks head knot we actually do have a video on that as well on if you want to see that a little bit slower we have just finished a necklace with a very pretty pendant using SilverSilk and finishing the ends with these great little ribbon covers and attaching a clasp to their end loop so i hope you enjoy this video You can find it and other on

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