How to Finish a Strung Necklace with a Ball and Socket Clasp

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video you will see how a Ball and Socket clasp can be a great alternative to a more traditional lobster clasp closure. You will see how to string on crimp tubes and each side of the Ball and Socket clasp onto a gemstone necklace.
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hi this is kat with and in this video i'm going to show you how to finish a strung necklace with a ball and socket clasp now the ball and socket clasp looks like this here so it has a little loop part here that looks very reminiscent of a toggle and then this is the socket part here or excuse me this is the socket and this is the ball so when they fit together they just sort of snap together and you have a nice little closure there now i love this i think this is going to be wonderful for my design here so let me go ahead and just release that apart there now the only other thing that you're going to need is just some tube crimps so i have a nice little assortment here and this is a wonderful thing to have because it has all kinds of different sizes so you can choose all from the same finish which size you need so for today i'm going to use that 1.3 millimeter to finish off my gemstone necklace now you can also add a crimp cover if you like but i'm just going to keep it really simple and just add on those crimps so i'm going to come to one side of my necklace here i'm going to remove my bead stopper which is this lovely little spring tool here and what i'm going to do is just slip on one of my crimp tubes slide that down and now slip on one side of my clasp slide that down and then go back through that crimp tube with that wire now with this being on the first side i don't need to get too close to those beads so i'm going to showcase it up here and when i release it from the other side you'll see why so i'm just going to scooch that all the way up as close as i can while still letting that fall around a little bit we don't want it to be too tight because we do want to leave a little bit of space so now i'm going to come in with my xuron four and one crimpers and i'm just gonna set it into that very first little notch there and i'm going to crimp it down and you'll see it kind of turns into a little v-shape and then what i'm going to do is release that rotate it 90 degrees in my crimping pliers so that it's rotated just like so and now i can crimp that one more time and it'll sort of fold itself together and now my little clasp isn't going anywhere now let's see i'm i always like to try to slip my cord back through at least one bead before trimming off that tail with my flush cutters perfect all right and now what i'm going to do is just kind of like i said slide all those beads together you can see that come together at one side and i'm just going to repeat that by sliding on my crimp tube here letting that fall down now on this side we do want to keep it a little more tight so i'm going to go through that loop pull back and now watch when i do this one i actually am going to go through that crimp tube and through that first bead all at the same time here come on there we go going through all the same time and then i can pull that nice and tight so i have a little bit of grip so this is where it's i always like to leave a little extra tail i think it helps you grip a little bit more and again same thing i'm just going to come in here with my crimping pliers and this is why i like to show it on the first side because it's harder to see on this side all right and just crimp that rotate it 90 degrees crimp again and you are all set so now i can just sneak in with my flush cutters here trim off that tail try to get nice and close close as you can there we go and we are all finished so now i have my necklace ready to clasp and it just clasps and it is all finished so that is how you use a ball and socket clasp to finish a strung necklace and this also would apply if you're doing a bracelet as well i hope you enjoyed this video you can get all of these supplies and see even more tutorial videos by heading over to

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