How to Embellish an Adjustable Slider Clasp Bracelet

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video you will learn how to complete an adjustable slider pre-made bracelet. You will see two different styles to suit your needs. One that uses simple wire loops and wrapped wire loops; and the other that uses a strung focal.
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hi this is kat with and in this video i'm going to show you how to embellish an adjustable slider clasp bracelet now this is what it looks like and the reason i had to do this video is because i was like oh no people are going to see this and not quite know what it is so the piece that i'm talking about here is the silver piece now this should look fairly familiar because what it does is it has that little adjustable slider clasp to it so you can see that you can pull on the sides of the chain and it will adjust but this is sort of an unfinished version so we have two open ends here now i've done a version in gold here and i'm going to be writing this up as a project that you'll be able to see at but the difference with this one is is that instead of doing what i'm about to do which is where i'm creating a strong focal all i've done is created some simple wire loops and three little gemstones on each there and then if you look closely here at the bottom the toggles there are just going to be some wrapped wire loops i figured i would do some wrapped wire loops on the bottom and some simple wire loops on the top but you can do whatever you like so there's a little way to embellish it i think this would also be great with some charms or tassels or anything that you want to put on these adjustable bracelets so it's going to come and it's going to look a little bit like an x here so what i'm going to do is i'm going to create a strung focal where i'm going to string up some gemstone beads there instead all right so let's talk about what you're going to need for this project you're going to need a pair of round nose pliers a pair of chain nose pliers a pair of xuron four in one crimping pliers and a pair of flush cutters here now i'm going to be using some beading wire here and this is the 49 strand from beadalon and use whatever cord you have that is going to suit your design so if you're using heavier beads you might want to go with a heavier one obviously smaller more delicate beads you might need to adjust that size okay i have my gemstones here i have my piece i have my two head pins and over here i have two thread protectors and i'm going to show you why those are important a little bit later and then i also have two crimp tubes and two crimp covers now what's great about those is they actually come fully coordinated in this basic elements and this is the gold one here i wanted to be able to kind of see it through the packaging so you get a really nice package of crimps and covers that are perfectly coordinated so you can buy one piece and you're all set to go all right i'm going to set this aside and let's go ahead and get started so i've already taken out a little bit here and i'm going to use my uh coil here just as my bead stopper so i'm just going to go ahead and start sliding on some beads here now i have a nice little mix so i'm just going to start to choose a couple see what see what feels good so to create a lovely little pattern here this would be great if you wanted to do some swarovski crystals or you know this would also be lovely for a mother's day gift if you have kids and you want to do a little focal of all of their birth stones so there's a lot of fun you can have with this here so i'm just going to string up a few of these and again the size is going to depend on how uh how big you want your bracelet to be so you can string a little bit more you can string less and i'll show you sort of why that's important a little bit later okay let's see i think i'm gonna go for one more of these and let's end it with this one here all right perfect so now this is going to be my little focal there and to one end what i'm going to do and we don't even need to worry about this just yet i am going to slide on one crimp tube and then i'm going to slide it up and over one of my little horseshoe thread protectors or wire protectors and go back down through pull that making sure it sits that crust and now what i'm going to do is because this is the first side of my little component here i'm just going to go ahead and slide that up there this is how i like to try to not waste any wire whatsoever all right so now i have my crimp and my little horseshoe uh protector ready to go i'm gonna come in with my xuron foreign ones and i'm gonna set that crimp right into that little notch that's closest to the fulcrum there so what that's going to do is that's going to press it down like a little v and then i can take that rotate it 90 degrees move it to the next little notch there and press down one more time so i have that all set and ready to go on one side now the last thing i need to do is take that crimp cover place it over it and now you can either use your foreign ones because it has a little needle nose plier on the end or you can use your chain nose pliers whichever you have let's say you have just some old-fashioned crimping pliers this is where you'd want to use your chain nose pliers and i'm just bending that together just like so just until it comes together and we just want to make sure that it's going to close nice like a little clam shell there there we go and just press that together so it looks like a nice little silver bead perfect all right so now what i like to do is i like to see if i can get my wire through at least one of those beads there and depending on the size of your beads that's very possible and then you just go ahead and come in with your flush cutters trim that end and set that aside and now i'm just going to slide all that down now here's where i can come in and trim that off of my cord because i have my component all ready to go now if at this point you want to go ahead you can actually do a little bit of sizing here so you can sort of put a little bead stopper on here see if this is the right size you can try it on you can take it off see see how that fits for you you might want to remove a bead that's all i'm saying you have that option right now and here we go so we're going to do pretty much the same thing sliding on that crimp tube sliding on that little horseshoe there sliding it up and over down through and go through that crimp tube and if you can at this point before you start crimping anything try to sneak that back through that first bead like i talked about now if that's not working for you let's say you've chosen a really thick wire and it's just not coming through don't worry about it this is kind of a an extra little security step that i like to do it is by no means necessary to what you're working with now when you're working with a little component here i like to leave a little bit of slack because i want it to be able to bend around my wrist so you don't want to pull it too too too snug so just be aware of that before you crimp this final crimp tube all right now come in with our crimping pliers give it a little little love twist it a little love there we go and now here's like where i like to come in and just trim that off so that way i have a little extra room at the top there to fit my crimp cover in and again we're just going to come in and pinch it together and we want to make it look as much like a little ball as we can there we go all right so we have this piece all done now before i attach it to my bracelet there what i want to do is i want to take let's see i think i'm going to do one of the purple ones and one of these dark green ones i think that's going to work really nicely so i'm going to take a head pin slide on that bead come in with my round nose pliers and all i'm going to do is just bend that back just a little bit and i'm going to create a simple wire loop now you can do a wrapped wire loop it is entirely up to you it's very simple wire loop there come in with your flush cutters trim that off set that down let me show you that one more time here so i have a purple bead slide it all the way down come in with your round nose pliers just above where that bead is bend that backwards bend it up and over the top as it comes around rotate your pliers bring it across remove your pliers come in and trim that wire there you go and we can set that aside now i'm going to come in with my chain nose pliers here just open that up and slide it onto one end of my bracelet and close that up and i'm just going to repeat for my other little component here now again this is great for some tassels or some charms whatever you fancy because the great thing and i know that i'm opening and closing my simple wire loops here but this is why if we go to the other side you're going to see that all of these little jump rings on the end they are open jump rings so all you need to do is just come in with your pliers here and you see i'm going to use the xerons as the other part of my chain nose plier to open it up and now i can just slip this component on so you see i don't even have to worry about messing with it before that so now just move to the other side come in and just find that seam on that jump ring there twist to open and now i'm just going to slide it on and close it up and now i have a beautiful adjustable bracelet there and you can tighten it and you can adjust it from here make it shorter let's say it's going to be really nice and short and you want long dangles it can be like that or it can be a little little further out just however you like it so this is kind of showing you two little options there so i know i did a very fast simple wire loop if you are unfamiliar with that technique we do have that in a separate video there for you but we do have wrapped wire loops simple wire loops simple wire loops and a nice little strung bracelet component there so that is how you can make these and embellish them get get fancy have some fun with these you can also do some great wire wrapping focals a lot of great design options for this all right thanks so much for watching guys you can get all of these supplies and see even more tutorial videos by heading over to and 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