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hi this is kat with and x' what i'm going to show you in this video is how to sort of bulk up a braid so that it fits really nicely into a larger sort of cord end or clasp so you can see here I have done a traditional eight warp kumihimo braid and this is using the eight ohh-ho-ho seed beads and what you can kind of see is that obviously and I'll show you over here this is the braid as it gets finished but I wanted to use a larger cord end to kind of help balance out that tassel that I'm using down here so because that cord end has a large well I need to sort of bulk up that braid so this is what we're going to be talking about in this video here so I'm going to show you exactly how to do that but before I do I want to show you a couple of other examples and techniques so here's that version with a magnetic clasp so you can see again I have those 800 ho seed beads and it creates a nice sleek finish but of course your braid is gonna be really thin in there so we have to sort of bulk that up so I'm going to show you what that looks like now this is an example here where I've used 11 o meu ki round seed beads and I use a smaller magnetic clasp because I didn't want to build up that braid so you can just sort of see side-by-side the difference there between the eight o and the eleven o seed beads and the difference between what we need to do with the s lon this one I did not need to bulk up because my clasp is a lot of slimmer and it kind of goes a little bit with the line of there it is so slimmer than my beads but you can just sort of see what that looks like and then one more example over here is if you didn't want to do a clasp this also works with cord ends here so let me just sort of show you this is a small cord end here and it fits right over what that braid looks like so this is what it looks like without that beaded portion in case you're curious and then again we do have the larger ones which you would want to use if you have beads or if you want to bulk up that end so there's lots of options to do this type of thing and to finish off your kumihimo but I'm going to show you how to use these cord ends and then I'm going to attach a toggle clasp to that and show you a little trick that I like to use all right so I have used the size 18 s lon so that's what we're gonna use here today I actually have a little scrap left over from my project so I'm going to start with that and I also have a pair of chain nose pliers and a pair of bent chain nose pliers here and I'm gonna use those for my jump rings I have a pair of snips you can also use scissors as well and then I'm going to be using some e6000 and I have my little toothpick there to help me out so the first thing I'm actually going to do is a little trick and this is to kind of let it dry it nice and easy so let me kind of get this up and out of the way there I sort of turn it around there we go so I have my two cord ends here now before I go ahead and glue all my cord ends and everything the first thing I want to do is actually attach that toggle clasp because once I set my glue in there I don't want to be futzing with it too much and sort of trying to attach that toggle clasp but this will allow it to just dry and sit there and then when it is all set to go I don't have to get my pliers back out and finish all this so I'm just gonna attach one with a little jump ring there set that aside and these are just very easy these are just five millimeter 20 gauge jump rings you can use larger jump rings if you like I wouldn't go any smaller because this is nice and sort of clunky and the reason I'm not using my magnetic clasp on this necklace is that it's a little heavy so I want to really support that weight so I'm gonna give it a nice sturdy toggle clasp alright so now I have my two cord ends ready to go so let's go ahead and do that technique of building up an end all right let me get that out of the way alright so here we have our finished kumihimo now I have about an inch of that unbeaten braided portion and I'm gonna take one of my scraps here this is maybe a couple feet or so you don't even need that much but what we're gonna do is we're gonna slip it underneath there and I have about six inches six to eight inches in one hand and the rest in the other hand so what we're gonna do is we're going to tie it a little overhand knot and bring that knot down as close as we can to that beaded portion and give it a really snug tight little tug there and I'm gonna take that short end and I'm gonna kind of hold that up here and let it go along the length of my unbeaten braided portion there we go so now I'm gonna take this end and what I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna carefully wind it around and this is what I mean by bulking up that end so we're just gonna wind it around and around and what we're doing is we're creating a little extra kind of cushion there to create and fill in that space of that cord end or this will work also for that magnetic clasp but is the same type of technique so we're just gonna build that up and filled that up and you can kind of go up and down and around and just sort of you know keep an eye on how big you want that to be you can use a pair of calipers if you really want to super super snug tight fit in terms of what your clasp is you might be using different clasps than I am here so go ahead and just you can kind of take your calipers hold it and pinch it and see where you're at and then kind of hold it up to your cord end but just sort of keep building it around and around and the other thing to consider too is that when we hold it next to each other we want to make sure it goes deep enough into the well so you can kind of just look down the barrel of it and see how deep it needs to go and mine goes pretty much all the way to the top of this particular cord end so I'm just gonna tie it a couple more times here right up at the top making sure I get a nice snug fit and now with this end I'm gonna kind of hold that out to the side and with my short end I'm gonna come in and sort of with one hand do a little overhand knot trying to get that knot really nice and close all the way up there at the top and give it a nice little tug every cow and it might take you a couple tries to do this but this is why we don't cut this end off first so we want to make sure that it's gonna be that everyone's gonna fit in there nicely alright I'm just gonna tie one more little knot there there we go alright so now I can come in with my scissors or my snips and I'm just gonna trim that off as close as I can without clipping it that little knot there I can set those pieces aside and now I'm gonna come in and again and getting as close as I can without cutting it off without cutting off the winding there I'm gonna kind of sneak in and you just kind of have to saw it cuz this braid is really thick he's also bigger scissors which I may have wanted to use I'm just gonna snip that off and now before we even move on to the other side we want to finish one side off first so I'm gonna bring in my e6000 and my little toothpick I'm gonna get that onto my paper here and you just want to get it just just as much as you need no more than necessary close that back up and take your little toothpick and really get a good glob of that e6000 on there there we go I'm just kind of twisting it so you don't have any of those little hairs there and then go ahead and place that into the well of your class or your cord end make sure you get all nice and down in there I'm gonna grab a little bit more there there we go alright perfect and now what we're gonna do is we're gonna get this cord end in there and you can see that I'm kind of putting it in at an angle and then I'm gonna do a little twisting technique to kind of really get that down and make sure all those cords go in there and you can take your little toothpick there and just kind of help guide it in there and make sure all those little cord ends it's kind of stuffed in there again you can just give it a little little twist there just to make sure it all ends up nice and neat on the inside there so that is how you do that alright I'm gonna do the other one really quick off-camera and I'm gonna show you what the finished product looks like but now that guy can just sort of sit there and dry so I'm gonna do this second one we're real quick so this is that finished look right here you can just see and I think it makes a really nice sleek finish now when we say bulking up this is what we mean it's just sort of adding that cord on to the end to sort of bulk up that smaller braid so that it fits inside that clasp and you have enough surface touching that inner inner clasp there to really get that glue facing kind of the right way and really you know really get it in there because we want your work to be very secure especially again in this design which is going to be a little heavy because I have the tassels I have a lot of beads here so we want to make sure that that clasp is nice and snug as a bug in a rug all right so you do have other options we need to finish your kumihimo braids so I have those here for you we also have many other videos at and if you enjoyed this video be sure to hit that subscribe button below to get all the latest from beadaholique

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