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hi this is kat with beadaholique.com i you the bail that we're gonna use today now this is from tierracast this is the finishing touches collection and this really pretty rope bail has a really big large hole now this hole is going to be about seven millimeter seven to eight millimeters I'd say so you can slip this over some cord but if you're working with a cord for example like this one here and you can just see it snuck it in this is my kumihimo braid it's much thinner than that so we're going to talk about what cord end to use and kind of how you can adjust some of that sizing here now speaking of the cord ends and let me draw your attention up here now this is a beaded kumihimo I did now for this I used the size 18s lon the gray and then under here I sort of built up because the braid is so small but I wanted a nice sleek look there against those seed beads and then I just added a little toggle clasp so again I'm gonna kind of walk you through a little bit of how that comes together this is more sort of a traditional closure with that but we do have that in a couple different styles here and of course we have the gold the copper the silver and the brass ox that I'm using for or the breast oxide we sort of shorten it to brass ox here at beadaholique let me kind of bring you up here and show you the other colors and of course again we have that copper that gold and that silver so you can choose which one you like and you'll get two bales and two cord ends so you can actually use a couple of bales or make a couple of different projects with that so I'm going to use a toggle clasp I have my little charm that I'm gonna attach with some jump rings these are five millimeter 20 gauge jump rings and that'll work just fine for my project here those are in the antique brass as well and so I have my cumin quemo here and you can see that I've actually already finished one side and before I get to that let me show you what else I'm using today now this is how it comes this is the kumihimo braid and this is a beautiful color mix and it's that satin rat tail this is the lilac version and you can see that you get four different colors here and as you can see it this is the Chino version which is that blue and brown and teal and white so that's what I used here but when you get it it comes like this so you get a one millimeter diameter and you get three yards of each of the cords so that's how we're gonna create that little braid and there's gonna be a full tutorial to walk you through exactly how to set up your disc for this style but in this video I'm just really going to try to walk you through that bail making process alright so I have some e6000 that's how we're gonna finish it off and then I have a couple of scraps of wire you can use a toothpick as well I just had some little scraps hanging around so that's gonna help me when I go to do my cord ends I have my Gator right and I've already taken this off and I'll show you why in a second I have a couple of chain nose pliers I have my snips and then you also might need a ruler and I also have some just scotch tape here alright so let me bring your attention back to my kumihimo disk here now of course I've done the three up and one down because I wanted to see where I was gonna be finished there so let me just kind of tighten that up and the last thing I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna finish that last little warp there alright so now when you flip to the other side you're gonna see that I have my braid happening here now the reason I've taken my Gator weight off of my big knot here at the bottom and gone ahead and added my cord end is because I want to make sure that this large hole bail is going to fit over it so if you're testing something out this is how I recommend you do that so you can see that I've already sort of taped and snipped off my braid and I've actually snipped off about three quarters of an inch so when you're working with something like this I would always err on the side of safety and do a little bit extra braiding than you think you're going to need when you are talking about sizing let me kind of bring this in here if you're looking at my little toggle clasp that I know I'm going to use and the cord ends you know you're really looking at a long clasp so you can kind of get a little bit of a gauge of how that's gonna work and if you kind of bring in my ruler here that's almost 2 inches so when you're really looking at like oh why I wanted a six inch bracelet and I have you know six or seven inches of of braiding that's more than enough and like I said you want to do maybe a little bit extra just to make sure it's gonna get there and also the satin rattail can stretch ever so slightly just a little bit so it has a little bit of give to it and that's really only true for the satin rattail you're not going to get that so much with the size 18 nestled on you might get a little bit but it's a much tighter braid because it's a really much thinner cord okay so all that to say now what we're gonna do is we're going to take off our braid from our disk and just sort of pop those little guys out there and I'm just gonna kind of hold it and bring the braid all the way through all right so now the first thing I'm gonna do is just come and just snip off all those cords there we go let me kind of get that out of the way there alright so you can make a little knot if you like and just kind of bring those all together alright cool that'll work and we're gonna cut it off anyway so it doesn't matter alright so now here's where some of the sizing gets gets interesting so what I kind of like to do is I like to sort of set up what it's gonna look like they're almost to the edge and know that obviously I don't need to make a nine inch bracelet so I'm gonna come in here and I'm actually gonna take my piece of tape where I want to cut it and I'm gonna just wrap it around that little that little braid there so just kind of wrap it and this is probably too long of a piece of tape there so just enough to kind of secure it and then I'm just going to trim off all that extra tape because I don't want any extra width on this because I want it to fit into my little cord end alright so just kind of scooch in that up so that yeah so that's gonna give me a good eight inch bracelet so this is gonna be really really nice so again you can see that a little bit of give there and what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna cut this off with maybe just about a quarter of an inch left on there and there's a lot of cord so it just takes a second there we go and now before and this is why we use the tape so it doesn't unravel before I put on my other cord end I have to slide on my bail now I know this is gonna fit and that's gonna slide around really easily but the thing I want to test is to make sure that it's not going to fall off the other side now you can see from my other bail here that obviously if I wanted to use a larger cord end the bail is the same size so it's not gonna fall off so let's say you had a larger cord and you wanted to really nudge that on there so it's stable this is gonna be a little bit more of a free-flowing charm piece so that's just gonna sit there okay now let's say I wanted to use this big cord end on this tiny braid what you can do is you can take some of the extra cord that you'd have from this and kind of wrap it around the braid to build up that size so that it fits in there of course for this one I don't have to do that so what we're gonna do is we're gonna attach our little other end here and I'm just gonna use a little bit of e6000 here and just kind of getting a little bit on to there we go just a nice little dollop onto the end of my wire here make sure you close that glue back up you don't want that to dry out and then we're just gonna stick that down into the little well and just sort of move it around make sure it kind of gets in all the little corners and all the little crevices there alright and I'm just gonna set that over my little piece of tape there that I had leftover that works out nicely alright so now we're just gonna slide this in there and just make sure that you're kind of getting in there one thing I like to do is I kind of like to twist it around little bit make sure it's getting all those chords but as you're looking at your bracelet keep in mind you're gonna want those loops to face the same way so make sure that you just kind of rotate it however it needs to be to make sure that these loops are facing the same direction it'll make it for a really nice easy closure all right now normally I would let this sit because I want that to really firm up before I start playing with it so I'm gonna move on though so hopefully that won't pop out on me all right so we're going to be using some jump rings here and we can go ahead and add on our little charm and I chose this little open design charm at by tierracast I just thought it was really pretty and the metal matches perfectly so we're just gonna open that little jump ring close that up and now we have our little little charm happening there on our little bail so it's gonna hang nicely and this the bails are really fun especially if you're doing a necklace and you want to add like a little Center charm those are always really fun too alright now a couple more jump rings here and what we're gonna do is we're just gonna open one and slide on our toggle and then slide on our cord end and close that up and then moving to the other side here now this one I want to be really careful because my glue isn't fully set yet so for yours it will be please please please don't do what I'm doing we just want to make sure it's that's nice and strong we don't want to lose our bracelets alright and just make sure that's a really good closure there all right so now you'll have a bracelet and again I don't want to talk too hard on that side but it will come together in a nice little circle there and you'll be able to attach your toggle to each other and you'll have a nice little bail there at the bottom so that's one option to do this again we do have these in two different sizes so you could absolutely do a larger braid and kind of get the same effect by using a different excuse me by using the same bail a different cord end to get that sort of same effect and it will work because the tierracast has designed everything to kind of work together alright so thank you so much for joining me you can get all of these supplies and see even more tutorial videos by heading over to beadaholique.com

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