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Hi, this is Kat with and in style so we do have some that are much more of a filigree style some that have a little bit of that steampunk we have this beautiful heart one we also have some more whimsical ones like a little bicycle over here and one of my little favorite ones here is actually this bird in a cage and I'll just kind of show that up to you and the watch is actually on the bottom so it's just some really fun stuff but you can see just by looking at this that it's really really brassy so what I wanted to do is I wanted to show you a way that you can take the chain that comes with the pocket watch and embellish it to sort of suit your style or to just kind of give it a little bit of a pop of color or dimension so what I have over here is I have some examples of what I'm going to be showing you and I just kind of want to let you know how how vast this can really be so I brought out some of the vintage beads that we have now a lot of these are plastic and lucite so they're nice and lightweight because this pendant is usually gonna be pretty heavy so you want to do something that's lightweight you don't really want to add too much weight to this so just some really pretty just vintage beads for you to play with we also have an example here of doing some twisted wire loops which is just a really nice little thing and we do have a video showing you how to do twisted wire loops that are completely connecting with no jump rings in between so that's good to check out here's another example of some of those vintage beads I was talking about and instead of using wire I use some large jump rings and that could add some really nice little interest there as well you could also go for something that's more wood beads or even gemstones I made this head pin or I'm excuse me I made this eye pin just these little turquoise chips I thought that could be really cute and I also made one featuring the impression Jasper and this is just a little gemstone that is sort of made with just some simple wire loops so kind of piggybacking off of that I started to make this chain here and I want it to bring in those filigree elements with the watch that I've chosen because if you actually look at the back it is really ornate and just really really beautiful so I wanted to use some filigree beads to just kind of tie that all together and I just love the way this mustard color sort of looks with that antique brass chain and the findings here so I have one of mine almost completely made here so I'm just gonna finish this up really quick and what I'm gonna do is I'm going to take a one-inch 23 gauge antique brass eye pin I'm gonna just slide my bead on there and just take a pair of round nose pliers go ahead and Bend that back there we go and just wrap your wire right around the top and wrap it across take your flush cutters give that a nice little trim there we go and I have my simple wire loop so just to complete putting my little chains together I'm just going to take my chain nose pliers and just kind of open that same as you would a jump ring slide on my other component here close that up move to the other side open it and I'm going to add on that other end there I'm just gonna flip it around it's easier to hold it in my hands but then you just close it back up and this is the same as as you would a jump ring alright so now I have my two little components sort of made and this is just just enough it doesn't have to be the whole chain so what I'm gonna do next is I'm going to kind of take my chain here and just look at it and here's the options that you can do with this chain looking at the bottom here I can cut it in the center and know that I'm going to extend my chain before I get to my loop or what I can do is I can actually kind of move these up the chain and make space for them if I wanted to attach my chain like that so I'm gonna actually do kind of a little bit of a happy medium here so what I'm gonna do is I'm going to kind of move it down just sort of eyeball it and what I want to do first I want to find that center length of that chain so now just taking my flush cutters I'm just going to cut off an even length of that chain there we go so now I'm just just to measure it just to make sure that I was accurate I might be one or two links off which I am off by one so I am going to just adjust by cutting that last link on this side there we go okay so now I have my chain and it is cut there we go just gonna kind of lay that down there now you can like I said if you want to keep the length that the way it was just sort of adjust and cut that way you're not adding length you're just replacing the length I'm gonna go ahead and just add the length for my purposes here and now what I want to do it is something cos these little scraps out of my way I am going to take my chain nose pliers and move to one side here and I'm just gonna open that loop and I'm going to slip on the end of that chain and just close that up and I'm going to move to the other side of this and again taking that loop opening it up and I'm going to add on that one and a half to two inch length that I cut to be my Center hmm I just want to make sure close that nice and tight so it doesn't slip out there we go and now moving right along I'm gonna take the other side here and open that up attach it to that chain I did not open my leap float long enough large enough come on there we go all right now I'm gonna close that loop there we go and move to the other side of this open that loop again and this is all very simple and basic you just need to just be patient and make sure you open your loops large enough all right and now closing that loop and just I'm just gonna give mine a little squeeze I just want to make sure that I really did get that nice and close because I don't want it to fall apart okay so now I have this now you have two options at this stage you can take your 8 millimeter 18 gauge open jump ring and loop it around this and around the chain or if you want you can find at the center link of chain and make sure that that 18 gauge wire fits through whatever chain you've chosen here and loop it through so that it stays stable now what I'm gonna do is I'm going to just open my jump ring here loop it around and I'm going to actually place that chain in there so that it can kind of float freely now it won't float completely on the chain because I have my embellishments there but that is actually the look that I am going for all right now you just want to make sure that is close nice and flush but now I have embellished my pocket watch chain to have just a little bit of color and now it can float freely on that chain now like I said you can attach it directly to the chain so that it doesn't move but I'm just gonna have mine kind of float freely so there you have it it's a really simple fun thing to do just choose your favorite pocket watch and add your favorite little embellishment you can find all of these supplies at and if you enjoyed this video be sure to hit the subscribe button below you

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