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Hi, this is Kat with drop peyote stitch now I want to start by showing you an example of what triple drop looks like and I've just done a very simple pattern and kept all of my beads together and if you're familiar with peyote you can see that it has a up-and-down pattern so all I've done is replaced three beads for each one bead so it kind of gives you a neat little sort of different look so I'm going to show you a couple other examples of peyote this is that more traditional peyote and you can see like I was saying that they sort of have a nice little brick going up and down and they just sort of fit really nicely together and this is using 1000g delicas and just for a little size comparison that these are the 11 l miyuki delicas and i have a couple of examples here of using Toho beads and this just uses different sizes of beads and we do have a video showing you how to do this technique to get that sort of nice little wavy look but again this is also peyote I have a fun will flag up here and this uses peyote too and it actually uses increases and decreases to create a really nice fun jagged pattern and again we do have a video showing you how to do that technique as well now I just want to show you I have to drop peyote in this little piece here that I've just started working on and you can see that the two beads sit next to each other so we're going to do a triple drop version in this video and again I am using the eleven led delicas and I have three colors to show you see they're nice and contrast so you can actually see so and I also am using a black thread and this is just a fireline thread and my size twelve beading needle so I'm going to pick up one bead this alternative color and just sort of thread it on close to the end and then just go back through it and this was just going to be my nice little bead step to keep my beadwork on my thread so it's nice and trapped so we're ready to begin so like I said this is triple drop so what I'm going to do is I'm going to pick up three beads of each color so I'm going to pick up three of the pink and then I'm going to pick up three of the gray and now what I want to do for my particular pattern is I'm going to now pick up three of the pink three of the gray and don't forget with peyote you're picking up your first two rows when you're picking up this first portion here and I'm just going to do one more okay so on my needle I have three pink three gray three pink three gray three pink and three gray so now I'm just going to slide that all the way down and now I'm going to be picking up my third row so I'm going to be picking up my blue so I'm going to pick up three blue I'm going to skip the three gray because I'm treating that as one bead and I'm going to go through all three of those pink beads and you can see how and of course it'll take a little finagling with this first one but you'll see how it starts to lay you're going to want your three blue on top of your three gray there and I'm coming out that pink bead so again pick up three blue beads skip over three gray beads going into all three of those pink beads and coming out that pink again we're going to pick up three of the blue skipping over three of the gray and going into three of those pink beads let me just put my work down so you can see what we're working with here there we go so you have your first row which is your gray your second row which is your pink and your third row which is your blue so now I'm going to continue my pattern and just so I'm going to continue to alternate so I'm going to pick up three gray skipping over those three pink and going into those three blue that are in that up position there and repeating again with the grave picking up three gray skipping over the pink and making sure to go into the three blue ten same thing three more gray and now here's where you're going to need to go through the three blue and make sure that you catch that last one you might be facing a little little south so just make sure that you're going through all three of those blue beads and then you're coming out and now you can see that those beads are sitting a little bit nicer on the end there so again just continuing the pattern I'm going to continue with my pink and this is just a very simple peyote and you're just treating three bees as one bead now in my pattern that I'm working on here I have all three of my beads as one color but you don't have to do it that way you can mix it up and change in and do one or two it just entirely depends on your pattern and just make sure that you're getting all three of those beads at the end and this will become a little bit easier to work with as you continue I'll just do one more of the blue and this is like I said more of a straight across pattern you can definitely have a lot of fun with this and develop your own patterns just to make it a little bit more visually interesting for you but by using contrasting colors you really get to see how fun the stitches so and I just want to show you a little alternative here so my next row should be all gray but looks like I want to do a gray a pink and a gray so that becomes my new bead here since you get just a little bit of a different look so now I have a little bit more of that Tetris piece happening there and you can just kind of have a lot of fun with it so there you go there are just some alternatives to triple drop peyote and it works very similar to a regular peyote so have a lot of fun with it and you can do double triple for a single peyote I hope you enjoyed this video you can find all of these supplies and all of these projects at you

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