How to Make the Silky Smooth Earrings with Mini Silky Beads, MiniDuos and Mini Dagger Beads

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Designer: Rachel Zaimont
Learn how to make the bead woven Silky Smooth Earrings from start to finish in this video, featuring 2-hole Mini Silky Beads, MiniDuos, Toho Demi Round seed beads and Czech glass Mini Dagger Beads. You'll also see an overview of our colorful selection of Mini Silky Beads, and a size comparison with the original Silky Beads.
Audio Transcript
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hi this is Rachel with beadaholique to show you our mini silky beads now you may be familiar with our original silky beads these are Czech glass to hold beads and these are just smaller versions of that silky bead so the original version is about six millimeters per side and the mini version is about five millimeters per side so just a smaller version and I'm gonna put one on a needle for you just so you can see how the holes run just like the original silky beads the holes are across the corners of the bead so it's a diamond shaped bead and you can use these as a square or as a diamond depending on the orientation of your bead weaving so there's plenty of options and we have lots of really gorgeous colors of this bead so starting up here we have red lemon ivory luster and this color reminds me of caramel I really like this color we have chalk travertine ivory travertine crystal travertine bronze fire red crystal Capri gold and this has a pretty crystal on one side and kind of a rose gold color on the other side then we have ivory light green luster green luster coming down here we have turquoise blue travertine green turquoise blue turquoise blue luster blue turquoise lumi this is just a really beautiful luminous blue here then we have purple Vega lilac luster chalk red luster chalk luster this is a pearlized finish then we have chalk which is bright white crystal a bee and full Labrador which is this metallic silver color so plenty of beautiful colors for you to choose from and I just want to show you an earring that I made here using the green luster this is just a simple bead woven earring with a couple of silky beads in the middle surrounded by mini duos so I'm gonna show you how to make this earring next you'll need some mini silky beads and I'm using the green luster color you'll need some Toho dummy round beads and this is size 11 oh and nickel you'll need some mini duo's and these are purple suede you'll need some mini dagger beads you'll need an earring hook and some smoked fireline and for tools you'll need a size twelve beading needle and a pair of scissors so let's begin first I'm going to cut a length of fireline about two feet long doesn't have to be exact but that should be more than enough length for this earring and I'm going to thread my needle this is always the hardest part for me okay so now you're going to pick up one mini silky bead and two Demi round beads and repeat that three more times another mini silky bead - Demi rounds another mini silky - Demi rounds and one more mini silky and - Demi rounds and you want to make sure all those mini silky beads are facing the same direction so I'm going to slide those beads down my needle toward the end of my thread while leaving no about a four or five inch tail and I'm going to bring my thread around in a circle and tie a knot and I'm just gonna make that a double knot or even a surgeon's knot just for security let's go with the surgeon's knot okay so now I'm just going to sew through the next silky bead over just the bottom hole there and now I'm going to on that same bead so up through the top hole all right now at this point I'm going to pick up four of these mini duo beads or and I'm going to sew through the top hole of the next silky bead over now make sure the thread isn't tangled and you can see it the mini duo's kind of fan out in a nice nice loop that reminds me of a peacocks tail I just love working with super dough's and mini do is they create nice ruffled edges okay so now again I'm going to pick up four more mini duo's and so through the top hole of the next mini silky bead and watch out for my thread tail there okay and turn it a quarter turn and repeat the same step again gonna pick up four mini duo's and sew through the top hole of the silky bead and then I'll repeat that one more time for this last side here for me to do us and through the top hole of the Sultan alright so now I'm going to sew through the bottom hole of that next when you do it over in the line and then I'm going to sew up through the top hole of that same bead and now I'm going to pick up one Demi round bead and I'm also going to string the loop of my earring wire and then one more Demi round bead and those are just going to fit neatly in this little hole between the two kind of ruffled corners of mini duo's there and then I'm going to sew through the top hole of the next mini duo over and pull tight and you see that the hook just fits nicely in there and now I'm going to go along this line of mini duo's and connect all the top holes with Demi round beads so there's one to and three and at this point we come to another break in the mini duos so here I'm going to string one dummy round and one Czech glass mini dagger bead and another dummy round and so through the top hole of that next mini duo over and the dagger fits pretty neatly in there and now I'm going to continue down this line sewing up the spaces between the top holes of these mini duo's with Demi round beads these dummy rounds are so versatile they're just perfect little spacers and you have a little bit of space between two beads you're not sure if you want to just bridge across it with your thread or not just stick a dummy round in there and I promise it'll look so good okay right another break so I'm going to pick up another dummy round another dagger bead and one more done around and so through the top hole of the next I mean you do it and once again I'm gonna go down this line of mini duo's bridging the gap between those top holes with Demi round beads and three and now at the last break here I'm gonna string another dummy round my checklist dagger bead and add em around and into that top hole of the next mini duo and now another Demi round and another oh and watch out for my thread tail there and one more so now we've come back up to the top of the piece where the earring hook is and I'm going to sew through that little bridge with the hook one more time just to reinforce it because this is the part of the earring that will be under the most stress so we want to make sure it is nice and strong so I'll just sew through there and then I'll sew through the top hole of that next module would not get caught on the earring hook there and then I'm gonna sew down through the bottom hole of that same miniduo okay my throat is angled toward the back of the piece and here I'm just going to loop under that thread there connecting the inner holes and make a quick knot to secure that thread and I'll make it a double knot because why not better safe than sorry all right so I'll pull that tight and now I'm just going to cut off my thread tails and you can use scissors or thread snips or whatever your favorite cutting tool is so that's your second earring pairing the mini silky beads with mini duo's and checklist dagger beads you can find all these supplies at thanks so much for watching you

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