Show and Tell: Czech Glass Prong Beads

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Designer: Rachel Zaimont
Skill Level: Any Level
Learn about our Czech glass Prong Beads in this video, which have a unique shark fin shape and come in a variety of metallic, suede, lustrous and iris finishes. These beads will give your beadwork a spiky, dimensional element, as seen in the Picasso Porcupine Earrings featuring ornate beaded beads.
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hi this is rachel with beadaholique to show you our Czech glass prong beads so these are one whole beads I'll pick one up so you can see and they look kind of like a shark's fin or a claw or some other kind of pointy organic shape they're really fun and because of the unique shape there's lots of dimensional possibilities for bead weaving or bead embroidery whatever you want to use them for you can actually use them standing up in a pointy form or laying down and they make really cool designs so I'll show you what else they remind me of you might be familiar with our Crescent beads these are two whole Czech glass beads so to me the prom bead just kind of looks like if you took a crescent bead and cut it in half because the Crescent has this curved shape and the prom date also has a curved shape it's not a straight up-and-down point so it looks kind of like half of a crescent bead to me so these come in lots of beautiful colors we have some nice metallic colors metallic gold here bronze and some beautiful suede colors that's this matte finish here we have some beautiful irises like the purple iris lots of gorgeous colors when it catches the light and some pearl colors here's an off-white pearl and up here is a true white pearl and if a very lustrous pearlized finish and I'll show you a pair of earrings I made with these beads these are the Picasso's porcupine earrings and I'll tell you about the name for just a second the word Picasso comes from the fact that the color of prong bead I used here is turquoise Picasso and that is this color here it's a beautiful very rich lustrous turquoise with some gold modeling on it so very pretty color and the word porcupine comes from the fact that these prong beads lend a really cool spiky texture to these earrings the technique used in these earrings is an ornate beaded bead and you can actually go and watch our video by our designer Andrea on how to make an ornate beaded bead it uses the right angle technique with two needles and what you'll need are some prong beads and any of these beautiful colors here along with some 1102 host seed beads an earring hook a head pin and four bead Stoppers I use some of our Czech glass forget-me-nots beads these little flower shaped beads actually mimic the look of these clusters of gold seed beads throughout the earring so it's a fun project to make and it really shows off the texture of these cool Czech glass prom beads you can find all of these supplies at thanks for watching you

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