How to do Soutache Bead Embroidery: Part 6 How to Add a Simple Beaded Edge

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Designer: Julie Bean
n part 6 of this 7 installment series on how to do soutache bead embroidery, you will learn how to create a simple beaded edge further securing your backing to your embroidery and providing for a neat finished look. This video series takes you from start to finish on creating a pair of soutache bead embroidered earrings.
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Hi this Julie with Welcome back to our part six of our video series on how to make this Soutache earring which is covering the basic steps of Soutache bead embroidery which you can apply to your other projects so in the previous stage we attached our backing and we trimmed it and now we need to stitch it in place, to do that you need some seed beads I'm using size 11/0 for this project I'm using the same seed beads I'd used to make my bridge in an earlier step just for a little bit of consistency so I've taken my needle and I've put on it about twenty five or thirty inches of thread the length thread will depend upon your project and I'm just going to make a knot at the end and I'm gonna go ahead and double that trim my knot close to the end so go ahead we take your needle with the knot on the end put it through one of these side beads I want my thread to come out not the backside but along the side part of my Soutache. It can be a little tricky That's right where I want it pull it. Now we don't want our little knot to show so go ahead and pull it through until the knot catches on the inside of the bead now if you're familiar with brick stitch it's gonna feel very similar. We're picking up two seed beads sliding them down and then we're going to go from the front at an angle about the width apart of these two seed beads side by side go down through our backing go back up through the second bead so if we were bead weaving we would start to be talking about things like thread bridges and how we just created a tread bridge between the two beads for this project I'm not going to have you go back and add extra embellishments but you would have those thread bridges if you wanted to add another layer of beads on top of this first one so now instead of picking up two beads I'm going to just pick up one We're going to do the same process. We're going to go ahead and place our needle through the Soutache going from the front to the back and coming out the back of the ultra suede then secure it coming back up through the same bead and pulling Do that all the way around. I'm going to do a couple more for you so you can just see what I'm doing I'm making sure that actually sticking my needle through that bottom part of that Soutache ribbon each and everytime coming out the back side of the ultra suede then up through that bead and let me show you how to do this when you hit something like a jump ring do the same process you're just gonna try to pretend that it's not even there go ahead make sure it comes out the back but the bead stays on the front side of the jump ring we're just gonna go from the back through the jump ring up through the bead so we just ignored the jump ring basically do the same thing again when you see what this is looking like on the back side, you can see a little bit of the stitches some are a little bit more discreet than others, you wanna watch that try to make them as discrete as possible and make sure that they're secure do a couple more together with you and then I'm gonna finish it off and when I get to the very end where my ends meet up I'll show you how to connect them and tie a knot and coax your beads a little bit keep a close eye on the spacing alright I'm going to do the rest on my own and then I come back and show you how to connect up the two ends Almost done. Just one more bead to add if you end up with a space like this and to me just looking at it I feel like I could get two beads in there but when I actually look at it more closely it looks like just one bead, you don't wanna push it, if your at a situation where you're trying to decide and it looks like one or it looks like two usually it's going to be one because if you too many in there it's going to scoop the other one's out of place. Keep in mind. We are ready to do our final bead I'm just going to center it because that is kind of a larger gap than I would normally like center between my start bead and last the bead when it pulls together you would not have been able to fit two beads same technique for the last bead as all the other ones but now we have a gap We have to create a nice thread bridge so I'm going to go through the top hole of my first bead down and out the back side and now they're all secure and we've actually finished our edge. So all that's left now is to secure it before I secure it properly I'm going to just add a little reinforcement up back up through one of my previously attached beads and down one next to it it looks great on the front but I just gave a little bit of extra assistance. I'm going to go under one of my stitches go under all of it pull my thread make sure it doesn't knot on me and unintentionally there you go take my needle and go through the loop pull tight to create a little knot go back up through another bead my thread is getting a little bit warn here just getting a little curly on me take a moment if that happens to you what I like to do at least to resolve it straighten it out get all the kinks out I'm exiting a bead go another bead and come through another bead since you have a nice little stitch right there that I can go under again trying to go under the stitch more than the suede. You might catch a little suede as you go under but I really want stitch just that I can knot the thread I don't have to worry if the suede every pulls out or anything which it shouldn't I trust that thread more than I trust suede create another loop through the loop and pull make nice little knot go up through a bead down through a bead and trim my thread there we go we've completed our beaded edge and now all that's left is to make the little dangle, the little connecter piece and attach the earring hook and since this has already been a bit of a long video, I'm going show you how to do that in the final video of this seven part series. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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