How to do Soutache Bead Embroidery: Part 3 How to Add a Side Bead and to End a Stack

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Designer: Julie Bean
In part 3 of this 7 installment series on how to do soutache bead embroidery, you will learn how to add a side bead, create more shaping stitches, and secure and cut your threads behind your embroidery. This video series takes you from start to finish on creating a pair of soutache bead embroidered earrings.
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Hi this Julie with and this is the third installment on our series on how to do Soutache bead embroidery. Going over some basic steps and in this series we're gonna make this earring from start to finish. In the first two segments we learned how to add a bead and start our Soutache, make shaping stitches around the outside so that it goes ahead and lays against the bead and then we learned how to make a two-sided join this whole time we've been using our same needle and thread, we haven't tied any actual knots and now with our thread exiting to the left of our main bead, our center bead. I'm going to show you how to add another bead which is going to be making your first side swirl and I am going to show you how to end your stack so that we can make the first half of this earring to do that we wanna grab another bead I'm going to use this little four millimeter bead right here slide it down so it rests right up where your two sided join was separate out you Soutache cords so you have three on one side and three on the another side. As you do more Soutache there are a lot of different options you can do you can separate them out any which way you like, add beads in between but for this basic one I want you to keep your three together on each side go ahead and just to wrap bend around that little bead and take note where the hole is in relation to were the threads are right there is where we want to place our needle going through all three of our Soutache braids coming out the center where that little groove is on the outer one or what we are going to turn into the outer one which was the inner one before pull that you made your first bend now we do need to make a couple shaping stitches before we can pull all these cords to the backside and tie them off remember to make a shaping stitch we're gonna go on the outside down through all three of them coming out that middle core always stay in the middle It's going to hide your stitches it's also going to make it so that it's more stable and go up and one more outside shaping stitches before we pull this to the back side so now those are going to be held together much more so than up here where you can see now I want you to keep actually take your cords and pull them the backside now holding that place where you want them go ahead and take your needle and actually go ahead and put it through your cords to the front side of your work insert your needle back down through your work. Now going from the front to the back try to get your needle as close to your exit point as a possible cuz you don't want to have your threads to show go all the way through now come back up make sure your cords are still how you want them. We've got that nice swirl to them and go back down through one that has not been tacked down already go from back to front all the way through and pull kind where you exited where your thread is coming out the front and try to insert your needle again close to exit point as possible go back all the way through you are literally sewing this in place you don't really see my threads because I am going back through as close to that exit point as possible I want to go ahead go through the final one I'm going to cover the back side, so I'm not all that concerned about what the back is gonna look like I don't want it lumpy does not have to be pretty I'm going to one more for good measure this is what I've got so far this is what it looks like on the back so now go ahead whip stitch around our cords take my needle placing it between the cord and my finish piece pulling it up catching it there I'm actually going to start to go through the cords whip stitch it in place I'm trying to do it fairly close up because I have to trim all these cords in a few minutes I don't want my whip stitches out here we've whip stitched it a couple times, now we need to trim our cord you don't want to trim it too close to your stitching because they are going to fray do it about fourteen of an inch, a little bit less actually now here's a tip because they are going to fray so much I'm going to actually trim them a little bit more and now I'm gonna tack them down stitch through them holding them down, take my needle do the same process going front to back you're gonna glue your foundation in place. Glue those down as well but I just don't want them getting in my way because I'm going to have to do this other side I feel like they are nice and secure. They're not gonna go anywhere I have to make sure that my needle exits right here going in this direction so that I can mimic the same technique on the other side to do that simply go through your work just make it so that your needle exits where you want you might have to fish around a few times before you get used to this you're going to pick up another bead and I'm going to do this off camera because this is the same technique as the other side you take that bead you again wrap it around, do you're shaping stitches tie it off in the same exact manner as you did on the back of this one so go ahead and do that and then when we come back I'm going to show you how to make a bridge with some little beads right here which is going to add a decorative element and that's going to help to secure your join as well. So that's what we'll do in part four have this series on Soutache. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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