How to do Soutache Bead Embroidery: Part 4 How to Make a Bead Bridge and Attach a Jump Ring

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Designer: Julie Bean
In part 4 of this 7 installment series on how to do soutache bead embroidery, you will learn how to stitch a beaded bridge over your 2-sided join and then add a jump ring to your embroidery. This video series takes you from start to finish on creating a pair of soutache bead embroidered earrings.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with and this is the fourth installment on our learning to do Soutache bead embroidery. We're making this earring from start to finish we are to the stage now where we need to create this little beaded bridge right where our join is on our main bead. See what the back looks like. We've cut off the access cord ends and now our thread and our needle which has not yet been cut or tied off it's in the wrong position, it should be up front, to do that you're just going to stitch right through from the back to front to right up near back your join helps if you just go ahead and put in your needle through to see where it comes out and see if you want an readjust before you go ahead and actually pull the thread all the way through I'm in a position where I want to be I'm going to pick up one size 11/0 seed bead. These Tohos one size 8/0 and one size 11/0 and I'm just gonna cross over to the opposite side of the same location we want to tack it down some more. Go up through all of the cords from the back to the front and I want to end up just a little bit below where that 11/0 seed bead is don't go through the 11/0 but do go through the 8/0 pull your thread and you want to tack this down so that it creates a nice little arch go through our ribbon now cords on the opposite side at the same point that is how create a little beaded bridge I've created the same little piece I want to show you how you would add something like a jump ring for this project we want two jump rings to be attached one on each end so we can connect a connector and earring hook and a little dangle below go ahead and literally take your needle and get it to the position that you want. So we're on the back side actually might be smarter if we do through this jump ring first see where that's positioned since we're closer to this side I'm going to do this jump ring first so I'm go from the back to the front you don't want to be too far into the cord but I do want to catch it a little bit we're just going to place our jump ring, a closed jump ring onto our needle you we're going to stitch it in place okay we need to tack it down to the other side just make it happen where your needle is where you want it to be I want it to go out the other side coming up stitched right over there you are going to be putting a backing on here. You're going to be doing a brick stitch around the edge which is going to cover up part of your Soutache cord but you don't your thread to be out here because that's not gonna be covered, you can see it in this example you cover basically the back half of the Soutache cord so just keep that in mind as you're doing the stitches and where you're placing them look at it from the front I want it to sit down just a little bit more so I'm going to tact it in place grab it a little further down here one more then I'm going to the other side alright got one attached. I need to attach the other one. So in order to get to the other side make it happen taking your needle go through your Soutache this is the backside. No one's going to see it. We're going to cover it with ultra suede See if you're are exiting where you wanna be exiting I am. I'm on top of my other jump ring and about in the center of main center bead do the exact same thing over here jump ring is on your thread stitch it in place I pulled my needle right of my thread take a look at it from the front make sure that they are lined up if they're not you can always use your thread and stitching to move it over at this point make sure you like what it look like and if you are happy with what it looks like we are finally going to tie up this thread to do that go ahead go through some of your back Soutache you're just going to tie a knot just to be secure I'm going to take my needle run it through some of my back work here tie another one You don't want these knots to be bulgier. I do want it to be secure you are going to be adding glue to your backing and everything as well that's going to add an extra layer of security but why not make these nice little knots go ahead trim and we are ready to add our backing in the next step. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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