How to do Soutache Bead Embroidery: Part 2 How to Create a 2-Sided Join

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Designer: Julie Bean
In part 2 of this 7 installment series on how to do soutache bead embroidery, you will learn how to bring your two sides of stacked soutache cords together around a bead and secure them in place by creating a 2 sided join. This video series takes you from start to finish on creating a pair of soutache bead embroidered earrings.
Audio Transcript
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Hi this Julie with and this is part two of our video series on how to do soutache bead embroidery and in this series we're going through the basics soutache steps which are required to make this earring here and we are in stage two which we're going to be creating a two-sided join so we already created this much work in the first video you can find it on if you did not watch it already and now what we need to do is join the two sides together, you can see they're separate at this point we'll end up closing the little gaps that we have between our bead and the inner layer of our soutache ribbon and then we're going to connect and anchor so that then we can start to make other flourishes as seen here in the example so your thread should already be attached to your needle. You're using the same length of the thread that you started with. We haven't tied a knot and we haven't cut anything and your thread should be exiting the bottom of your bead we're going to on the left hand side separate out our soutache cords so what we need to do with this is just take your needle and put it through the center core of that first soutache on the inside I want to do it a little closer up to the bead itself and there you go we're going through the one on the left now go ahead take your needle go back through that same ribbon pass below your bead and go through just the one soutache cord on the right side try to be as much in the center of that soutache cord as well pull through retrace your steps again go back through and this time good through your entire stack come out on the outside in the center you see at this point I am pinching these together a little bit now we need to do is connect the other ends I'm going to pinch these together make them nice and even take my needle and I want to go through it again all of them and come out the other side like so don't want my thread to knot. Pull tight and do that one more time just to make sure we are nice and secure although through all of them coming out on the left hand side and there we have just created a two-sided join we got rid of the gaps which was up there by a bead now what you can see when we separate this it's anchored there in the middle so we're ready to add some beads to each side and we'll do that in our next video segment. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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