How to do Soutache Bead Embroidery: Part 7: How to Finish a Soutache Pair of Earrings

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Designer: Julie Bean
In part 7 of this 7 installment series on how to do soutache bead embroidery, you will learn how to add the final touches to your soutache bead embroidered pieces, turning them into beautiful earrings. Techniques covered include how to turn a head pin into an eye pin, how to create a simple wire loop, and how to attach an earring hook. This video series takes you from start to finish on creating a pair of soutache bead embroidered earrings.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with and this is the final segment in our seven part series on how to make this Soutache earring so we started with the very basics and we've worked our way up. Now we're ready to do the finishing touches, thank you for your patience if you've been watching this entire series. I hope you learn something from it and are inspired to Soutache bead embroidery. To turn this little piece into this earring what we're going to need are two head pins two six millimeters beads. These are the same ones that we used in that center for the focal of our Soutache embellishment and then you need three of these little 8/0 seed beads and an earring hook for the tools you need a pair of cutters going to need a round nose pliers some type of chain nose, I have a bent chain nose here and that's all you need for these you're probably looking at this and thinking why on earth do you need two head pins well it's one thing I like to do is if it just needs a head pin, two head pins two eye pins or something like that and I can turn a head pin into an eye pin instead of having to by a head pins and eye pins I like to do it. so to turn a head pin into an eye pin go ahead and snip off the head and create a simple wire loop on one side bend it back so now you've got an eye pin from a head pin place an 8/0 bead a size six millimeter bead another 8/0 onto your eye pin. Now we're going to make a simple wire loop on the other side and you'll notice in this project I want my wire loop to be facing opposite direction so keep that in mind when you're doing a project which way you want your loops to face turn create a simple wire loop straighten it out. Use my round nose I do want these facing opposite side. I need to twist them open up the one that I just created open it just like a jump ring and I'm going to put it on to my piece not bad idea to make sure that the opening is facing the back side a finishing touch and then make sure that lines up and then we're going to go ahead and put the earring finding on the other side slide that on and close it back up again. You're opening it just like a jump ring and now we need to make our final dangle and then we're going to be done with this piece to make it go ahead and put a six millimeter bead onto your head pin with the head still attached an 8/0 seed bead and now we need to make a simple wire loop again open it up attach it to that bottom jump ring close it and we're done there we have made our second Soutache earring now we have a matched set so you can check out this series of videos and many more I'm in the free instructional video section. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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