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Hi this is Megan with and today I'm going to show you how to do a flat Horizontal Netting Stitch in Bead Weaving so I'm going to start by threading my beading needle I'm using pretty large seed beads to show you. I'm using a size ten needle If you're using a smaller bead you might want to go to a size twelve or thirteen and I'm placing a bead stopper several inches from the end of my thread for Netting Stitch you have two types of beads. You have a regular bead and then you have a link bead I'm going to use these dark blue beads as my link beads and I'm going to start by showing you a five bead Netting Stitch but I will also explain what the difference is so go ahead and start by picking up one link bead two of your other beads another link bead two beads link bead. Follow that pattern In the horizontal Netting Stitch you're going to be working down the length of your piece the number of beads that you string now is going to determine the length of your piece because you're going to work horizontally so I'm going to do a pretty short piece just to show you how to do this you wanna make sure that you have an even number of sets here so you wanna make sure that if you have a set like that that can bend, this is the way that the beads will go when it's in the netting stitch you want to be able to go count your link beads and say like that one's up, down up, down, up. You wanna make sure that it's gonna end up back up so now to continue we're going to make a turning chain by picking up a group of five beads its five bead netting so this is your basic group here. It's with one link bead in the middle and two of the other beads on the other side and to turn you're going to skip the first two link beads and go through the third and go ahead and just pull tight it's going to loop back around and then you're going to do another group of five beads skip the next link bead and go through the second one and try to keep your work from twisting as you go because it won't keep a nice flat finish look if you don't let it twist and grab another set of five beads and then you're going to go through the last link beads skipping one Netting Stitches do tend to lay flat leave your tension loose enough that you can get them to open up now that's the end of row two. You're going to create another turning chain so just like before group of five beads and then you're going to skip the first link bead and go into the second one so that the very first time you do a turning chain you're gonna skip two and after that you only skip the one if this gets loose you can hold onto the beads in your turning chain and give it a tug and it will tighten up That's the way you continue until your piece is wide enough for what you're working on continued to make a group of five skip one link bead and as your netting progresses you can start to see a kind of lattice look you'll get it will be easier to tell which link beads that you're going to go into you can see if you kind of pop it that it starts to have a very pretty lacy latticey look and then if you want you can change the way it looks by doing a three Bead Netting Stitch seven bead Netting Stitch, basically the number of beads between your link beads is going to change the size of the holes and it's gonna change the size of the look of the Netting. So if you want to do a three bead stitch instead of having five beads in your group you would only have three and that's really the only difference there and that's How to Do Horizontal Netting Stitch

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