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Hi. This Megan with I'm going to show you how to bead weave a star using brick stitch. We do have a video on how to do brick stitch and a video on how to do a round circular brick stitch. So go ahead and watch those if you don't know how because that's what you're going to use to make this. To start you're actually just going to do a piece of circular brick stitch that is about as big as you want the middle of your star to be without the points and if you want a five pointed star like I'm doing you need to have the number of beads on your last row be divisible by five. As you know if you know how to do circular brick stitch or as you will pick up very quickly if you are just learning there's a little bit of wiggle room as far as how many beads you fit into the spaces. So can you kind of play around with the number of beads that you add a number of rows that you do to get your final count of beads divisible by five. So I've this piece here and it has 25 beads on the outside a row. So that's perfect. I'll just to 5 beads per point. So now you're going to do a regular brick stitch and you're just going to do five beads and a regular brick stitch along that same edge in the next row. So you'll always start brick stitch by adding two bead and skipping the first thread bridge right there. And don't add in extra beads like you might in circular brick stitch. Just go ahead and stretch them along because they're just groups of five so it won't make it buckle. It'll still lay flat. If you're trying to make a very large star you may have to add in extra beads. If you're doing something smaller and you're only going across three or four or five you're probably fine. So do your five beads then you're going to stop and do a short row and you're going to continue to do the brick stitch and then extra above those five beads. Your going to go ahead and let it decrease as it naturally would because we want that point. We want that pointy shape so that's why this stitch works well with this. When you get to the end of your row just turn and start a new row. And turn and do that last row of the regular brick stitch which we'll only have the two beads from the first edge and then you're going to pickup one bead and go back down the side opposite of where your threads coming out just through those beads that are part of the regular brick stitch did and you're gonna come out next to that last row of beads in the circular brick stitch. when you pull it tight you can see you get that one last bead that makes a nice little point for your star. And then before you start again on the next point take your needle and go through the bead just inside the point in that last row and then you're going to go back up towards the outside in the next one over. Now you're ready to make your next point. So you will go just like you did on this one. Pick up two beads and start a row of ladder stitch five beads long and go back and forth and you're going to continue around if you're last row of beads was divisible by five then you will end up finishing right where you started. And you well end up with a nice even star when you go back down. And you're done and then you can just tie off your ends and weave them in. We also have a video on how to do that if you're unfamiliar on how to do that. You have this nice brick stitch five pointed star that you can use for all kinds of things. Go to for all of your beading supply needs!

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