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hi this is kat with and in this video i'm going to show you how to do circular brick stitch onto a hoop earring now today i'm going to be using one of these gold hoops so that you can really see it on camera here today i'm going to be using some 8-0 seed beads i have some nymo thread and i have this beautiful blue color here and i have about three feet strung onto my size 12 beading needle and then the only other two we're going to need is you're just going to need a pair of scissors or snips to help you at the end so let me show you a couple of examples here so today i told you i was going to be using the blue thread because i really want that to show up for you but take a look at this example here and this is the same size and this is uses 8 0 seed beads but i've used the gold naimo there so that it kind of disappears so you can see the gold version here and the silver version here so again you can just sort of see how it fades into that hoop so we have lots of different styles this will work for any other type of ring so if you're already familiar with circular brick stitch this is going to be really familiar to you the only difference is really going to be in how we start and finish it so let me take this hoop here and you can see that it has the little lever for the closure here so you can actually just leave that open you can close it up it really doesn't matter but what i want to show you is when it's closed like that you'll notice that when you put it on you're going to need to get your thumb underneath there to actually like boost it up so we don't want to start our brick stitch all the way close to the end here we want to leave just a little bit of space there okay so now i have my nymo strung onto my needle and i'm actually going to go to the end without the needle here i'm going to slide that underneath my hoop and now with about a six inch tail or so i'm just going to tie a overhand knot very simple very basic and bring it close to maybe about a quarter of an inch or so from where that ending is and then i'm going to tie one more time really give it a good tug all right and once more okay so now we have a nice triple knot there because we're not going to have a lot of space to weave that in so i like to just do a nice strong triple knot there at the very end okay so now onto our needle what we're going to do and we can move our tail kind of out of the way onto our needle i'm going to string it two of my white seed beads here and you can go ahead and let those fall all the way down to the end of the hoop just like so so now what i'm going to do is i'm just going to kind of bend this back so that it goes behind the hoop and i can take my needle and go through the center of the hoop there and bring it through and now what i'm going to do is i'm going to go back up through that very first bead that i strung so straight back up and here's where you can start to pull it a little bit and adjust where it's going to sit so like i said about a quarter of an inch or so away from that top there so now i'm coming out that first bead and what i want to do is i want to repeat a similar thing i'm going to go down through the second bead and in that same step i'm coming out through the front of that hoop there and don't worry if yours is a little loose like mine we're going to tighten it all up and then what i want to do while this is coming down through the center is i want to go up through that second bead there all right so now you can see that as i kind of pull it together there's a kind of a double loop on that first one at the bottom and then a single loop that's going to be part of our circular brick stitch so there we go so nice and tight now you'll notice that that little bead there is pointed up just a little bit what you can do is you can take your tail and you can kind of weave it through these beads might be big enough that you can do it by hand if not you can always add on a a needle to that so we're just going to kind of pull that together and pull that down to the side so you see how it lays a little flatter there perfect all right now we are ready to continue our brick stitch so now we're just going to pick up one seed bead let that come all the way down to the end again we kind of do that same folding method and i like to hold it with my finger there so i fold it down and i can bring my needle through the center and up through that bead and again give it a nice little tug make sure everything is nice and snug there there we go and i'll do one more but this is the same this is the method so now we're only picking up one seed bead dropping it down folding it back you can kind of fold it back if you like this is really where you know you can use a lot of a lot of fingers to help you with this one all right and then pull that up and it just comes together just like so all right so now you're gonna go all the way around and we're gonna stop about a quarter of an inch from the other side there all right so go all the way around and i'll see you back here in just a moment okay so we've come all the way around with our hoop there and i'm going to add one more now this is again where you can judge how many you want to add and i'm just going down doing the exact same method i don't want to get too close to that top there so i'm going to probably make this one my last one i think oops we're getting a little caught there there we go sneak that in perfect all right so now once you're done with you know your length and this you could do uh for example just along the bottom if you wanted to i went all the way around but it's entirely up to you all right so now that we've gone through our last one how do we tie this off we're to go down through the second bead there that we strung and i'm going to try to come from to the back there and i'm basically just going to create an extra little thread bridge and i'm going to come up and then i'm going to go down through the first bead and what i'm going to do is i'm going to bring my thread around and i'm going to actually catch that little thread bridge right underneath there if you can see really close right underneath there just there and now i'm just going to kind of create a little loop to tie off my thread just right underneath there and make sure it's nice and tight and again i can go up through that last bead and make it sit to the side so you see that we have a little bit of a double double uh row there happening but you don't have any like criss crossing which is what we want all right and then really easily we can just take our scissors come in and cut that side off and do the same in the back here cut that side off oops there we go snip snip so that is how the earring looks when it's all finished and you can really see side by side the difference between having the gold thread and having that blue thread there so it just adds a little bit of extra color i encourage you to play around with some patterns you can also do a version where you turn it around and add a second row it's the same sort of circular brick stitch and it'll just sort of fit in between all of those little thread bridges you'll use that as the hoop so that is how easy this is it's really fun and it's a great way to embellish any type of a hoop like that there's a lot of things you can do you can make these into pendants you can do all kinds of different things i hope you enjoyed this video you can find all of these supplies and see even more tutorial videos by heading over to and if you're new here be sure to hit that subscribe button below to get all the latest from

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