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hi this is kat with beadaholique.com for a lot of other things which is why i brought out more than just the magnetic clasps so the symbols are these metal components here that you can see and you can use them either as pendants or I brought out one of each just to show you the different varieties and styles of these little endings here so you can see that some of them have four prongs some have two some have three there's a lot of different ways that you can use these you can use it to end a loom you can end peyote lots of different things so these also over here are kind of unique because they don't have loops on the end especially these ones but they do have those holes so you can actually use that to attach to something or you can use this as the bottom of one of your pieces so that's a really fun thing to try as well now the magnetic clasps are what I'm going to be working with here today so you can see that I've already attached one end I'm gonna show you how to attach the second end but what I really want to show you is just how these are really nicely designed they are definitely very strong magnetic clasps so when you pull them apart you can actually see that there's a little notch there for them to sit to so these are gonna be really nice and strong for your bead weaving which makes them a great things that they don't fall apart we don't want you to you know lose any jewelry or anything like that so it's a nice little reinforcement on some of these okay so let's get into exactly how to attach this so what I want to say is that this is done with Toho 8oc beads here and it is six beads across so these are a toe toe hoe seed beads six beads across and what I've done is I've created a little pattern where there's a little focal and then I've worked my way out so that I can tell exactly how long I want it to be so if you're not really sure of how long you want a pattern to be you can start in the center and work your way out I do that a lot when I'm really just deciding on what to create with my pattern okay so I have some extra seed beads here so I finished the pattern evenly on both sides and now I have these extras now the other thing I want to point out to you is make sure that when you're doing your magnetic clasp that when you bring it together so if it goes together this way but they're gonna fit so I have to make sure that I keep it facing this way not flipped over okay so I have my thread coming out of one side here now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna pick up that little metal on one side and just go through so that's gonna pull together and just sort of sit right there now before I weave into that next bead there is definitely room for me to add another bead so that's exactly what I'm gonna do so I'm gonna pick up one of my Tila beads I'm just simply continuing my pattern whatever your pattern may be and making sure to pull that so you don't want to pull out our bead weaving there we go so you can see that I've just added that one little bead there and now I can add this and now I go through that second bead there okay so I'm gonna do the same I'm gonna pick up another and just continue on in my pattern and this is all just having one side of that attached and pick up another ipswich should be a white bead for me here bring that through and this is just continuing that peyote stitch now I'm coming out that last little bead there so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go through kind of flip it around there go through that hole and come out to the side and now what I can do is I can go backwards and go down through that hole and weave back through so you just sort of attach it to the end just like so now because I said these are really strong magnetic clasps one thing I like to do is definitely go back through and reinforce all of that so you can just see that I'm leaning back through following that same pattern I'm gonna come up through and you will have these little thread bridges on the outside but that's okay you're not really gonna see them I'm using that nice still fireline and now I'm just kind of weaving in I'm gonna do this a couple of times so as I'm doing this I want to tell you about a couple of other things so you can see that my project here is about six beads wide however you can also make it wider and then you just sort of use these little end pieces as little kind of treat them as beads I have another video showing you how to attach these types like this type of ending to a peyote stitch so you can see that as well so it's a little bit different but if you just sort of follow along the beads will tell you where they want to be where they want to sit where it's comfortable for them but this is the easiest way that I've been able to find to do this type of technique and of course try not to get your needle in there so it gets all magnetized but what can you do alright so I'm gonna go down through one more bead there and very simply same as we always do I'm just gonna tie this off by going underneath and catching a little thread bridge make an I have to cheat this a little here we go and I did a good job my my bead weaving is nice and tight so going back down through coming back up on the other side pulling it through that loop to create a little knot in there there we go and now I'm just gonna weave through a couple of little beads and you can tie a couple knots whatever is comfortable for you come in with my little scissors snip that off and that is it that is how easy it is to do this type of bracelet and again you can see that it's nice and strong and you have a beautiful little clasp there in the back and you just finish it off using the same design that you were using so that's it that is how easy it is to use the symbol magnetic clasps with your bead weaving I hope you enjoyed this video you can get all of these supplies and see even more tutorial videos by heading over to beadaholique.com you

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jo b
So easy

Following your tutorial is so easy! I had been a little intimidated by those clasps, now I feel much more confident using those.

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Clear and simple explained

Very clearing and simple explained how to use

Karen H
very helpful

I love Kat's videos instruction is always clear and precise. Thank you for all you do to assist customers with these videos!

Now I know!

I’ve been wondering exactly how to use those Cymbal magnetic clasps. I plan to order lots!
Thank you Kat@ Beadaholique!

Melanie Goodwin
Very snazzy clasp!

Thanks for the video; I’ll have to check out more of your how-to library! I wasn’t familiar with this type of clasp so it was great to see it in action. Very clear instructions.