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you Hi, this is Kat with and you'll notice it has ID and that stands for inner diameter so we're going to be working with a 7/32 in eighteen gauge and we're also going to be working with another 18 gauge but it's 1160 force so these are the two sizes that I find are best for this project so let's begin you're going to need your two chain nose pliers I like to use the same pliers because all you're doing is opening and closing jump rings so it makes it a little bit easier to handle and as you can see I've already opened all of my jump rings with the exception of one because I need to start with a closed and then I've opened the other size as well but we will be using those just yet so to create the spiral that you see here we're going to start with one closed jump ring and onto this jump ring we're going to add one open jump ring and just go ahead and close that nice and tight and that's the thing about jami'a it can be a bit slippery so just try to hold tight especially when you're working with like an 18-gauge just don't get frustrated chainmail is definitely for the patient so now I have my two rings and I'm going to go ahead and set them down and kind of lock them together like that so you can see what we're going to end up doing is we're going to add jump rings and they're going to be in concentric circles like that so now I'm going to pick up my another open jump ring and I'm going to go take my little hook and go down through so I keep that spiral going you see how now it's on there nicely and now all I'm going to do is just adjust it in my pliers and I'm going to close this jump ring and again go ahead and set it down and just adjust your spiral so that it keeps spiraling and just repeat so I'm going to take one more and get in my pliers there I'm going to go down and catch all three and keep them in their spiral just like that and now again it's a lot of adjusting with your pliers but just remain patient so that one is closed so again I'm just going to put it down and make sure that it continues that spiral you can see how it's starting to develop now this is the fifth jump ring and now it starts to get a little tight in there so just help it out a little again move your pliers where they need to be close that jump ring again set it down so you can find the center and this is our final jump ring the sixth jump ring and I'm going to go down through the center one more time and this one's the hardest there we go so I picked up all six or all five this is the sixth one and now I'm just going to close this last one and again set it down so you see how that spiral is really nice like that it matches the one in my bracelet here so now as you can see on either side of your spiral you're going to add two jump rings and these jump rings are going to be our other size our smaller size so just bring them over okay now the first one is the trickiest is what you're going to need to do is again this is a smaller jump ring so you're going to go down through the center hook all of them and bring them up and hold and now you're just going to close this jump ring and now you don't want this one to fall into the center so what I recommend now is trying to hold your work just like so taking another jump ring this is why it's good to have them already previously opened and putting it through that center hole which it's going to be hard to see here but so I went through all the jump rings and it's around that center hole again see and now I'm just going to close that and there we go okay so now I have two jump rings to one side the easiest thing to do now to hold your work in place is we need to add two more jump rings to this side down here but I'm going to go ahead and add one of the jump rings on the top here and that way it'll hold these two guys in place one more of the smaller size that I'm adding to these two top ones there and then just to complete this I'm going to add this last one into these two rings one last time so now this is what I'm working with so I have my spiral my - and - and you're just going to continue in this pattern I'm going to go ahead and show you how to add on the other two to the end of the spiral so you can work in both directions so again if you're holding your work you're going to need to go down through the center of your spiral and come up making sure to catch all the Rings just kind of wiggle it around there so you can get a good grip and now close the jump ring and with this last one same thing and go through all the Rings just like that and close and you're just going to continue in the same pattern and the Rings that are the spirals are the only ones that are that size these are your bigger rings and then all of these little ones in between these are going to be your smaller rings and you can find the complete details on how to purchase all of this and get these items so that you'll make sure you have the right size if you want to do this particular project and you'll be able to find all of that at you

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