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Hi, this is Kat with pranks and i just sort of added a little magnetic clasp on there to make it nice and simple so today i'm going to be using the 4 millimeter size and i have the lavender and the seafoam here so i'm going to make a nice little pretty summery color and then i also have 2 pairs of chain nose pliers i will say this you will also need a magnetic clasp or a lobster clasp but and I'll show you just sort of how that looks at the very end but let's go ahead and get right into our 3 and 3 chain maille weave so you'll notice that I have a few open jump rings here that I've already pre open and a couple of closed ones just to get us started when you do get your chain mail rings they'll come slightly open like that so you'll need to either open them or close them for whatever chain really that you're doing but again these are both size 4 millimeter 18 gauge so to begin I'm going to go ahead and take one of my open green ones here I'm just going to refer to these as green and purple just to make it easy so I'm going to add on one purple and then 2 green and then I'm just going to close up that jump ring and now I'm just going to flip one of those over so that I start a nice little pattern there for myself and I'm just going to lay that down and then I'm going to take one of my purple jump rings here and what I'm going to do is I'm going to slip it through all three of the jump rings there so you you'll kind of get something like this to start and just close that up and you can just kind of let that fall I'm going to take another open purple jump ring and now because it's three and three and I have three on the top there and two on the bottom what I'm going to want to do is slip on that purple ring until you get that third ring on you won't really have much to go off of so now I'm just going to hold this with my pliers so you can kind of see so I have two purple rings on the outside and a green one on the inside and then my other unit has two green and one purple on there so you see how I'm sort of alter alternating the pattern so to continue actually then we kind of hold that so I'm just going to hold it with my fingers there and I'm going to reach down and pick up this green jump ring and slide it through all three of those top jump rings right there there we go so you see what we have so I have again the unit with the two green on the bottom and the unit with the two purple right there and then I'm connecting it with a green jump ring so I'm going to go ahead and close that up and just set that down for a moment let me pre-open some more jump rings here aside from the first unit you're going to want to go ahead and open several jump rings because that is what you're going to be using you won't need any more closed jump rings because you'll be attaching them all from here on out just do a couple more and open up a few purple ones should have done this before and you can definitely sort of prep all of your chainmail work by doing this but I'm just going to sort of do it quickly here and make sure that when you do close your jump rings that they have a nice flush look to them so I'm going to pick up my work again and now I'm going to take one of my open purple jump rings and slip it through that top unit all three rings and go ahead and close that up and now because I want to continue the same pattern here I'm going to add a green jump ring to the right side here so I'll let those two fall that way pick up a green jump ring and slip it through all three there close up that jumping and now as you can see our patterns start to develop we have the same color unit here and now I'm going to repeat the purple unit on my next one here so I'm going to go ahead and start by adding a purple closing it up add on a green and you'll figure out how you want to kind of work with the Rings I like to sort of always keep it in my pliers oops except for when I drop it okay it just oops any key little sucker all right so now I'm going to add that purple ring to the right side there so just make sure those fall to the left side slip my ring through and close it up so very easy it's a three in three chainmail and you can just keep going with the pattern you can alternate it you can keep it the same colors you can really just have a lot of fun with this to add that clasp at the very end what I like to do is just take the color of the inner ring here that you have that you want to end on so in this case it'll be the green and you just slip it on as though you were going to add any other class and just slip on your clasp and you'll just close up that jump ring and so then your class will be there so you can see what I what I mean here by using that color and then just adding one single jump ring and adding on your clasp so it makes it just a really easy way to finish it now this is a six inch bracelet here and this did use two full packs of each colors or not full packs you'll need to purchase two packs that's a common question that we get how many do you need so I recommend that if you do you can purchase two of the purple and two of the green or whichever color you choose and you'll have enough to probably make about an 8 inch bracelet but that will definitely you'll definitely need two to make a six inch bracelet so I hope you enjoyed this video this is a three and three chain maille and you can find all of these supplies and many more colors of the we've got male chainmail rings at you

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