How to Create a Single Crystal Spiral in Kumihimo

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Designer: Kat Silvia
Skill Level: Intermediate

In this video you will see how to set up your Kumihimo disc so that you will get a dancing spiral of crystals in your braid. You will also learn some helpful tips for sizing your bracelet.

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hi this is kat with and in this video i'm going to be talking about how to create a single crystal spiral in kumihimo now i have a finished example here and you can see that it just kind of looks like these little shimmery diamonds which is just so beautiful and lovely so i have started another piece here but there's a couple differences and i want to talk to you about how that is set up now you can see that because i've put my piece down i have my three up and my one down as you know i always tell you to do but what's really nice is that again you can just sort of see they just sparkle really beautifully and they just kind of spiral around so the basic thing here that i want to show you is that because i've started it i'm going to kind of lift mine off the table just a little bit so i can get some of that tension what i want to say here is i'm going to go ahead and release this one and you're going to see that little bicone drop down to the center there let me just sort of re-center mine now that i picked it up there we go so it's going to drop down to the center now this is where you got to really just make sure that it is tucked nice and underneath and it's not coming over this strand here the between the 32 and the 31 when you bring that down to your corner here and then you can just rotate and continue to add your beads so you do have to be a little careful and you'll notice that let me just make sure that i have mine set there there we go you'll notice that on my piece here at the bottom you can see that it's much tighter where i just started my spiral and then you can see those beads sort of separate just a little bit but i'm using some pink thread to kind of get around that you know so you'll notice that your tension will open up a little bit to accommodate these um five millimeter crystal bicones so that is just something to keep in mind don't freak out it just happens but try to keep your tension as good as you can now the other thing that i want to point out here and let me come to the other end here i'm just going to sort of flip that over so you can see so the other difference is that on this one i'm using 32 crystals on one strand so when you set up your kumihimo you're only going to do it on one strand i'll talk about that here in just a moment but as you're setting yours up what i wanted to do is i wanted to leave a little bit of space before i started to add that first crystal so this is where my first crystal comes into play and i wanted to show you along a ruler so that it could be really easy for you and i hope this helps you guys size a little bit so you can see that it is just over about a half an inch there before that first crystal comes into play so that's that and i'll show you kind of on centimeters too so it's about one and a half centimeters before that first crystal comes in so if you can just see that so on this one i added four beads in the beginning and four beads on the end and this is where i suggest you sort of adjust your sizing now to adjust that sizing let me just lay that down there fully in camera so you can see n10 now without the clasp so i'm lining it up here without the clasp it's gonna give me about a seven inch bracelet there so when i add the clasp it's going to be closer to 8 inches but if you remember every time i talk about kumihimo and the sizing that inner diameter especially because we have these crystals popping in on us that inner diameter is going to be closer to seven inches or so so i hope that helps a little bit with sizing so on this one what i did is so we have our first crystal and it's much closer to the end there and this is where i only added two beads to start so this is how small it is when you're adding two beads extra to each strand so again you're looking at a little bit closer to like three quarters of an inch there actually i'm sorry let's look here i was like the centimeters might be better on this one so yeah so it's about one centimeter so it's very very minimal now the other thing you could do as well is if you get to a point where you're running out of crystals you can see i still have a whole bunch here let's say you get down to about this point and you're like oh you know what that seems like a little bit too much you can absolutely just eliminate some crystals and put back on these two little seed beads and that can help you with some sizing as well so when you're looking you know roughly again um from crystal to crystal here you're looking at about just under six inches really so you can just sort of see just under six inches so that's the that should be about the length of your crystal now with kumihimo again you can kind of stretch it and you know your tension can have a little bit of a factor to do with that that's why i say to sort of adjust as you go if you're unsure once you've made one you can make a whole bunch and then you'll know but that's what i'm trying to do here for you is i'm trying to make a couple different styles but when you set up your kumihimo let me go ahead and kind of put my cords out to the side here again you can see that i only have one that has the strands of crystals and that will give you this particular little sort of um every other spiral you can do it where you have an entire spiral you can do different colors it's entirely up to you we have lots of different options for you but this one in particular when i started out this is the strand that was between my 31 and 32 so when you set up your disc you're going to have your strands on either side of each of the dots and this strand started over here and now when you do your little piece here when you do it without the beads just make sure that you get all the way back and you set that up again so that you know as you're doing your weaving that's why my piece here is a little bit extra long you'll see because i wanted to when i started to add the beads i wanted that to be right back up here in some of our other videos and then some of our kits in fact i will you'll actually see me label my bobbins one two three four five six seven eight if that helps you feel free to do so that way you can sort of adjust that as you go but that is just a couple of little tips to get this style of kumihimo i hope this actually helps you guys with your sizing i know that is probably you know really when you're starting out that's the most frustrating thing is to know exactly how things are going to be sized but i wanted to try to give you a guide show you two different examples and two different colors as well so i have that beautiful navy blue one and then this pink and silver one so head on over to and you'll see the full tutorials here on how to do this kumihimo so you'll be able to find even more tutorials and videos by heading over to and if you're new to our youtube channel be sure to hit that subscribe button below to get all the latest from

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