How to Condition Thread for Beadweaving

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Designer: Andrea Morici
Learn how to condition your beading thread for bead weaving using beeswax or Thread Heaven. This technique will strengthen and condition the thread, preventing fraying and making beading easier. It will also reduce tangling and knotting and is easy to do!
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Hi. This is Andrea from and in this video I'm going to teach you how to properly condition your thread for bead weaving. Now some threads such as fireline or wildfire don't need to be conditioned because they were really have virtually no stretched to them like nylon thread does. So when your using a traditional nylon thread such as ko or nymo it's going to have some stretched to it. It's going to have a tendency to fray if you're working with it for too long. To remedy that what you're going to do is you're going to use a thread conditioner. There's several different types of conditioners. There are three that I have right here. Two of them are beeswax and one of them comes in this adorable little chunk of beeswax and it even has it stamped across. It smells really nice too. It smells like honey. This is beeswax is well it just comes in a holder, a dispenser that you can easily conditioner your thread with. This stuff is called thread heaven. This is a very handy little applicator box. It comes with one side hinged with tape so you don't break that tape you just open it like this. I'm going to show you how to use this today. So I have some Nymo D thread and right off the bat when you take it off the spool it's a little bit curly and we want to get rid of that. So I'm going to gently tug on it and give it a little stretch to get some of those kinks out. As you can see it's already getting a little bit more straight and then if I really want to make sure that my thread is not going to get tangled and not going to fray I'm going to condition it by doing this. I'm just going to open my thread heaven conditioner. I'm going to placed the thread onto the conditioner part. Going to just put my thumb on there. Going to pull my thread through. I'm going to do this a couple times. Then I'm going to kind of smoooth it down with my thumb and and finger make sure the conditioner makes it into the fibers of the thread. Give it some more tugs. You're going to use the beeswax in the same application as the thread heaven. It's just a little different of a product. I love them all and they all really work well to help condition and protective your thread. Now you're all set to begin your bead weaving. Go to for all of your beading supplies needs!

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