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Hi this is Andrea at and in this video I'm going to show you one way that you can add a clasp to a tubular stitch. I'm going to demonstrate using just a little sample that I've done of tubular peyote which we have a video on. What you're going to need is a length of beading wire. I have some soft touch in the medium weight. You are going to need as far as tools go you're going to need flush cutters and a pair of crimping pliers. You're going to need two crimp tubes, a one and a half millimeters gold-plated. We've got a gold plated closed jump ring. I believe that is six millimeter. I've got a gold plated lobster clasp and I have two czech fire polish six millimeters beads for the ends. You can use whatever you'd like for this. You can use Swarovski. You name it you can use it. So first this is not the best demo tube because I really have some strong tension going on here so I can't actually join the two ends but I will use it to show you how you can finish it. I'm just gonna finish off my tube completely by tying off. I'm just going to make an overhand knot then I'm going to simply weave in the remainder of my thread. You don't want to pull tighter then the tension that you had going on when you were weaving the tube or else you're going to get kind of a strange lumpy crooked line running through. You don't want that. So for demo purposes I'm just going to go ahead and run it through just several beads. You can continue if you'd like tying more knots and weaving in further and then I've got my Thread Zap II. You could use a pair of scissors to trim off the access. I'm going to go ahead and do that's the opposite end as well. Now I just have my tube and I'm ready to finish it off here. So what I'm gonna do I'm going to take my piece of wire and I have it cut just about six inches longer than the actual tube. I'm going to thread it through all the way through. So now my tube is threaded onto my wire. You can close the other end off. I've just got this here at hand but i would normally use a bead stopper. So what I'm going to add to this end here is my six millimeter czech fire polish bead. I'm going to make sure that it's kind of sitting down in the tube nice and snug. I'm going to thread on one crimp tube and going to also thread on the loop of my lobster clasp. I'm going to go back through my crimp tube just like you would in a normal strung necklace or bracelet. I'm going to leave that tail because it's going to be completely covered up. I'm just inserted into the tube. I'm going to crimp it and that's one end. I remove my clamp from the other end. Do the same thing. Going to thread on six millimeter czech fire polish a crimp tube and this time going to thread on my closed jump ring back through the crimp tube back through the czech fire polish bead. I want to pull this nice and tight. I'm going to crimp it. Trim off my access wire there. There you have it. That's one way that you can finish off a tubular stitch. There are different ways that you can do this also. One other kind of easy way to do it is do the exact same thing with a bead maybe not such a nice bead at the end and just something that kind of fills up the end space and makes a nice rounded off end and then you can put a bead cap over that or a bead cone and that has a really nice tapered finished appearance as well. Go to for all of your beading supplies needs!

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