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Hi, this is Kat with in and this is a really simple technique and I have three of the pearl patinas out here I have the seashell pearl I have the ocean pearl and today I'm gonna be using the seafoam pearl so as I pour it out in just a moment you'll see that there's a little bit of that pearl essence to it you're gonna get that nice little sparkle and it's just perfect to make these little hair pins now I'm gonna be using the vintaj relief block and we're gonna talk about that in just a little bit and then I have my beautiful filigree hair pins with my Swarovski crystal butterflies and then the only ingredients that you're gonna need is you're gonna need a paintbrush toothpicks and some e6000 all right so let's go ahead and get started now the first thing I want to try to talk to you about here is that I'm going to be using the filigree hairpin now as you can see there's no backing to it so you have to be careful when you're putting your patina on there not to let it seep through so we're gonna do a little build up technique so let me start by kind of shaking out my patina and we're gonna use the sea foam pearl and now I'm just gonna add a little bit to my surface here and you can kind of see that that has that nice little pearl to it alright so what I'm gonna do is just very carefully I'm just gonna take my little paintbrush here and I'm just gonna kind of make sure to just dab it on just a little bit making sure that it doesn't get too saturated and the nice thing about the patina is that it dries really quickly so you can just keep building on that color and as we build here if you get too much you can just take a little paper towel and just kind of wipe it away all right so we're just gonna do a little bit more here I'm just kind of working my way around this like I say that it does dry pretty fast while I'm doing this I just want to point out to you that you saw that I had four hair pins and four butterflies when you purchase the full project bundle you'll be actually be able to make four of these so you can actually make a set of two or two sets of two and you can make a set of four if you like so this is a really great little project all right yeah I'm just gonna kind of keep building up that color just a little bit more especially towards the center there now our butterfly is gonna sit in the center so you don't want to overshadow that too much but I just really want to get some of that color there we go yeah I'm just building it up you can say I'm mostly dabbing but sometimes I'll sort of take my paintbrush and just sort of wipe it on the edges there just to give it a little little extra color and this is a really simple fun technique and this will work with any of the vintaj patinas I just wanted to kind of showcase those beautiful pearl colors that we have but you can do this with a lot of different colors all right all right so now I've fully coated mine and all I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna kind of set that aside and I just want to show you on the other one that you'll notice that there's a little bit of gold coming through there and the way we achieve that is by using the vintaj relief block so you want to let this sit for just a minute or two and then we're going to come back and use the vintaj relief block to sort of bring out that nice brass so go ahead and let that dry for just a moment or two and then we'll be right back okay so now we're ready to use our vintaj relief block so I'm just going to hold the hairpin here and very gently I'm going to use this side here and I'm just going to kind of brush it over the top there and you can see especially towards the edges there you're gonna start to see those little metal components kind of come through so you can kind of work it on the edge just to get that to sort of shine through even go on the sides here and all this is doing is that sort of buffing off a little bit of our patina as well as a little bit of the metal to allow it to shine through here we go so now you can see that it has that nice sort of little gold glint to it and that's just that natural brass kind of being worn away showing that shiny brass underneath alright so the last part here is we're gonna add our little crystal so to do that I'm gonna be using some e6000 here and I have my little post-it notes here I'm actually gonna take off a couple and then I'm gonna slip my hairpin onto it just like so so that I have a nice little sort of level surface for it to dry because you can see that if you had it like this your butterfly might sort of tip off and slide off as he dries so we don't want to do that alright so let's put a little bit of e6000 onto our paper here close that part glue and now I'm just gonna take a little toothpick get a little bit of that glue you don't need too much and I'm gonna add it to the center here and you'll notice the center of our filigree piece doesn't have too much filigree so this is where this is perfect now if you didn't want a butterfly you could use a crystal round or we also have other shapes as well alright so I got enough glue there so now I'm just gonna take my little butterfly here and I'm gonna place him down into the center and make sure he is nice and square to the top there we go I'm just gonna head chest there we go alright so now that is perfect and that needs to dry for I would say at least 24 hours before you wear it but one other little design tip I want to give you that the butterfly does have a sort of up and down you can see that the wings on the top are larger than the wings on the bottom so if you did want to make all four what you could do is place the butterfly like this on two of them and then on the other ones here kind of flip it around so that your butterfly faced the opposite way so entirely up to you you could do whichever you like but that just shows you a couple of different options to make this style of project so that is a really quick and easy way how to use the pearl vintaj patinas and you can find even more colors of the patinas by going to you

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