How to Make the Alejandra Necklace with Chain Fringe

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video learn how to make the Alejandra necklace. This necklace features Nunn Design chain and pendant. The pendant has been wire wrapped with Miyuki delica seed beads and then in the center of the pendant, chain and seed bead fringe has been created.
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Hi, this is Julie with and and some wire wrapping and this is all done around a nun design form and then we just created the chain part of the necklace and finished it off with a magnetic clasp and this is lightweight enough that you could do a magnetic clasp on it so we're gonna do it in gold for the video here so we have our gold chain I have two feet now that's gonna make about a 17 inch long necklace if you want it longer just add an extra foot of chain or two feet however long you want it we're gonna use some 24 gauge artistic wire now you can also do a 22 gauge as well it's just your preference then we've got a head pin excuse me we have an eye pin sometimes I get those confused I don't know if you do too and then we've got jump rings these are four millimeter 22 gauge and then we've got a little magnetic clasp we're gonna use this gold Nunn design open frame pendant and you see it's got these two little holes up at the top and it comes to this really pretty little tapered point and then we're gonna be using a mix of my yuki delica size 10 OCD and I pulled a couple of them because they do come in a wide variety of mixes and they're just really really pretty and actually I can't decide which one I want to use let me see I love this one here these kind of springy pastel colors but I also really like this purple mix too if I can get it open oh yeah I think I'll do the purple and the gold for this one but you can see you do have a nice selection as fun because you get different colors all in one tube so you're not having to buy individual tubes of seed beads which is really cool for the tools you're going to need a couple pairs of chain nose pliers to open and close those jump rings a wire looping or round nose plier to create a loop to finish off this little top part that I'm going to show you and a pair of cutters so those are your tools you'll also need a ruler as well let's go ahead and begin by doing some wire wrapping so this is going to be step of this process there's a couple steps but it's really fun let me get put these little beads away just so they don't get mixed up with my other ones all right okay so we've got our artistic wire here and this is really nice and soft it's a very soft wire easy to work with and I'm gonna cut off Oh 15 inches or so you don't need a huge amount and I'm gonna start let me just get rid of that little kinky tail there we're gonna start by wire wrapping some of these seed beads onto the form to do that we want to place about an inch of the wire going extending outward from the form and we're gonna hold on to that and what's great about these open frame forms by Nunn design is it makes wire wrapping so much easier I'm going to show you why you can actually just loop that wire through around through and around instead of having to actually feed the tail through a solid circle or a solid form so let's begin by just making a few nice tight wraps around that outer edge you can do three you can do five just make sure it's really well anchored and we're going to keep this tail a little bit longer just so we have something to grip on to at the very end we'll trim it and tuck it in so it doesn't have a little sharp edge to it so we're ready to add our first bead and we are just going to randomly pick up a color I'm our mix so we use the end of the wire as a needle slide that little guy down and have him rest up against the edge there and then do a wrap around now at this stage you can either do another wrap or just add another bead and if you look at the example right here I just kept wrapping so totally up to you if you want to do extra wraps or if you just want to add beads I'll follow the sample I did for the other one so that they're the same so just what you're doing is you're really holding those beads in place along the outer edge as you go around your form and if you do your wraps tight enough they'll stay secure like that it almost feels like sewing and a little bit I feel like I'm whip stitching this together and adding my little beads and I do like that I can just put my wire and through this middle section that really does save me a lot of effort this is what we've got going so far so we're just adding those little beads it's a nice little decorative edge and then when we get down to this little pointed tip we're just going to keep on going we're not going to change our method at all Hey so here we go we're now working our way up try to keep the spacing as best as you can so the sides match I do notice that these get a little bit more spaced out on this way just because we're winding up versus winding down but it looks pretty similar okay and start to see when you get about to the same length as the first side because we're gonna need to wrap it up so that it matches so I think we're pretty close you guys to count the beads if you want but like I said the spacing over here is a little bit wider so I really just want to go visually what looks right and I'm gonna say that looks right to me so now I'm gonna go ahead and make the same number of wraps on this side as on the other side so I had five on that first side sontee five here then around to the back make sure both your tails are in the back and then we're just going to trim them and what I like to do too is I like to take my chain nose and just push down that wire edge to make sure it's not poking up okay so we've done our wire wrapping so that is the base of our form and now we're ready to create our fringe to create our chain fit fringe we are gonna cut seven lengths of chain that are 1/8 one inch long each that's a mouthful so here we go so what you can do a quick and easy tip for this is cut your first length take a head pin or an eye pin place it through so I got two of them the end chain link and then you don't need your ruler anymore you can just go ahead place it into the end chain link on the next length and line them up and then cut them to match so we're just seeing where the ends are okay we're gonna do that for seven of them total be a little bit quicker and easier when you have to make multiple chain links that are the same so we need two more so I've got four on there two already there and one more okay there's our little chain links and what I wanted to do for this particular project is I want to add a little jump ring with a little seed bead on the end of each one of them so I'm going to do that first so I'll need seven jump rings and seven seed beads and this is super easy to do we're just going to open up a jump ring I actually don't like that particular jump ring so I'm going to grab another one open it up slide on a seed bead right onto the jump ring itself slide it on to the end chain link make sure it's closed well and repeat that with your other links I try to get different colored seed beads on there if you can okay we've got our links now we're ready to create the fringe so we're gonna take our eye pin feed it through one hole and now we're gonna just pick up the end chain links so we're just going to string these all on to this piece of wire via their end links and I'm actually really surprised at how different this design looks in the gold it's funny how just changing the metal color can really change the overall feel of the design now I'm gonna make this into a necklace here in just one moment but you could also make this into a pair of earrings which I think would be really pretty too okay so carefully pull back that wire and put it through the other hole so there we've got our fringe and now we're gonna take our wire looping plier we're gonna grab it right where it exits pull I'm going to loop it around get the fringe out of the way make us a Criss crosses and then we're gonna trim off our excess there we go and then we're gonna open well now we need to cut our links for our necklace there we've got that focal piece now I'm just gonna divide this in half really easily what was left we started with the two feet we used seven inches so two feet is 24 inches we - seven inches for our fringe which if my math is right leaves us with 17 inches which is great for our necklace length now we can do one of two things we can go ahead and connect this chain to these little loops directly using them as jump rings or we can just add extra jump rings so I think I'm actually just gonna add extra jump rings right now that seems a little bit easier to me so let's go ahead open the jump ring put it on to your end chain link close it on up so we loop linked it to one of those little loops that we had and we're going to do the same on the other side lose it on it we're almost done with this complete project okay so here's what we've got that little fringe and now we just have to add our little magnetic clasp separate out your magnetic clasp we're gonna add a jump ring to the end chain link up here and one half of the magnetic clasp it's magnetic it's a very strong magnet and normally I wouldn't use a magnetic clasp as small as this for a necklace but these are very strong and this is a very lightweight necklace so I really think you can very safely get away with it it's not going to just pull off due to weight and it's gonna be really comfortable to wear and easy to put on so that's the advantage of it these are really powerful little magnets okay we are done yes clasp our clasp and we have created a really pretty little focal using chain to create fringe and a little bit of wire wrapping you can see I have it in the two different colors here and it looks like my other fringe might have been just a little bit longer so you can see that so you can really choose what length you want for your fringe and that is complete so I hope you enjoyed this pretty quick and easy tutorial it was a little bit more work than some of the ones we do but all the techniques were very simple and it creates a really pretty design that you can see you can do a lot of different colorways if you liked this video 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