How to Coil Seed Beads Around a Wire Frame and Make a Statement Earring

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Designer: Rachel Zaimont
In this video you'll learn a wire wrapping technique for coiling seed beads around a structural wire frame. You'll also see how to use this technique with Nunn Design wire frame findings to create a pair of dangling statement earrings.
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hi this is rachel with beadaholique I'm going to show you how to coil seed beads around a wire frame and make a statement earring long dangling statement earrings are a great way to frame your face and add some color and texture and a little bit of sparkle to your appearance so I designed this earring I called the siren song earring and it's on the subtler end of the statement earring scale but it's a simple teardrop wire frame and it features just some seed beads coiled around the frame using a wire wrapping technique and as you can see it has a mixed metal tone so it's got silver and rose gold and it's just simple and alluring and still makes statement so I'm going to show you how to make this earring you will need a pair of Nunn design teardrop wire frames and silver I already made the first earring so I just have the second wire frame here you'll need some Toho seed beads in rose gold you'll need some 26 gauge artistic wire and silver you will need a Nunn design leverback earring finding and for tools you'll need some nylon jaw pliers to straighten your wire some flush cutters and some flat nose pliers so let's get started the first I'm going to do is cut about one foot of this 26 gauge wire and before I even take it from the spool I'm just going to use these pliers to gently straighten the wire it's better to work with wire that isn't all coiled up when you first start your project that's a little bit better so I'll just cut about a foot of wire and now I'm going to take my teardrop frame and I'm going to start by making a couple of anchoring wraps on one side of the frame so I'm just going to do three tight wire wraps and you can start this anywhere on the frame it's going to slide around and you can position it exactly where you want it later on I'm just going to grab my flat nose pliers and continue making these anchoring wraps and get them nice and snug together and I'll do one more wrap I'm just going to cut off my extra wire with flush cutters and I just want to clean up those coils just a little bit get them nice and close together so now I'm going to start adding seed beads to the wire and I'm going to start with about five seed beads and these CDs are size 15 oh and they will slide very easily onto your 26 gauge wire so I'm just going to slide these seed beads down and I'm going to start wrapping them onto this Nunn design wireframe so I'm just going to sort of use my fingers to form that wire around the frame and you can use your flat nose pliers to kind of help you just form that wire coil and actually a good thing to do is just hold those anchoring wraps in place while you coil that wire and you want to use your fingers to kind of scoot those seed beads up on your wire so that they really stick together densely and hug that wire frame that you're working with so I'm going to go ahead and add five more seed beads and again I'm going to slide them down and do the same thing just sort of use my fingers to coil them around the wire frame I'm just going to keep going you can start adding more seed beads if you want I found it easier personally to start with five seed beads at a time but if you want to keep going you can add as many as you like and just slide them down and wrap and coil so make sure to get your coils nice and tight against one another and scoot those beats back so that they sit together nicely and you don't see very much of the frame between them so just keep going I'm going to keep coiling until I cover the bottom curve of this teardrop shape and then I will come back and show you how to finish off this piece so I'm almost done coiling my seed beads onto the form I just have a couple more reps to do and one more note I wanted to let you know is when you're wrapping on a rounded form like this to your drop try to angle your wrap so that they follow the curve of the frame that you're wrapping onto so over here in the middle it's a little bit tighter in the center of the curve a little bit looser on the outer end of the curve because I just wanted to follow that curve and make sure that my wraps were even so I think this is good just going to do one more beer app there and really just really scoop those beats back so they're nice and dense sitting nicely together and now we have a little bit of wire left and I'm going to do what I did in the very beginning of this piece and just make three coils without beads to anchor this wire on the other side of the frame so take my flat nose pliers and just do three tight wraps and this will help you hold your beaded section in place on that wireframe all right now put the piece over and I'll cut off my wire tail and I'll just use flat nose pliers to very gently just tough that little wire end against the frame I'll do the same thing at the beginning all right so that completes the beaded portion of your earring so the next thing we're going to do is add an earring hook so I have my Weber Bass earring finding I'm just going to take pliers and twist open that hook at the bottom and I'm going to slide on the loop at the top of the wire frame and just twist that loop close on the earring finding and now this is attached so there you go that's how to make the siren song earrings featuring coiled seed beads on a nun design wire frame you can find all of these supplies at thanks so much for watching you

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