How to Make the Little Night Owl Earrings

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video learn how to make a darling pair of earrings featuring a little Czech Glass owl bead dangling from a Nunn Design ring. In this design, the ring represents the moon as the little owl sits below it.
Audio Transcript
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hi this is Jules beadaholique and in this video I'm going to teach you how to make this really fun earring featuring a Czech glass al bead and a Nunn design ring so the alby's is really going to be the focal point and it comes in several different colors as you can see here's a full strand I really want to show you the detail if we can pick that up and it looks great on both sides which is really ideal when you're making an earring you want your beads to look good from all angles if they twist around on your ear now for this particular project I've already made the first earring so imagine you need double all the ingredients that I have laid out here but you're going to need two al beads two of these Nunn design hammered rings this is a size seven they do come in other sizes you can get slightly larger or smaller one head pin an unfinished ear wire so you see there's not a loop on there yet and then I'm using a little frosted crystal iridescent light blue pearl and four millimeter pretty simple tools that you're going to need as well I have a pair of wire looping pliers you could also do this project with a pair of round nose pliers a pair of chain nose and a cutter so first off let's take our little al bead now he measures fifteen millimeters long by seven wide you can see he just sits really nicely on the base of that head pin we're going to take our wire looping pliers and right above the bead we're just going to squeeze then rotate the pliers to the top and pull that wire all the way around so you make a nice loop just going to go in with our cutters and snip it right where it Criss crosses so now we're going to take that loop we're going to open it up just like a jump ring look on our ring and close it on up and you want to make sure it's a nice close so now if you just hang up on there now to finish our ear wire and I love unfinished ear wires it really makes it they can customize them to match your design so there we've got that pearl on the ear wire what I like to do to finish them is I like to grip the very tip of it between my plier noses and bend rotate my pliers keep rotating then after I've made my loop I like to take them and bend them back just a little bit just so that loop is more centered on the ear wire okay so there we finished our earring I'm going to open that loop up again then we're going to slip it on to the top part of our ring and because our owl looks great from all directions we don't have to worry about the orientation of the earring hook so close it back up and we have our matched earring and it was really quick it was really easy and I think pretty cute and fun you can find these Czech glass al beads the Nunn design rings the earring wires all of the different tools we've seen here and many more jewelry making supplies at

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