Beadaholique Live Class: Making Jewelry with the Vintaj Sizzix BIGkick

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In this Beadaholique Live Event Event, join designers Kat Silvia and Alexandra Smith to learn all about the Vintaj Sizzix BIGkick Machine. This versatile machine can help you create personalized jewelry and crafts. Watch as Kat and Alexandra design unique stampings and add Vintaj Patina to their mixed media designs.
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hi everyone it is Kat and Alexandra and we are back for our next Facebook live class if you've joined us before please welcome back if you're new welcome so as you know we are doing it the Civic's big kick today so we are talking all vintage stuff and all the really cool jewelry components mixed-media everything that you can make with this machine so we are excited to kind of dive right in but if you've joined us before we you know that we do a giveaway so I want to dive in and show you the giveaway now to win the giveaway all you have to do is tune in live with us right now and leave a comment let us know where you're tuning in from if you have a question or if you want to let us know your favorite vintage product or blank or color of patina that's fun too so don't worry about commenting we're not judging your comments so here is our giveaway and what you're going to receive is the vintaj relief block and we're going to go over exactly all the fun ways that you can use that you're going to get a technique jewelry book from vintage and then we have a few pieces of chain here we have a nice finished bracelet which is a perfect idea for doing a charm chain and you can do really fun charms with big big kick we're going to give you a few blanks to play with some earring hooks and these are the vintage vogue blanks and these are that really pretty raw brass and we're also going to be giving you some patina to play with as well so this is a $50 giveaway and it will go to a random winner at the end of the show and we are just so excited to dive right in so let's get to it right alright so if you've kind of been following our blog you notice that we put up some projects and some ideas and there of course on for you to see but what we're going to be doing in this class is we're actually going to be recreating some of the projects so I want to show you the project that I'm going to be recreating here and this is called if you're looking on this is called the headliner wrap bracelet so I use a little bit of leather kind of wove it through some chain created some fun and funky gemstones and then I have a little guitar pick blank here and then I wanted to put my name on it and my little stamp on it so I put my ka T on there so that is what I'm going to be showing you right off the bat here we're just going to dive in and I'm going to recreate this piece I'm going to try to use some different colors of the patina but as you can see I used a really beautiful blue and vert agree there so I have my other piece ready to go and I've made a black version with some fun rainbow hematite I just wanted to kind of make a little a little more of a funky rock and roll style so let's go ahead and show you how to use the Sizzix big kick and I'm going to use my guitar blank so when you have your Sizzix here I'm going to be using one of the emboss dies now these look like little clam shells and what you can kind of see here is that on one side it's raised and on the other side it is embedded so when you close your blank in there it's going to kind of smush and you're going to create create that beautiful embossing on it so let me just go ahead and dive in and show you exactly how to use it ok so when you're using the physics I'm going to kind of stand up here because you want to get a little bit of leverage on here now the beautiful thing about this machine is as you notice on our shim here it keeps the instructions there so in case you ever forget you can just always refer back to this and it's a great way to just kind of remember and be really clear about how you're going to use your Civics so you kind of want to get it a little bit into your machine there and then you'll notice on the back of the die it does say place this side down so that is exactly what we're going to do but you want to make sure that this seam is facing the Sizzix so it's going right directly into the Sizzix that way so what I'm going to do is I'm going to place this side down and face it this way so that I'm going to close it just like so now you want to place one of your plastic pieces here and these are going to help feed it through the machine so now you can just place your die on top of that and now take your blank and you can kind of move it around and see kind of style you want and I think I'm going to go kind of right in the center of this beautiful it's called an Indian archway so I like that one okay so now I'm just going to close up my physics and you want to make sure that the back is parallel to your machine because you want it to feed through nice and easily so I'm taking my second plastic piece placing it on top and just kind of feeding it through there with my hands making sure to make sure that everything is nice and even and now just gently kind of feeding it through with my hand until I feel a little resistance you don't want to push it too far and then what you're going to do is you're just going to crank your Sizzix and I like to keep my hand on top and you'll hear it kind of snap there we go and just wheel it out so it takes a little bit of strength that's certainly not a lot so now I'm just going to take off my first piece of plastic and let's check out how it turned out and open that up and I have that beautiful stamping right on my guitar pick you just kind of take it out and I just want to kind of show you this is the raw form very cool huh all right so now I am going to remove my die you know comes right back over here and I'm going to go ahead and get that set up because Alexandra is going to start one of her projects but before we move on to what Alexandra is going to show you I do want to use the vintaj relief block a little bit and I'm going to show you what happens with one of the dies here and this is done for this particular one before the patina you can do it after the patina but I'm going to show you what it looks like before so I'm going to use the gray edge here and I'm just going to kind of brush it across the top and you can see the fat brass is coming through and you get that really nice relief effect so let me kind of show you the other side you'll get to see a little bit more of how that effects it so that is the darker side the unreleased block side and the is the release block I'm going to do it to both sides but I'm going to toss it over to Alexander here and she is going to run first crew and you'll get to see what she is starting to work on Alexander Selene all right so for my project I'm going to recreate these tropics fern earrings in a different color variation I used to really neat jade and coral for this one but for a variety I'm going to do some of this yellow okra and then a gradation of purples and I'm going to use the Dragonfly pond embossing folder for this one the die-cut okay all right so just like Kat did I'm going to load my guy here with my natural brass stamping blank and I'm going to set it on to one of the sides where I want my design sort of to look Pedley so I've got that one on there it's all in fold that down get the other one on top and I've got the binder side toward seat insert press it too so I get that register from the stand up to for leverage go ahead and crank it through we heard that pop feminists push it out and see what we got perfect right so one side and the other and then let me do one more I'm gonna make my matching earring bring everything back to this I was really excited to learn how to use this machine I think taking some of the mystery out of how these pieces are created does not take away the magic it's just so neat to be able to create really professional-looking antique beautiful nature inspired jewelry kind of my favorite to bring my pieces back over to my workspace and start right in with the patina and I'm going to start with my fern and create a yellow on there some of my patina I like to get a nice thick rich base on and patina is really a great product that you can use it because you can really build the color so if you just add it slowly you can get you know as bright as you want and brush them off so I just love how it has also you know because you're using it on a piece of brass that don't you know has a dark backing but you're really seeing that yellow pop that's just really pretty and I love what you said about the nature inspired jewelry that's that definitely speaks to VIN Tosh's brands I have some gia beautiful pieces all right pick up that on and let those get a little bit tacky and it's my brush and do the purple I've got three different colors here I'm going to play with I've got chalcedony write this off extra yellow into a little bit more rinse and then I have a full-length door just working on wax paper paper towel or a plastic baggie works too but this is permanent paint so I've learned the hard way that if it gets on the table it kind of stays there and unfortunately or fortunately it dries very quickly it's like they're going to grab my toothpick to kind of hold my piece in place while I'm painting the paint on then we started to top where the whole of the earring is and just get some of the lighter color and have it get darker as I go down again a list I like to get kind of a thick coat on there little root dad thank you mm-hmm and my next darker B and you can even mix a lot of the colors before you even put them on so if you're looking for a color that Santosh doesn't have but we certainly do have out there I mean they come in so many colors but if you want to kind of lighten something up you can add white to a color and the same with you want to darken it you can add black or even a nice silver to it to give it a little bit of a shimmer so a lot you can do with paint mixing on the vintage patina and we do actually have a whole video showing you exactly how to do that and how easy it is all right I'm going to let Alexandra finish that up and I'm just going to kind of talk here so let me just go through and explain the next step of our process here we have a question oh hi Shari um the question is whether or not leather will work through here so what we've discovered thus far is that we have a product that we carry at Vida Holly called create recklessly and SSO vegan leather and because of the nature of that particular item it does not work but we are waiting on some leather because we want to do find out if that works if you can create that cool kind of embossed leather I don't know if this is the right machine for that but as soon as we get that in that will definitely be a video that we're going to look into because I'm very curious myself so good question music alright so I'm going to do my letters here and run those through of the physics just to get that going and I have three little stampings here and this is really great because on this particular die you will have all of your letters here and they are nice and equally spaced enough but when you've placed your little blank on there you will only get that letter so these are the perfect size so I'm going to just do my name again so I'm going to do a K and a and a T so let me just prep my physics and this is really easy if you guys have a physics machine and you've been working with this let us know and let us know how you like it I think this is just a really cool machine I'm finding more and more uses for it not even just in jewelry but in scrapbooking and I've made a couple of little name plates with these because you can get all kinds of blanks and you know just really have a lot of fun with that alright so the number of pieces you can make with this too I mean it's literally as a machine yeah keep going and going all right yeah there's Mike a perfect all right I'm gonna take that out and let's check back in with Alexandra I'm going to do my a and Mike T and then I will be right so what I've done is used to paper towel to blot my stamping blanks over here and I'm going to do that also with the fern pieces just to get the extra off and that way when I use this relief block it won't kind of dunk up this standing side it is pretty quick drawing I would just take at within about five minutes oh yeah minutes okay all right Emily is that really off it is also there you go you take the relief block it's side edge of it and kind of get back some of the shine of pen metal see it brings out get embossed petal effects you fold them up side by side you can idea I'm going to go do the same to the others and it's a sign that you do more as a sanding than you had anticipated you can always reapply the patina pretty forgiving that way see with those I'm going to take and work a little on the yellow and see what we get here swing back from that brass needs it just really likes it the aging effect it gives it an heirloom quality oh hi um so sherry is asking us if you can use a nail file as in terms of using it under vintage reflect here's what I'll say to that you don't recommend it one nail file can have really different grips and this is meant for this the other thing too is that you are going to use a nail file please don't use it to file your nails because you will get as you can kind of see a little bit on Alexander's hands there you'll get a little bit of dirt just that is from that and don't forget your filing metal so I wouldn't want you to put that near your actual nail so I don't recommend it honestly the vintaj relief Rock it lasts a long time it's not expensive it's definitely worth the money if you're going to be exploring this kind of jewelry so that's what I recommend you can but make sure you get a really fine almost like a buffer instead of an actual like hard grit nail file so I'm ready to put my earrings together I always also wanted to point out this tool that can punch extra holes in your metal if you wanted to create a connector and dangle some little gemstones or beads off the bottom that's how you would do that so here's my ear hook and these are also made by vintage and I'm going to do just a reorientation of the loop to get it facing frontwards with my flat plier and open that up a really neat trick if you can't find the right earring hook because so many of them are facing the sideways so you can just kind of give it a nice little nipple twist you know what's silly though I just realized I don't need to do that for these earrings that was for my other hair and I only have what I was thinking of actually where my other in Taj gearing's I made so let me show here yes this is sort of thinking of these we're facing in such a way that I needed to use a jump ring and then hang the multiple pieces sorry about that well it's really good technique to show we have a question hi Sandy I'm actually going to show you my piece that you can do both sides one of the things is you can do patina on both sides you're going to want a little bit more drying time in between and you can also glaze both sides and we're going to get into talking about that in just a few minutes so but yes as I get into mine over here I'm going to show you how to do both sides of the a patina or both sides of your blank in patina yes and you just said glaze didn't you I did all right so let's pull that forward because this is the clear glaze that protects both the paint and the metal and it also creates kind of a nice finished sheen on that piece so that's what I did with those and I will do that with these as well yeah that'll really it will not only protect the metal from aging further because again we are working with just a lot of natural brass and raw brass pieces so they will sort of naturally what you know it's called patina over time you can seal it with that metal sealer and it's a nice like you said just a really nice glaze to kind of finish it alright so let me show you over here I'm going to do my patina and could be rock and roll I'm going to do a little fire opal pink and onyx black so I always recommend starting with your lighter color and then going to your darker color especially when you're going to put two colors on the same piece here alright and you can see that this is a big bottle of patina for how much you actually need to use on these pieces alright so what I'm going to do is I'm going to just kind of get my paint brush in there and I'm going to have a paper towel that's already kind of going to hold there and what I'm going to do is just kind of brush it on top and what you want to do is make sure you're getting it in the groove there and then really quickly I'm just going to wipe it off you can really see how fast that's drying you just kind of want to get it in the grooves there and then wipe it off real quick because I want mine to look kind of kind of funky you know I don't want to coat mine too much so just nice nice and funky there and you can kind of DAB it to give it that kind of look as well alright that's about half half of the blank there so I'm going to let that sit for just a minute before I kind of flip it over it does dry really quickly and you can see that I've covered up some of the places where I can possibly put that vintaj relief block over it again so I'm going to do that once it's dried in just another minute all right I think okay nice and dry okay so I'm going to go ahead and flip it over and you can see that I got a little bit of pink on the outside edge here as I was working so I'm going to use that as my guide to kind of follow along the same edge there on the back and really want to get it in those grooves there and I'm just kind of dabbing my paintbrush in there so you can kind of see that I just really want to get those grooves to pop out all right rock and roll I'm such a dork all right I think that might do it for my pink yeah cuz I really like the way that looks so let me kind of pick it up here so I can kind of show you both sides so that's the back side or the front side and then that's my other side there and I'm just going to kind of move it away from my pink area there rinse my brush real quick and then we're going to do a version with black I definitely want to get your paintbrush nice and clean there we go all right I'm going to kind of wipe up my surface a little bit just so I don't get my hands in there you can use gloves while doing this it's not toxic so you're okay just kind of wash your hands after you're done it might take a little while it kind of reacts a little bit like a like a nail polish like if you get nail polish on your skin it'll kind of be there until you really scrub your hands but it's non-toxic here okay alright so now what I'm going to do is I'm going to take my black and I'm going to do the same thing and I'm going to kind of place my paper towel on the pink side there just get a little dab it up and again get it into those grooves there and I'm kind of overlapping that paint because I want it to kind of share some of that space wipe it off yeah yeah kind of see how just organic this whole process is you're always going to have a one-of-a-kind piece which is kind of my favorite thing about it all right I'm just going to flip that over and we're just going to repeat on the other side and just kind of dabbing it into those grooves and this will look different every time you do it because if you get a little bit of a different area on your stamping blank or on the die you'll have a different kind of set of grooves to be kind of working with that was the neatest thing for me to realize about all of these products was when I first saw on our website how many products we have and how this is all marketed together I thought wow it's kind of prefab and and then I realized you can totally personalize it and it is a one-of-a-kind piece every time you do this and you choose where you want the pieces on your embossing dies and you get you get a different effect every time mm-hmm and also to note that that natural brass that looks real dulled it's that way for a reason yeah either land where you know the relief block yeah and speaking of that relief block I'm going to use it now that my patina is dried for a minute or two minute or so here so I lost a little bit especially on that pink that I kind of want to bring out I'm just going to just take and just kind of bring that up you can see so you can use a relief block over that patina and just flip it around so you get that fright graphic shows through again and this is again something that you can build and it's nice and slow in terms of getting just the right amount that you want so that's kind of that's another thing that I love about it it really is easy and it's entirely up to you it always create something that's very different and unique so I think that's pretty cool so I'm very excited about that and now I'm going to use the relief block on one of my letters here just to kind of see cuz you can sort of see that that okay but what I really want to do is really make you see that that's okay because I like my name alright so just there you go so you really start to see that that etching so it kind of comes out and pops out at you so I'm going to do that with my other letters here and then I'm just going to put together my bracelet with some jump ring and that's it I am all now if you're curious about how I started the bracelet you can definitely check out the website and the full tutorials there so if you're wondering how do I get it started I want to know how to make the actual bracelet part it is all there for you guys I just kind of wanted to spend today just kind of really focusing on this is vixen and talking about that so alright so here is my bracelet and I got some jump rings here so what I'm just going to do is I'm just going to take one of my jump rings and I have two pairs of chain nose pliers just going to really simply open that up what all right I like that jump ring here you know this is why they come in packs of 50 in case you ever wondered if so that when you don't like that jump ring you can just put it away alright flip on my charm fare or pendant I guess I guess it's kind of whatever you want to call it alright I'm gonna slip it on to this link here like that'll look nice kind of get my pliers in there I like to use jump rings that are nice and tight you can use larger jump rings if antosha actually has some really fun like twisted jump rings but kind of added a little little extra element of fun like the hamster can use yeah I think that I want to say they're called rope jump ring mm-hmm so yeah mm-hmm alright so I'm going to move over to this side and this is where I'm going to put my little letters here and making sure they are in order because that is important I'm not a tack alright but you do act edgy I do ask yes and we love them and these come in packs of six these particular little blanks so if your name is under six it's perfect if it's over by an extra one I was going to do something fun and say like rock on or something but I was worried that might be a little too hard to read but I've definitely seen ones that say love and you know just all kinds of fun stuff so I'm just alternating my links just so that the links that is not attached to that leather is attached to the one of the terms here alright and my last one and I am all done I was pleased to realize that you had made those letters using an embossing guy I had thought you had used like its individual little hammering like letters and then oh yeah most it you know I I like the idea of using the Civic's I feel it's a little bit more accurate for my purposes doing stamping with the with the hammer can be a difficult technique so I mean it's by no means impossible but it is definitely a little bit more of a of a difficult specific technique alright so there is my bracelet all finish cat rock and roll hematite rainbow pink and black so it's that easy and it's just it's so fun and it's always going to be individualized so yeah so before we move on to show you all the other cool things that the Sizzix can do I do want to reiterate our giveaway because we probably have some people who are joining us just now so for the giveaway today this is a $50 value and you're going to get one of those vintaj relief block you're going to get a technique book that is has all kinds of different techniques you can kind of see a little bit on here what you're going to learn we have some finished chain and this is that beautiful vintage beau brass and then you're going to get some earring hooks and some stamping blanks beautiful stuff to really start to play with some jump rings and a nice little pendant and we'll show you kind of how to use that in a moment and we're going to give you some Jade and Ruby patina so this is our giveaway for today like I said it's a $50 value all you have to do to win is leave a comment let us know where you're tuning in from what you liked about your Sizzix favorite color favorite animal I don't know you just leave a comment and you'll be entered to win and we will be choosing our winner live at the end of our class today so obviously in order to use some of these components people are going to need the machine which is a separate investment yeah but I covet this thing I bought one from my home it's really satisfying to be able to come to work and play with it but I I would just love to have one myself well and what's great and the reason I wanted to include the book in the giveaway here is that there are so many things that you can do without the physics so if this isn't really your machine or if you're still hesitant kind of on the fence there are still some fun pieces that you can do with this that you'll get that's true yeah but that is good I you know it is we understand that this is an investment piece but we're going to show you all the things that you can do with it so I think you'll be really excited to see that all right so let's go ahead and I want to dive into the other type of sort of dye that we have here and that is going to be the etch dye so when you're saying dye you're not talking ink because I am I my own okay wait a cab you Larry of the machines yeah it's diee so it's going to be either this or we have the etch so this is the emboss so it kind of looks like a little clam shell and then the etch is a one sided die and it has this little sort of what is that word yeah well it's kind of engraved and almost like a slate or o'maverick yeah it's almost like a little little foam piece here and you can see that like I did a little bit of a blank here and the results that you're going to get from this is going to be a little bit different so with the embossing you're getting on both sides as we saw with the pieces that we just worked with but if I can draw your attention down here what I'm going to show you is the way that the etch dye works now if you can see this is exactly where I had my piece now this is it blank this is it once it has gone through this dye and you can see that nice edging on the front and what you get on the back is you get a little bit of that etching but it's not as embossed on both sides so this is more of a one-sided type of piece but as you can see on this one I added a little bit of black patina excuse me I added a little bit of black patina so you can really see that embossing so you can sort of see how a piece like that develops and here's another example of using an embossed die now I will say this thing that I want to caution you on is not all blanks are created equal so this particular blank here this is a 22 I believe gage blank and this does work with the physics but as you can see it doesn't work as well because the metal is so sick but it's not really susceptible to the actual punch of the die so this is the etching on it and this is the embossing on it and you can actually see that it kind of gets a little bit muddy in the middle there still a very cool effect but you're not going to get as much of that crunch on it that you would anytime you would use sort of one of the other pieces one of the other blanks this is a beautiful example of just a nice big square this is Alexandra's bracelet a nice big square of that embossing die so but I do want to kind of show you exactly how to do the etching so I'm going to do an extra little piece here on my blank and I'll show you exactly how I did that first one because it is a little different all right so back to our civics here what we're going to do is place this onto our plate kind of position where you want the impression to appear and now what you're going to do is place your card on top your your second piece of plastic and just gently press it through this is where you want to be careful that you're not kind of moving it around you can see that it sort of catches and moves it a little bit so then again just kind of standing up here there we go and now just feed it through gently you don't hear that nice little snap there we go and it's going to come through here and you're going to get a really cool embossing sure I'm sorry and enjoy Gotham and etching so there you go so that's kind of the little subtle difference now I do want to show you something that happens with these plates so you can see hopefully kind of under my hand they're kind of kind of show you it does create a little edging on your piece of plastic and that's why we do sell extra ones of these and that's where I was wondering whether paper towel or some layer of paper might help with that and also actually wanting to point out that I think people will wonder also what to do about that embedding rectangle shape that is now on the etch die on the phone yes do you definitely wear out a little bit faster than the other dies because of that reason now understand that if you wanted to let's say for your next piece that was blank you wanted that right there and you're worried about getting a line right through it I wouldn't worry too much about that because the pressure that's going to create be created actually should not affect that line I would think it has a lot more to do with the shape that's already cut heat into the phone rather than pressed right yeah right so that is sort of what you're what you're working on with or working with when you use a piece like this but there are definitely some really fun and funky ones that we have birds and flowers and you know it's a lot of fun to kind of use the pieces and see what you like and what you what works for whatever piece you're working on now I will say this I do want to show you that because we've been using the physics a lot we do have some of our plastic pieces that have definitely seen some love this is over the course of years this is over the course of years so you can see that we have some of those edgings and you can see even some of the framelits in there as well that have created markings on this now these plates will work if you're using the emboss dies what will happen unfortunately is on pieces like this if you start to use the etching dies you'll actually get this impression on your piece so you will need to roughly those Italy Sicily right and it happened oh yeah with this guy here I'm just going to kind of flip it over so you can see that there's some extra edging and let me flip this one over so you can see what happens with the fresh piece so there's that extra little edging on the back for the purposes here I'm okay with but just to kind of as fair warning you might need to switch out your plates fairly often if you're doing a lot of the etching so just to keep in mind mm-hmm all right so we're going to move on to another kind of fun thing you can do with these physics and that is using the frameless and the cut dies and we have that over here mm-hmm so these sets of a cynllun set and what they come with are shapes that have a sharp fine edge on one side that will cut out foils and papers which we have done here so here's an example of a couple of bags that I decorated using this frame the finless and it's with these foils adhesive foil sheets so you can see even the negative space could be a fun fun use for project and this is definitely where that kind of scrapbooking idea really comes into play and when you use I'm sorry when you purchase the framelit here you'll also notice that you'll get these three sort of plastic and these look again like a little clam shell and what you're actually going to be able to do is sort of emboss onto those metal sheets so you'll get kind of this little fun piece and I just kind of want to show you how kind of nifty that is and the backing is that sort of paper is an adhesive paper which is great for paper if you're using it in jewelry let's say you wanted to cut something out of there we definitely recommend using an additional glue just to kind of secure it into place mm-hmm I would also recommend scrub experience I learned that these plastic embossing folders work a lot better with the the foils than if you were to put the foil into these and cat pointed out that this is a sharper metal cut that what it does is it will sort of embed into the back of the paper and they get harder to to peel off so yes a peel off especially in one piece because that I mean that's really beautiful but yeah you might have some of the little metal shards that could connect on bananas a little you guys know I don't want or anything but the frameless here I'm going to kind of show you how those work and for this let me remove my disks for a moment you're going to need an extra piece here and what this is going to help you is kind of raise up your shim so you're just going to have your solo shim and then you're going to add the solo sin die adapter and this is just for cutting mm-hmm and this is just for just for cutting so what we're going to do now and we want to go ahead and use this sheet again and we're going to put our piece of plastic down place it on top and just going to kind of Center there and going to take one of our little framelits and this is the side with that sharper edge it's not sharp but it is sharper than the other edge so you're going to go ahead and place that wherever you want it I think I'll get that kind of little star piece there place my piece of plastic on top and guide it through there we go and now again just kind of placing your hand on top to keep it steady wheel it through there we go alright so you take that out and what you're going to get is try to flip this over is you'll see that it sort of presses into the back there so that you can sort of just take your piece off and pop it out this is perfect circle and yeah and it's a beautiful thing about the frameless and we have the circle ones here but we do have the other ones as well that creates squares and rectangles and they are meant to fit with the vintage blanks and I kind of want to show you that right over here this is one of the vintage sort of bezel lynx-o it fits perfectly and is actually one of the bezels is in our giveaway today and I did want to point out that I actually did another one using just plain paper so you can do this with photos which is absolutely great I don't know if you've ever tried to cut them in circle but it can definitely make your head hurt so that's what I kind of love about this is that even if you don't have the bundle or if you have something that fits the sizes that we use here you can cut out of paper or photos or anything and we've done a couple of pieces here where we just added some patina so you can use patina you can really cook them I love sort of a beautiful bird here that Alexander did and you can even use the vintaj relief block on it on it I like that on here and see what I get this is that adhesive foil bring back some of that vines with flowers or petals that works yeah really makes the design pop yeah so to reiterate the way to get that texture onto the foil is the adhesive sheets are sold in packets like this and to get a full sheet of design there's an embossing folder that is this size and so you can fit the whole page in there and run it through yes you can get that full right lots of different designer yet we have several different patterns and designs for that as well as these small ones and they work just exactly the same as one of your small pieces would work and it's the same physics on top the back of the clamshell going through the Civic's and nice and easy so it works just the same way so that's another thing that I love about the Sizzix is that you can put a lot of things through it but it all works pretty much the same way so that's what's nice putting stamping blanks in here though yeah this is plastic it won't alter the metal right I just need medical get there and you already said about the leather we tried leather through it it did not we try we try the faux leather we have not tried leather leather but I'm excited to try that because I think that's actually a really cool technique because I wonder if you can actually take a strip of leather and kind of embossed the whole thing or edge it whatever would kind of work on it and just create just a cool kind of bracelet like that just that excites me so that's what kind of thing that I would do with it but it would also be nice and I don't know if the frameless would be thick enough to cut that but you could sort of in theory do an embossing on a leather piece but with this one it's like the pieces are plastic so I don't think that would work on the other I don't think it's going to be really strong enough to leave an impression but we are definitely going to find out all right so we depart couple other things to just go over we just have some earring projects here that we just kind of want to show you and just sort of you can get a general variety of what you've done with the what we've done with specific and what you could do and these are all projects that are at mm-hmm if we have any more questions go ahead and shout them out we know this is kind of a specialized thing but like I said it's definitely worth the money there's a lot of things you can do with it even just I you know we are looking at some of these dyes and stuff and one of the beautiful things is I think that you can put this on a gift box you know it's just just it I like it so much and I was excited to discover the buttons I thought it was really neat to match up some embossing on the clasping of a piece too so I played with that here's what the button looks like before and after and that's just using the relief block so the discovery for me we reach and you know I want to draw your attention over here again this is just a small selection of the patinas that we have so we have so many fun colors and like I said you can mix and match and really just create super super unique stuff and you could see how little we use just for one games that they last a very long time oh there is one other kind of trick I want to show you guys and this is some thing that you can do for this bracelet that I created and this is a piece of vintage chain and what you can do is actually take your relief block and kind of shine up those edges so what you can kind of do is create little shiny kind of facets on your chain to really brighten it up so if you're like Oh vintage stuff is too dark for me I don't know if I'd wear that just by using that vintaj relief block you're getting and I'm just kind of spraying it along there and I'm just going to kind of buff it with the bottom side here can you say that you had done patina on chain Eden right we have some really beautiful big link chains from vintage and what's beautiful about that is that you can add the patina and you can really really just see it and it's really kind of fun but since we have just another man let me let me try to show you how that works so I'm going to take some vert agree here shaking it back to peanut alright let's see here good why not alright I'm just going to kind of place it onto my paper towel there I'm just going to kind of just paint it on just like one side of a couple of links there and take my so you can kind of get a cool especially with the vert agree here you get like in cool yeah it almost looks like it's you know been underwater or something for a while and this is just kind of just dabbing it so it looks kind of organic you know they would sink what's the wear and tear that chain gets against skin a big good idea have to do that to put that glaze on there yep that would that would definitely be really hot shines it up as well yeah so if you just want to add just a little little tiny bit of color to your chain and you can see those nice big kind of places where I got that vintaj relief block and you can also go over it again if you've added too much patina or not to your desired look but yeah way to accent dependence absolutely and you know you can do it in just a section of it so let's say you had a pendant that had the verda green it say I wanted to kind of add that there but I just wanted that little shimmer of row degree and then you don't need to do it on the rest of it so I just had there's so much you can do it it's really exciting as a designer you kind of get something and explore and play and just have fun and you know if it doesn't work it doesn't work it off really quick when I think you know metalworking altering metal for some reason it's always like that's something that someone else does who is a little more variant but then when you're given the tools like that it's just it's phenomenal that you can come up with them I am very excited yeah there's just so much to explore and it's I want to impress but it's not hard it's very very easy once you have the Machine you get yourself some blanks you run it through you kind of figure out a style that you like and you know it's just I don't know I should surely buy this but I'm such as physics nut so this is definitely going to be fun and if you guys have ideas or more questions please leave them in the comments below because that will help us create more content and more videos for you that you guys want to see so we will definitely be working on the leather but if there's something else that you guys want to kind of explore with the physics big kick or have more questions even after the fact they'll say you're watching this hours later you couldn't join us live please still leave your questions below and we'll be answering them especially able to begin all right so do we have a giveaway winner all right sherry the Zell hazel I hope I'm saying that right congratulations what you're going to do is send us a message on Facebook or private message letting us know where we can send your giveaway so congratulations to our winner sherry and thanks everybody for joining us we are going to be back in May and we are going to be doing a class all about wedding jewelry and making jewelry for your bridesmaid mother of the bride mother of the groom the groom we have enough bling so we're going to talk all about that fun festive in May and be sure to check out the designer blog and you can find that by going to beat Hollies calm designers blog and we will post all the information there and of course follow us on social media Instagram Facebook Twitter we are all over the place and we are here to inspire and help you with your design so thank you so much for joining us I'm Kat I'm Alexandra and we will see you and miss all that wedding jewelry have a great weekend everyone bye

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