Overview of Measuring and Design Tools for Jewelry Making

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this overview video, learn about some of measuring and design tools available to help you create handmade jewelry. These tools are useful whether you are selling your jewelry or making it for yourself. All tools shown in the video are available at Beadaholique.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie and in this video I want to show you some of the measuring and design tools available to you at beadaholique the first one I want to show you is a beading mat this is a staple for most beaters is it just a nice piece of textured fabric it's very soft and what it does is it prevents your beads from rolling around so it helps to keep them in place this is particularly good if you're using round beads or seed beads it's nice to have something that really grips the beads and prevents them from sliding something that's a little bit more advanced than a beading mat is a beading board now a beading board comes with measurements along the different sides of it little compartments to put your beads in but most importantly it has these grooves and what those will allow you to do is lay out your beading project before you actually string it so you can make changes you can play with the design and then go ahead and string it once you're happy with the look we also have this cork board by dazzle it for lovely knots and this is great if you're doing macrame or nodding projects it allows you to pin your project right to the board which you can then set aside come back to work on later you're not don't have to worry about the strands unraveling this is a handy tool if you do like to do a lot of nodding we have tools to help you with your measuring of your beads or your project so there's a ring sizer a bracelet sizer to figure out what size bracelet you want to make there's calipers digital and then we have this brass one these will measure the size of a bead so let's say you have a bead and you want to order more but you don't know what size it is you'll go ahead and zero it out pull back the caliper put the bead in between the two arms and I'll show you that this is a 10 millimeter bead so you'll know what you need to reorder this also works the same way this one here and then the numbers are on the inside now perhaps you have some wire or a head pin or an eye pin you don't know what gauge it is well there's a wire gauge guide these numbers here represent the wire gauge and these notches what you'll end up doing is you'll take it your piece of wire you'll try to fit them in the notches you'll keep doing that until one slides in easily and that will tell you what gauge it is so this here is an 18 gauge wire so that really comes in handy quite a bit there's also templates I have an oval template here there are circle templates available as well and these you just go ahead and trace the inside and then you're able to cut that out and fit it into perhaps a bezel or another jewelry setting and this will show you what size they are so 45 millimeter 40 millimeter 25 millimeter it's really hard to actually freehand an oval or try to cut one out yourself if you don't have a template like this so these are really handy if you do a lot of mixed media projects to help you with your designing there's various products available that our time savers are just little things that really come in handy stamp straight tape buy impress art is something that I recently discovered and I absolutely love you actually lay the tape directly onto your stamping blank and that way you can stamp in a straight line by just following the edge of the tape you can also write on the tape so you can put little notches where you want your letters to be so that they're evenly spaced this is something that is really handy bead Stoppers are fantastic if you do stringing you just pinch them and then it becomes like a little accordion you slip the end of your beading wire into one of the little coils it holds it very securely you can then just take a bead string it on and it's going to hold it in place and then if you want to you could put a bead stopper on the other end and that will keep your project from coming undone if you want to set it down and come back to it at a later time you can also put multi strands in here so that you could do a multi strand project magical picks are really fun there's magical pick mini and then the full-size one what this does is it very easily picks up flat back rhinestones as well as 'shit ons and then will allow you to place them where you want and then I have this little quick start peyote card this time-saver it also helps you if you're just learning how to do peyote it will help you start that first and second row which can sometimes be a little bit tricky perhaps you want a little bit of inspiration for your design work you want something to inspire you to get going well there's books and pamphlets and DVDs available I have this one here by vintage just go through it really quick there's a lot of fabulous projects in here same with these pamphlets this one is a super duo one there's other ones available as well but again it's a lot of great illustrations and patterns to help you get started and then there's also DVDs such as this one by Wyatt white on wire wrapping so these are really useful if you're just learning a new technique all of these products and more are available at beadaholique and we also have a lot of individual videos on each of these products showing how to use them you

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