How to Bead Weave a Centerline Hexagon Link to Make a Pair of Earrings

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video you will learn how to add Miyuki Delicas to the Centerline Beadable Connector Hexagon Link. This is the wonderful component to use up left over seed beads. You'll also learn how to turn it into a simple tassel earring to showcase your design.
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Hi, this is Kat with and i'm going to show you how to finish off and make a really cute pair of tassel earrings so this is our beatable center line link and you can see that it has little holes along each side there so we're gonna fill that with a very loom like pattern of miyuki delicas now what fits in here perfectly are the miyuki delicas size 11 and i have two colors here but this is a great project if you just have a few beads left over because if you look at my example here you can see that there's just a few beads in there just to add a little pop of color but there's not a whole lot of beads that you need so I'm just using these two colors as an example so to finish off our earring I'm just going to be using a kidney wire I have a jump ring here that I'm going to use and this is a 5 millimeter 21 gauge I have a little tassel and then I have some namou here which is going to help us get those beads onto our center line and then I'm going to be using a big eye needle here and then for other tools I have just a pair of snips you can also use scissors as well I have two pairs of chain nose pliers one is regular one is bent and then I have some Gs hypo cement and that's just going to help us secure that cord when we are done so that's pretty much all you need so let's go ahead and get started so first off well I guess you need a ruler but you can also I ball this as well I'm gonna do about two feet here of mine I'm oh and I'm gonna be generous with that two feet I'm gonna give myself just a little extra and then I have one link there and what I'm gonna do is I'm going to match that length and I'm gonna get two lengths of mine I'm oh now I'm using the size D and the reason we double it up is so that it really makes those beads fit nice and snug so you have a nice strong structure because we don't want them to kind of wiggle around alright so I have my cord here and now I'm gonna take my big eye needle and this has a big ISO it's usually a little bit easier to string there so you just kind of pry that open there and I'm gonna take two of my tails and slip them through that big eye there and I'm gonna go ahead and bring that down to about eight to ten inches or so all right so there we go so we are all set now we're ready to begin adding beads but what I want to do first is I want to give you a chance to look at the center line here because what you'll notice is at that top row there seems to be a little extra gap at one of those from the hole to the hole that you don't see on the others now what this means is this is how you're gonna want to kind of work with it it's a great spot to end your work it just sort of makes the beads line up nice and smooth if you don't see that don't worry about it it may not be as noticeable on yours it will still work no matter where you start okay so what we're gonna do is we're gonna see that little gap and we're gonna start our work across so what we want to do first is we want to go from the back to the front taking our needle coming up through that very first hole there and go ahead and string that all the way through and what we want to do is we want to leave a tail of about I'd say a good eight inches or so we're gonna want to tie that off when we get to the other side all right so we're coming up through the front there and now we're gonna pick up our beads so the first row that I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna do three of these little maroon beads here and I'm just gonna slide them all the way down there we go now take your needle and go through the big center there and bring it towards the back and now what we're gonna do is we're gonna go through that first hole going from the front to the back and now I'm just gonna go back through all of those beads there so just take my needle and just go back through all three beads and string it down and I can give it a nice little tug and just make sure that they're all sitting in there real nicely and now I'm gonna take my needle and I'm gonna go back through the center and I'm gonna actually come up through the exact same hole the very first one there there we go up through that same hole and I'm gonna go through my beads one more time so going up and through anything there we go and now moving my needle through that big Center all the way to the back I'm ready to start my second row so now I'm gonna come up through that second hole there there we go I'm just making sure to get my cords out of the way there we go coming up through that second hole and you want to just go slow you don't want to let your cords get all tangled and now I'm gonna pick up my second row for me it's gonna be three of the gold beads now you can choose whichever beads you like you can make a fun little pattern it's entirely up to you all right I'm gonna go through the center and I'm gonna go up through that second hole there and now I'm gonna go back through my row of beads make sure they sit in there I'm gonna go back through that big Center bringing my thread to the back and now I'm ready to start my third row so it was only on that first row that we do that extra pass and that's just to get that extra security on that first row so again just go through we're gonna pick up our beads I'm gonna pick up three of my Moran beads string them down and I am going to just wiggle my needle down a little bit further here on my cords and I'm gonna go through the center again just making sure nobody gets tangled in there go up through that third hole there and then up through my row of beads there we go and go through the center alright so that's the basic process so I'm gonna do the next three rows and then I'm gonna show you how to finish it off and we're just gonna alternate with the maroon and the gold so I'm picking up gold oops but not before I go through now I can pick up my gold beads go through the center come up through our next hole up through my beads and through that Center and as you can see this works up really really nice and quickly here through that Center up through my next row picking at my last three gold beads going through the center and going through the center just helps to crisscross your threads to give you that extra stability so that it's really nice and tight in there alright so we are now at our last row I'm just going through the center there so we're gonna do it just the same as we did the other ones we're just gonna go through that hole I'm gonna pick up my last three marine beads here string those down go through the center looks like I got my tail caught in there there we go go through the center we're gonna come up through that last hole there bring in our beads together and stringing through them and we're gonna go through the big Center but we're gonna kind of need to sneak our needle through so we're just gonna go on the outside there and just straight through we just want to move our thread so that it gets to the back alright so now we're ready to tie off our thread so I'm just gonna flip it over here and what I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna take that and I'm gonna go through and you can see that I have these little thread bridges at the top there that are connecting the holes down to the beads so I'm just gonna take my needle and kind of just catch that little thread bridge under there there we go and I'm gonna pull my needle down through until I have a little loop left and I'm just gonna take my needle go through that loop and this should give me a little knot there and I'm just gonna kind of pull and tighten and then for added security let's see if I can get my needle through these next three beads once more here and this is really tight now because we've got a lot of thread going through there there we go and if you need a little extra help with your needle you can come in with your chain nose plier there we go and pull that through all right there we go so I'm gonna come in with my snips and I'm just gonna snip off as close as I can get it to my beads there all right so now we're just gonna repeat that on the beginning side okay so I have both sides tied off now so all I need to do is I just need to add a little dab of glue and this is just for that extra security so all I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna come in and it has a nice little needlepoint to it I'm just gonna add a little dab of glue there and a little dab of glue there and that should be it I'm just gonna let that dry and it's gonna dry nice and clear for me so you won't see it but this will be sort of on the back of your earring there just close it my glue alright so that is what we have they're nice and adorable all right so what I'm gonna do is I'm going to show you really quickly how to finish off this cute little earring and it's really simple we're just gonna add a little jump ring here to add our little tassel so just give it a nice little gentle twist slip it on to the ring of the tassel and to the bottom loop of our earring finding or of our hexagon close that up making sure it has a nice good closure and then really simply we're just gonna open up our kidney ear wire and slip on our little hexagon and that is it so that gives us a really adorable little pair of earrings like I said it's a great way to use up any seed beads that you might have lying around and then you can just choose a fun color of your tassel to coordinate and you have a great pair of earrings this also comes in silver so be sure to check out to see all from our Center line line thanks for watching if you're here be sure to hit that subscribe button below

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