How To Bead Weave a Bracelet using CzechMates 2-Hole Crescent Beads

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Designer: Julie Bean

Learn how to bead weave The Palms bracelet using 2-hole Crescent beads, Austrian crystal pearls, Czech fire polished beads, and seed beads. The resulting design looks like fanned palms and even has a bit of an Art Deco flair to it.

The brand name for the crystals shown in this video is no longer available. High quality Austrian crystals are now available under the PRESTIGE™ Crystal Components line.

Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with beads swarovski four millimeter pearls little three millimeter czech glass round beads and 15o seed beads so I have two color variations I've already done I'll do a third one here in the video and I did want to go ahead and just sprinkle some crescent beats on my table so you can really see the variety of colors available for this particular project like I mentioned before you'll need the two whole Crescent beads the four millimeter pearls three millimeter czech glass beads fifty no seeds a little elegant elements clasp and some fireline beading thread you'll also need a needle and a pair of scissors and a stopper bead now a stopper bead can be any random little seed beads you have at home so go ahead place a stopper bead onto your needle and pull it down towards the end of your thread now you'll want to leave a tail of about eighteen inches because you're going to use that to attach your clasp go back through the stopper bead and pull your thread now when you do it like this you can easily slide that stopper bead on and off now on my table I've already lined up my Crescent beads so that they're facing to the left for this project it does matter what direction the Crescent beads are facing and also what hole you're going to be going through just start place two seed beads onto your needle and slide it down to your stopper bead now if you look at this bracelet you're going to be working in clusters so think of this here as one cluster between the pearls so we're going to be making eleven of these clusters so now we want to pick up a crescent bead via the bottom hole a Czech glass bead another Crescent another Czech glass and another Crescent and one more pearl to complete that segment so slide it down to the base and this is what you've got so far so you'll want to make a total of eleven of those just leaving off the final pearl so let me do one more on camera and then I'll complete the rest off-camera and then show you how to then do the next row so Crescent a little Czech glass another Crescent again via the bottom hole another Czech glass a crescent and finally a pearl okay so now I've got two segments and the goal is to have eleven so we finished our eleven segments - the last pearl and now we need to do what is essentially the center strand so if you look here in this example this is what we're going to be doing right here so we're only going to be using the seed beads and the Crescent beads and I've gone ahead of again lined up my Crescent beads and this time they're facing the opposite direction with the crescent shape going to the right and again we're going to be using the bottom hole so the beauty of two whole beads is they give you a lot of options on how to string them so you see that second hole up top we're now just going to go through it and create a little thread bridge why do you want to make sure it's pretty tight it's a little loose so what you can do is just go ahead and pull that string that thread pull it down so they all rest against your stopper bead and now pull so it can be a little wobbly at this stage so you'll just kind of have to work with it I'll try to do it on the table so you can see what I'm doing a little bit more easily so we're exiting that top hole on the interior side here so we're going to pick up a little 15 o CB D and go through the top hole of the Crescent bead next to it then pull we're going to pick up another seed bead again go through the top hole of the Crescent bead next to it and you see how those seed beads really caused the Crescent beads to come in like that they're what's helping to create the fanned appearance and I'm not happy with how loose this is right here so again I'm just going to go ahead get my needle under that thread bridge so that I can really pull it a little tighter this is going to help me with my tension and now pull my thread here and that's cinched it up so now I want to go up and pick up some Crescent beads because this is going to now be the top part so it's going to the top fan section so I'm going to want a crescent bead a 15o a crescent beam a 15 oh and another Crescent beam again picking it up via the bottom hole and now I'm going to go through the next Crescent bead and a good way to remember when you want to do these what essentially are the top fan sections is when you hit the pearl so it's between the pearl or not between the pearl I should say it's between the Crescent beads where the pearl is in the middle you there you can see that we've got the bottom fan and the top fan into another one so at this point we're just above the Czech glass beads so all we need is a seed bead so one seed bead then go through the top hole of the next Crescent bead and then another seed bead and the top hole of the next Crescent bead okay and now we're to the pearl again so that means it's time to do another fan segment up top so that's going to be a crescent bead a seed bead a crescent bead a seed bead and another Crescent bead pull those guys down and go through the top hole of the next Crescent bead and pull them into place so you're just going to keep doing this you'll see that some of these will flip-flop so you just go ahead and straighten them up until you reach the end of your line and you're going to do one final segment of the top fan part so I'll actually show you that once I go along this line so I'll get to this point here I'll do another little fan segment with you and then we'll go back and do the top row so I've got to the end of this side of the bracelet and I want to add one more little fan of Crescent beads so it's going to be the same technique that we've been doing all along so just a crescent a seed bead another Crescent a seed bead and a crescent and slide that down and now we're going to jump up to the final top row so to do that I'm going to move my sample out of the way so again because these are two whole beads it's really easy we're just going to go through now that top hole we're going to want to work on our tension so go ahead and pull the thread that's exiting the Crescent and there and now we're going to want a check last bead it'll go through the next Crescent bead via the top hole again and another Czech glass okay so now those are the first couple beads of the top row and again let me try to do this on the table so be a little bit easier for you to see what's happening okay so now we need a purl and for this top row we're only going to be using using pearls and Czech glass beads so no more seed beads and no more Crescent beads all right so now two more Czech glass so Czech glass and through the next Crescent be top whole another there whoops make sure that sits right another Czech glass and another pearl and of course between each of these we're going through a car centipede all right so our pattern is to check glass pearl to check glass pearl and we're going to do this all the way to the very end and at the end we're going to add one pearl and two seed beads so we've reached the end of the line and I've added that pearl and the last two little seed beads so our beading is actually done and this is what our bracelet is going to look like so now we need to attach our class and we're using a two strand clasp to add stability I tried a single strand one and it just ended up flopping around so I do recommend a two strand for this particular project so what we're going to do is make sure that the clasp is facing the right direction you don't want it upside down so make sure it's properly oriented take your needle and go through one of the loops so and of course you want it to be the loop that's lined up with your beadwork okay now go back down through your seed beads your pearl and the Crescent bead and pull now take your thread and this can be a little bit hard to see I apologize for that so remember your crescent beads have two holes we're going to go back down through the second hole and it's going to create a really discrete little thread bridge that you're not going to even see because these beads are so dark okay so now we're exiting here and we actually are trying to work our needle so that it exits right here to be able to attach the other loop of our clasp so to do that you're going to just jump over and go through this second hole of this Crescent bead right here and you're going to go through the czech glass bead the next crescent bead the next Czech glass bead and you're going to come out that crescent bead via this top hole now you're going to go through the second loop of your clasp and now you're going to retrace your steps go back through the Crescent bead the Czech glass bead the next Crescent the next Czech glass and the next Crescent so here's your thread right here and we're going go through this whole of that Crescent bead which is kind of up top here at this orientation okay so you're just creating a really discrete little thread bridge so right now we're exiting the hole in this direction now we're going to go back through the top hole of this Crescent bead and when you go through the pearl and your two seed beads again and because we want this to be really secure we're going to do this whole process over again so if you missed seeing how to do it the first time the second time is the same way so we're exiting those two seed beads going through the hole I should call it the loop on our clasp back down through the seed beads flips back down through seed beads as well as the Pearl and the Crescent bead back through the second hole of the Crescent beam okay jump over to the Crescent bead next to it and go through the top hole of it as well as the Czech glass bead next to it all the other beads between it and the clasp okay go through that loop of the clasp okay I accidentally put my thread through the loop you don't want to do that alright so now we have essentially done two passes through each loop of the clasp so we're going to go back down through our beads again and at this point we're going to start tying some knots okay so we're going to make some really discreet little knot so right now we're exiting you can maybe see it a little bit better right here so this is where our thread is exiting between that check last bead and the Crescent bead so I'm just going to go under through my beadwork right here and make a loop and take my needle and go through the loop to tie a knot and again I'm gonna do the exact same thing but this time I'm going to go through my thread or through my loop twice with my needle pull down pull tight go through another couple beads and I'm going to repeat I'm going to do a couple more knots and then go through my beadwork some more and I actually want to go a little further down the line here I'm just retracing my steps through my beadwork and I'm going to tie another knot and again okay and go through another bead come out the back side and now I'm going to trim my thread okay so that half of the clasp is now attached and it's nice and secure so we're going to do the same on the other side let me just quickly show you how to remove your stopper bead just grab it and slide it off you'll just go ahead and attach your needle to this thread and attach the clasp and just make sure that again it's facing the right direction and then it's ups is the proper side so you don't want it upside down you want that little tab up top on the same side as a nice curvature of your Crescent beads both sides of our clasp are now attached so I will show you how it looks so there's the clasp on it and then really quickly I want to show you a quick design tip so all three of these bracelets were created using the exact same clasp the same little gold check fire-polished three millimeter beads and the same little seed beads as well so the only colors I changed out or the Crescent beads and the pearls you can see the design looks very different so if you're picking your colors at home this is a really fun easy way to go about it or you have a lot of different choices for the Crescent beads and the pearls and you can keep the clasp the czech glass and the seed beads the same so you can find all the supplies for these bracelets as well as other two whole beads and tutorials on how to use them at you

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