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Hi this Megan with and I'm going to show you how to Attach a Button and Loop Clasp to a Bead woven bracelet so I'm going to use a beaded bead that I made for my button. You can also use a shank button we have a video on how to do right angle beaded bead. So you can watch that video if you want to use a bead like this if you are going to use to the beaded bead go ahead and when you finish up and you tie the knot at the end, don't trim your tail threads and you want to go ahead and give yourself a longer tail to start with so that you have a nice long length of thread on both ends. Now I'm going to attach this to a strip of peyote that I made just to show how to do it it might be very slightly different depending on what stitch you're using based on what the edging looks like. So this is peyote for reference. The first thing I want to do is add a bead or two onto both strands coming out of the bead if you're going to use a shank button then you can just take your thread through the shank button and then add the beads onto the two threads that come down from there I'm only using one needle for this so you can switch them back-and-forth or if you using a sturdy thread like wild fire you can usually get it through a couple of beads pretty easily and not have to put a needle on for that and pull that down. It's gonna do two things, one it's going to bring your threads together and two its gonna space the bead out a little bit from the project. So you could go one, two, three how ever many you want, how out far you want to space it So I just put a couple on there for right now then i'm going to put another bead on just one side and i'm going to go through you can where you want you're button or you're bad I'm going to put one on the end here and you can put them in the middle, you can put two on the ends I'm going to show you on the end. Let's say we're going to put one here and one here bring that one through there and then weave into your piece careful not to catch the other side and go ahead and weave in enough that you feel that you're giving yourself a nice stable foundation for this It''s going to get pulled on so you wanna make sure that it's strong and then you're just gonna tie off and weave in your end on there and we do have a video on how to do that, how to tie off and weave in your ends. It's called How to Tie Off and Add New Thread in Bead Weaving do the first part and don't add any thread then you're going to put a needle on your second strand grab one bead on that strand and again go into the other side there then you're going to weave in this side as well and again you wanna make it nice and strong then you will tied off and weave it in as well so you can see with peyote and I'm using a smaller bead attach it, then I did to weave it, it sits very nicely between these beads in this top row here so if you're going to add this to another weave you just need to kind of experiment and see how it sits best how many beads you wanna add to your connecting piece that's how you add on the ball to attach the loop on the other end of your strip go ahead and cut yourself another length of thread and I'm going to have the loop, you can either go around a single bead sticking up or you can come out of the little ditch, it really depends if your weaving is symmetrical or if it's ended on a different row right now what's going to be directly across from my button is another spot in the weave where it goes in so I'm going to need to attach it there so what I'm gonna do is to start I'm going to weave up through the last few rows leave yourself a tail that you can weave that in and now I'm going to string some beads and I'm going to string a few and then check the length and then keep working until i find the right length you want to be able to make a loop that is gonna hold tightly but still going to be able to go somewhat easily around your button or your bead because you don't want it to fall off but you also don't want it to be really hard to get it on and off especially if you're using a woven bead like that it'll put a lot of stress on it if it's too tight so once you have some beads you can hold it in a loop check it out and see what you think about the size and it should fit around your bead this one looks like it's actually plenty big already eddy I'm going to go ahead and take a couple of beads off and try it that way if you're doing multiple clasps along the edge it's really easy if you got it for one so it'll be the same so now here you could go through the beads that stand up and make a nice loop like that. That's a complete circle or what I'm gonna do in this case to have it line up better with my bed is just go through the next one there and it's gonna make more of a loop instead of a circle you can do it either way go ahead and put it through and then try it. You still might need to make some adjustments to make sure it's gonna fit I want to get the idea of whether it's the right size go ahead and hold your thread try it out this is still a little bit big It is just a matter of getting the right size I took off a couple of beads and again when you're weaving in your ends for this you wanna make sure that you weave them in nice and strong. If you can loop them around to meet up and tie a square not between your ends that will make them really sturdy your clasp is obviously going to have stress on it so you want to make sure that you're making it as secure as possible I'm just going to bring it back around so that they are meeting tie a knot and then of course weave in those ends you can see I now have my loop on the side and lined up on that side I have my beaded bead button or whatever you want to put and that's gonna hold that nicely and have really pretty look that's how you're going to a Attach a Button and Loop Clasp to Your Beadweaving

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