How to Add Beads to a Wire Net around a Bottle

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video tutorial, see how to add a row of decorative beads to a wire net around a bottle. This same technique can easily be translated to a different design that does not use a cylindric object such as a bottle.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with and today I'm doing an expansion on a video I already did. So I recently did a video showing you how to make this wire netting around a glass bottle and I've got a few requests of people asking how do you add beads to it So that's what I want to show you how to do in this tutorial so if you're not familiar with how to do this technique of making a wire net around a bottle definitely check it out on and then what you're going to end up with is the skills of how you do that which I've already done here so I started, I have made several rows and I going to show you how to add some beads So I've got just some little pearls right here. I thought they would go very well with the feeling of the bottle and the wire net and You want to create a few anchor rows just to start and so I've done that here and now I'm just ready to start another round take a bead, in this case a pearl put it onto my wire and slide it all the way down and now I'm just going to continue my wire wrapping the same way I did before nothing has changed except I just got that bead on there which I'm going to hold in place create a loop and now I can go every other one. I can do every one. It's totally up to you I'm going to do every one and you just add one bead at a time. Do the same technique see I have added three now Got to finish this one, there we go I've got three beads added. Just keep going until you end up all the way around where you started. Now if you're going to make small rows like this, you're going to want to have a none beaded a row between every beaded row. So what that's going to do is it's really going to anchor your piece in place it's going to give you something to anchor your wire to you when you do go ahead and do the next row. If you just did beaded row, beaded row, beaded row, you might end up with a little bit more of Peterborough Peterborough Peterborough you may end up with a little bit more of and it also just might not be as uniform and as secure but by doing it beaded row, none beaded row, beaded row, none beaded row, beaded row non peter out be to drown on beaded wrap I'm going to add just one more in case you need a quick refresher and then I'll let you go and do this on your own that's all there is to adding beads to wire net. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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