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Hi, this is Julie with will swatch ahead of time as you can see what we're going to be doing you'll notice that the first part here is traditional loom work without an edge it has that nice clean line right here but then here I've won ahead and I've added a bunch of little seed beads size 11 Oh on both sides and creates a really pretty ruffled edge I'm going to show you how to do that so let me turn this around so I have some nice clean lines to work with and I have one head and I've already threaded my loom needle I'm going to be using two different colors of size 8/0 Toho semi glazed beads and then just a pretty green 1100 ho for the edging so let me do a couple rows first without the edging just so you can get a hang of how to do regular loom work and if you are completely new to the loom please check out our other videos on which are going to show you how to actually do the threading here and how to do the loom and start it and then even finish your piece to begin I've went ahead and I threaded my needle I have a loom needle here it's really nice and long and I'm going to pick up six of the size 8/0 Toho seed beads and I'm going to go from the underside and then I'm going to carefully position them between the threads like so pull my needle through and now I'm going to go back through them but I'm pushing them up with my finger because I want to go above all the threads so we came from below so our needle and thread are going this way and now we're going to go from the top so we're in effect anchoring our beads in place with our thread and there we go and now they'll stay put so now I'm going to do another row I'm going to do three rows here without any edging just so you can see the basic process there we go and does really help if you push up these beads to make sure that you go on top of the warp threads one more and then we're going to do a row with edging now you can see loom comes together really quickly loom work does very fast technique okay so there's just three rows of more traditional loom work now we're going to add an edge to the next one so I'm going to pick up three of the smaller size eleven OC beads keep them on my needle in my thread and then pick up the beads for the next row so the same pattern as before so six of these size Eidos go ahead put them in place and just pull your thread those other little beads will create a pretty little edge now I'm going to do something that is going to be incorrect just so you can see what would happen with it because it seems logical that you would do this next so here you went ahead and you added your edge to this side so you think well now I just add more beads to the other side so three seed beads and go through okay so I mentioned that this is incorrect and why is it incorrect well because you'll notice these seed beads right here they jump from one row to the next and they create a pretty little arc here you went through the same seed bead so instead of creating that nice arc you're going to end up with these just oriented wrong and also not going from one row to the next so we're going to undo that and then we're going to rethread our needle find these guys back up go through them without any seed beads on the edge now we're going to pick up three more seed beads of the size eleven oh and then the beads you need for your row put these in place so we are building that beaded edge on one side only at this point do another let me grab three more of the 11 OHS and then my regular row beads okay I'm going to do one more and then I'm going to show you how to add the edge to the other side all right so you see we've got that pretty little ruffle happening I put is only on one side now you could let this be part of the design only have it on one side but you might also want to make it so it's even in half beads on both sides to achieve that what you're going to need to do is you're going to need your needle to exit here so we're going to go ahead take our needle this is really the only tricky part of this so our needle needs to exit this side but we can't just go ahead and run it through the top again because that's the direction we just came in it would undo our work let me show you I just went back through here our beads will come undone so go ahead get back to where we were so running that needle across the top so now we need to run the needle across the bottom again and to do that just push down on your beads and run the needle through the bottom and you'll notice I'm coming out below this thread there we go so now we're exiting where we want to exit I'm actually going to completely flip around my loom I find it a little bit easier to go with the beads on my right side at all times because I'm right-handed if you're left-handed you might find those easiest to do the opposite so now I'm just going to pick up the edge beads which are three of the smaller seed beads and go through my beadwork and then we've got one cluster now on that side so because again I ran through the top now I need to run through the bottom I'm just going to take my needle there we go now pick up three more now another way you could do this is you could try to run your beads along the base to begin with so then you'll come back through the top so push these beads down try to go below to begin with exit through the bottom and then come up through the top which can be a little bit easier so now we're just running it along the top adding three more let's try that bottom method whoops seed beads this is why we all have seed beads embedded in our carpet so go through the base and now up through the top and another row I'm going to pick up three more of the seed beads through that row now go up through the top there we go and we have created a pretty ruffled beaded edge on both sides of our loom work and it will be a little less awkward for you if you're doing this at home I'm trying to make a so you can see with the camera angle so I'm kind of going up top here but as you're doing it at home you'll be a little bit more natural feeling and a little bit easier and that is how you add a beaded edge to your loom work for additional tutorial videos and all the supplies you'll need for your loom work projects please visit you

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