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Hi, this is Julie with bidet ssin with 1100 hose and 600 hose so here are the beads that I use for this project so these are the little Halfmoon beads you can see they're a half circle with two holes now I also pulled out some extra colors here so you can get an idea that they do come in a variety of colors to choose from so use them for this project or other projects the color I'm using is white terracotta purple and I really like it because it also shimmers a little bit of gold which is fun to pick up that gold I'm using some frosted Gold Line crystal beads these are 1100 hoes paired with silver lined milky Montana blue of size 6 so of course you can use whatever color you want so 1100 host 600 hoes and these Halfmoon beads for the stringing material I used crystal fire line and size point zero zero eight and you can see with this particular design that thread just disappeared now for the video because I don't want to use a white thread on a white surface it's gonna be too hard to see I'm gonna use some wildfire point zero zero eight thread in black so you use fire line or wildfire then you're also going to need a little earring hook which I got right here and I like it because it has a little decorative ball at the top and then in terms of tools not too many that's what's great about bead weaving projects so you're gonna need a needle pair of chain nose pliers when it comes time to attach that earring hook and just a pair of scissors or if you have a thread zap that works as well alright let's begin we're going to need six of these little Halfmoon beads and we're gonna need some thread okay so you're gonna need about 20 inches of this you don't need a lot because we're gonna make each little flower individually now what I do like about these is it is flat on the back so you could actually just attach this to some embroidery so you can make this little piece and then sew it on to a piece of embroidery which could be really pretty and then embroider around it so a lot you could do with it as nice that these are flat so one quick tip when you're threading your needle you can flatten the tip of fire line and wildfire by just squeezing it and it flattens that tip ever so slightly that it makes it easier to go into the eye of the needle like so alright so now we're going to want to string on these Halfmoon beads and we want to make sure that they're all in the proper orientation meaning that they're all right side up so this curve is going the same direction that's important for this project I'll show you what I mean so those two are properly oriented let me do one that's not so this one would not be because if I flipped it over the flat side would be going against the rounds here so we don't want to do that so I'm assure all of these are going in the same direction the easiest way to do that is just string them all on your needle at the same time there's only six of them so they'll all fit okay go ahead slide them down and you want them to go down to about six inches from your tail end and now we're just going to make a loop and tie a knot so there we go make sure they're all facing out and then we're going to do another knot and right now I know it doesn't look like much but it will and for good measure we're gonna do one more all right so this is what we have so far if you spread it out don't worry about this tail just leave that we're going to incorporate it into the bead weaving at the very end so I've got my tail with the needle attached and I'm going to go through one of the holes I've already passed through and then I'm going to jump up to one of the top outer holes now if you're using a thread that matches your beads like I did with this example here which was the white thread you're not going to see this little bridge but I did one do it in black for the video here alright so we jumped up to basically the second tier now we're going to string our beat so we're gonna take one xi o Toho one six oh and one eleven oh and we're just going to go across to its whoops that that happens a lot with beads okay starting yet 11060 eleven oh and go across to the next hole over on that top tier like so we're going to do that with the next bead and we're going to go all the way around our flower that other tail gets in there just pull it out so what you're doing by adding these beads is you're essentially evenly spacing your petals which are the Czech glass half moon beads so they're gonna be nice and evenly spaced in the end you're also building a really nice structure for them and hopefully you think it looks pretty do okay I'm coming to my last one so this is what we have so far I'm just going to complete it now instead of coming out the hole right here I'm going to try to go through a couple extra beads just to give it a little bit more structure okay so we have our outer rim complete now we want to jump back down to the the base row that first that interior go because you'll see in the example I have little spacer beads between all the petals or Halfmoon beads on that row so we're ready to start the interior row now my needles in the back because I shot through that bead to bring it to the front all you need to do is just put it through that little opening and we're going to string on one of the eleven o beads and we're gonna go through the hole that's in the next bead over just pull it and again we're on the back side so to go forward bring your needle forward I'm going to do this all the way around last one okay so now this is what we've got so we've got the outer row as well as the interior row and now all we have to do is add the center go ahead bring your thread to the front again and now we're gonna want to go ahead and add one of the eleven O's one more of these successors and one more of the eleven O's go ahead scoot it down I want to show you what's gonna look like before I put it into another hole that's just gonna drape across the front and fill in that gap so stretch it across see what hole you're gonna want to put it through and we're gonna put it through one of the interior holes on that inner row of the Halfmoon bead and pull it that's what you have now go ahead look where your thread is and thread it through a couple more beads along that same row and now we're going to tie a knot to tie a knot just go ahead go under one of the thread bridges grab the loop and pull your thread through it now you can do that twice if you want so now we need to get rid of this tail if you feel you're not with secure you can just trim it right there or you can go ahead thread your needle back onto it that's why you left about six inches and now we're gonna go through at least one more bead and now I'm just gonna trim that tail and this is what our finished piece looks like and here you can see the original example now to put the earring hook on it's very easy to do you're just gonna open the base of the earring hook same way you to open a jump ring now we're just gonna slide it through one of the open gaps twist it around and it's gonna hang on the thread bridge and then we're just gonna close it back up and there you have an earring and of course making earring out of this little piece is just one use for it you can link a bunch together to make a bracelet you can embroider with them a whole bunch of different things you can do but this is how you bead weave a flower with a Czech glass Halfmoon shaped beads you

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