Design Ideas for Filling Nunn Design Bottles

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Designer: Julie Bean
Skill Level: Any Level
The Nunn Design bottles featured in this video make great focals and can hold a wide array of 'treasures' including everything from glitter to a rolled up note. In the video see a number of different design ideas.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with let me just walk you through some ideas of what you might use to fill these bottles so in this one here I've used glitter rocks which comes in a variety of colors you can also use vintage glass glitter which is really pretty this is a art glitter as well as fine glitter this one I've used fine glitter and what's nice about these bottles is you just have the cork top that you can take off and then you just push it back in place and it does stay put really nicely another option which we have here is you actually fill it with water and seed beads and maybe even a little charm it's like you make your own little snow globe in there and then you can even put a little love note or a picture if you do something like this i want to show you real quick how i did it i just took some paper and you could write your own writing on it i just rolled it up nice and tight and then i took a little bit of 26 gauge wire wrapped it around it so it's stay put and then I just took a cutter and trimmed off my ends that's another ideas this is not going to get any wear and tear within the bottle you don't have to worry about those ends not being secure then there's another option which is this is called crystal splash it's really sparkly and beautiful or if you've just got extra beads around we have a bunch of bicones right here and some other shapes you can use those to fill them with a quick tip for being able to actually fill your bottle is if you unscrew the cap you can make yourself a little funnel with a rectangular piece of paper just make it so there's nice and narrow little hole put it into your bottle and then just grab whatever it is that you want go down in there take it a little bit keep filling it and you'll just do that for however full you want your bottle to be and then replace your tap now if you are going to do the water technique I would recommend either really screwing on your cap or maybe even gluing it if you are going to be using water that is just one thing to keep in mind so we've got the vintage glass glitter we've got really nice fine glitter we got glitter rocks extra beads that are sparkly and pretty that you have around Crystal splash a little love note another consideration might be dried flowers a lock of hair anything as a personal memento for you lots of different things you can do with these wonderful little bottles by nunn design and then for this project here we have it on the beadaholique website shows you a different way to turn the bottle into a piece of jewelry and this project is on the website as well you can find everything you've seen here at you

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