Beadaholique Live Class: Stacking and Layering Jewelry

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In this Live Class Event, Kat and Julie help you achieve the trend of stacking and layering jewelry. You will see how you can layer necklaces as well as stack rings and bracelets to combine various styles to create an all new look.
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hi everyone it is Kat and Julie and we are back for our next live class so we are just so excited we do this at least once a month it's been really really successful for us and you guys are so great with all of your comments and everything so you keep us coming back so thank you little little gratitude to start this off today so happy November everyone I can't believe it oh my gosh what is it Christmas night I know I don't think about that right now in our live class before we usually do a giveaway so I'm gonna start off with that but I just want to kind of touch base before I get into that of I know what we're gonna talk about here today so today's class is all about stacking and layering Julie which is a jewelry bulb which is a huge trend right now so what we're gonna do is we're gonna show you a couple of different projects and I'm gonna show you how you can make an adjustable chain necklace and I'm also going to show you how you can do gemstones and create a little focal and kind of create a double tiered sort of effect so I have some components over here that I'm gonna be showing you how to do that we're also gonna be talking about just some of the various different charms and bracelets stacking and ring stacking and Julie it has a really great technique to show you as well so I'm gonna be showing you two different projects actually I'm gonna be showing you how to make this exact piece here but in gold and this is a layered necklace but it's actually just one necklace using strand reducers so you get that really popular look but everything's in one piece which is very easy to do less tangles left angle and if you're in a hurry it does help also I'm going to show you how to make a quick and easy noodle bead necklace using beading chain which is a great layering piece so we're going to be showing you a lot of different options on how to create these the stacked layered look and you might notice that Kat and I are not wearing any jewelry right now because we're gonna be your models we're gonna show you how to put it on yourself how you know it should lay the length and so we're just got very basic black tops on right now I know the red-haired black thing we did so we're going to be showing how to actually wear this jewelry how to make this jewelry and then oh so different components because there there is a little bit of a formula to get that look that's really popular right now I'm gonna be talking some rules of thumb and just you know really you know like Julie said just the links and kind of standard links especially if you're gifting and I'll talk about that a little bit more when I start to do the adjustable chain is it's great for gifts yeah it really is so and Julie's gonna show you how to use the chain extender as well so as you know we don't want to talk about Christmas we gotta talk about Christmas so we'll be talking about that but I promise there is a giveaway today no I'm gonna show you guys what we're giving away so you can actually see this is the piece here it's this black flat piece and it's a nice little stand so we're gonna be giving you one of these in a lovely little package here but then we're also going to be giving you guys one of those adjustable chain necklaces here now this is a sterling silver chain and you can just kind of see how sparkly it is just on that black there so I just kind of move it around a little bit it's a really beautiful chain so we're gonna be giving you a couple of charms to choose from here well you'll get both of them but you can put them on this chain or some other chains that you might have at home and then I have a beautiful Saturn and gold filled chain so this one has a little bit of interest it's got those tiny little balls every I'd say about three quarters of an inch or so I believe on this chain but this is a nice gold filled and of course we wanted to supply you with a couple of gold filled charms as well so to kind of make jewelry we wanted to give you some of the basics here and this we launched maybe over two months ago and this has been a really great seller for us so we wanted to make sure that we gave it to you guys this is a four piece travel tool kit so what you're gonna get is you're gonna get chain nose round nose and flush cutters and then you're also going to get this great beading board which is going to help you with sort of designing your beaded stuff and it comes with a nice little case here so it's great for travel and I actually bought one of these myself because I'll be doing a lot of holiday travel and you know kind of fixing on the road or sort of adjusting things of you you know get to mom's house what you have to finish making her necklace sorry mom yes but it was a great little tool kit so this is an over $50 value so you can win this by commenting it below and just go ahead and let us know where you're tuning in from if you have a question that all sort of counters your comment and be sure to just kind of keep watching so we'll get this away live at the end of our and we definitely do you want to hear your questions this is really one of the reasons we do this is because this lets us interact with you guys right in the here and now yeah so it's a nice opportunity to just talk and get your questions answered or anything we can do to help so if you've been seeing this trend even seeing this look and you have questions about it please this is a great time to ask those questions and we'll answer them here live and I'm sure other people have similar questions too so it's helping others as well yes if you have a question there are no stupid questions no question too small too big shout it out we're here for you absolutely so while you're thinking of your questions um I'm just gonna go ahead and dive right in and start making a project yeah that's a great idea let's go for it all right so I told you that we have these adjustable chain necklaces now I want to show you the ones that we sell that are completed to start so this is one of the ones and this has a really nice sort of wheat chain and what happens is this piece right here has a little silicone inside of it so what you can do is you can just slide that chain through to adjust that link so it's really nice and easy and you know if you do purchase this you'll see how easy it really is it doesn't hurt the chain at all so that's one style and I'm going to be making something similar to this with a silicone bead but we do have these other ones here now this is a venetian box chain and these are all sterling silver the ones that I'm working with here but as you can see if I can kind of get a little side view on there it has a little button on the top so for this one it's going to be actually pinching down on that chain but again it doesn't really hurt the chain so you just pinch it and then it slides right through so it's really nice and these go up to 22 inches so if you're layering necklaces and let's say you want to sort of alternate your layers or if you have a charm on this one and you wear a different necklace and you want that to be the longer one or the shorter one this is a great kind of opportunity to sort of utilize that so we have different styles of those sterling Silver's all right so let's these only go up to 22 I'm going to show you how you can make a really long one so I have three feet Chane here now this is a sterling silver diamond-cut Rolo chain this is 2 millimeters so again I just wanted to go for something really nice and sparkly so what you're gonna do really easily here all right so and just let you guys know for tools I have a couple pairs of chain nose pliers here and some flush cutters now I'm not going to be cutting my chain right here so I don't need my flush cutters right away so what you're gonna need is I have a little sterling silver dangle bead I have a spring ring clasp that actually has an open ring on the back I have an Italian quality tag now I don't know if you'll be able to see this but it does say 0.9 to 5 to ensure that is true sterling I have some four millimeter 22 times re 21 gauge jump rings here and then I also have my silicone slider bead and you can kind of see again and you'll see when I open it that it that little ring on the bottom is open so you don't need to sort of cut it of any kind so to one end here the first thing I'm going to do is I'm going to attach my little drop now you can use a teeny little charm you can use a drop bead you can use a little circular bead to just to kind of attach and just sort of something on the in there you can see that these ones have the soldered balls on them but I'm just gonna open that jump ring and slip on my little drop and then slip it on to the last link in that chain and I'm just going to close that out there we go alright so that's the first part now the second part is going to be taking this and sort of sliding it right through and you know I have my little piece of wire on the side here but I did not prepare ahead of time there we go alright so this is just a really thin little strip of wire here so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna kind of create a needle by slipping it through that last little hole there bending it and I'm gonna slip on my little silicone slider and I'm gonna slide him all the way down to the other side now you can do this on this side well now you can kind of I did a little backwards but it works works fine just the same all right so now I'm gonna slip off my little needle here and then to this side what I need to do is I'm just gonna take a little jump ring here with my chain nose pliers there we go and I'm going to slip it on to the other side of my chain here close that up so that will be where my hook is gonna lie so now to finish on this side here you can see that I have my ring and it's already a little bit open so I'm just gonna open it just a smidge more and I'm actually just gonna try to do this with my fingers just there we go now slide on my little quality tag and close that up and I'm just gonna give it a little pinch something I like to do just to make sure that it's nice and flush because I don't want that to come apart and then the last little part here is I'm just gonna open the ring on my clasp here slide on my little quality tag and now just sort of close that ring up there we go and again I just want to make sure it's nice and flush alright so here's what you have now so what's going to happen is you're going to take your spring ring and you're just going to open it and slide it on there we go alright so now I have my chain ready to go and now you can see that I can adjust it just by sliding it through that nice little silicone part so now I have one here that is a little bit shorter and now I have my one that's a little bit longer here so if I wanted to layer that what I would recommend is you're going to want if you're doing a nice long piece some big anchor down here so something that's a little bit larger so I'm gonna go ahead and let's see I have my little compass here you know I'm gonna choose this little charm here so we'll do a a little night at sea sort of theme here so all I'm gonna do is just open this jump ring actually I believe this is a solder jump ring okay so what I'm going to do let's see if it will slide over the top here oops nope alright oops and my quality tag actually slipped out because I did not secure it well enough sometimes that happens sorry about that folks there we go there we go alright see if I can get my little plier in there secure that up alright there we go alright yeah sorry about that folks there we go now we're nice and secure okay so what I was gonna suggest is to undo this and then I can slide on my little charm here let's see if it's fits over my little jump ring alright so here's another little trick you choose your charm before you do it I knew this was gonna happen - oh we have all been there I know that this is a very common thing this is what we do all day and it's like god I gotta go back a step alright there we go and I know we've got a couple questions waiting and I didn't want to interrupt cats process my process is so kind so oh my goodness alright there you guys there we go tada I feel like we should have music going while let me do this mhm alright so now I'm done alright so we had a couple of questions hi Marty so the question was will the material in the slider wear out over time so the answer to that is if you choose your proper chain so on the website we've listed the chains that work with these and that's gonna be the key to it if you do try to force a chain in that's too wide it will wear out is you're gonna become a problem um if you use when the chains that we recommended that we've tested and we spent hours testing these I will say that it was a process yeah we want to make sure that you guys were gonna get something that was gonna fit and we knew that it was gonna fit exactly take the guesswork out of it yeah so um no I mean honestly if you use this everyday and you put through a lot of wear and tear anything over time will show some wear but if you're just wearing this you know as a piece of jewelry that you would normally wear yeah it's gonna hold it's gonna hold so I think that's the best yeah I think you're pretty solid and but again that's why you also put that little dangle on the back so then if it does start to wear out you won't lose your chain as your charm or anything like that yeah yeah so I hope that answers the question yeah but it is a nice fit and it's really solid in there I know it's probably quite hard to see on camera because it's so small but it is really nice and solid in there and then we had a second question so um the question was that small jump rings are not holding very securely and they feel kind of wobbly I would say try going up again a little bit thicker so remember with wire gauges that's the bigger the number the thinner the wire is a little bit counterintuitive yeah so it's like a 24 gauge jump ring is thinner than a 22 or 21 I always say try going a little heavier jump ring and that will hopefully give it just more strength because the thicker the wire the stronger it's going to be yeah and you just I mean the the test is always just to make sure it's gonna fit through your chain as you need it to but I would also recommend that if you want to go with something a little bit larger you can always try a split ring as well so that could be an option so the way a split ring works is it kind of overlaps at a certain point so it's like a key chain where if you were to kind of slide on your keys you'd have to wrap it so that's that's one option because that can just be a little bit stronger but also with a lot of the stuff that we're talking about today it is kind of delicate jewelry so it is sort of that as long as it fits which is going to be your 20 to 21 gauge go with that but try to try to see if you can push it and see if you could see if it 20 fits or see for 21 fits and you're using a 22 it really can make a fair amount of difference actually yeah I think that's that's a good tip just experiment and try but if you are finding they are wobbly also just make sure that their clothes really well I know it can be hard sometimes but just you know make sure there's not if I can do this so when you close it you don't want there to be a gap between the two ends so you want them as flush together as possible and that's what's gonna help keep them really stable and solid mm-hmm so I think after since I've just made a lovely long piece I think I'm gonna go in and make a shorter layer necklace so with cats she has two different pieces and what's great with hers as they both are that adjustable so she can alter their lengths a lot which is great if you want something that is a simmer look I might do a shorter version though because really we are seeing two different trends with the stacking and layering jewelry we're seeing the trends where it's really almost the top half of your body you've got something here here here two pieces three pieces four pieces and then we're seeing once they're much tighter up where they really don't go below the chest and that's really a piece that I made here and so it is a triple strand necklace but it looks like three different necklaces based upon my choices but they are all connected in the back with the strand reducers and what I have done is I've used a necklace extender chain which allows you to change the length by several inches so that's great if you are making it for gift or just you want to be able to adjust the length you wear that this particular piece does feature a choker style necklace which for me some days 12 inches feels great some days 12 inches feels like it's strangling me yeah and then other it is like 14 is just so I personally want the option to adjust a choker based on just how I'm that day some days I'm just like I don't want anything tight other days I'm like oh I really want that look so let me show you how to make this and I think we do have a question real quick before I start in okay so so for this particular sterling silver one we do list the chain and I I believe this is a two millimeter Rolo diamond-cut chain that fits with this particular one but we also do have various sizes and I'm actually going to kind of jump ahead just a little bit here so there's different size sliders so this is not a clasp it doesn't have a loop as you can see it but it does slide on this chain and this chain is very different so for each slider if you look on their product description you'll see a list of chain that goes with that slider so it is unique to each slider each one has a different sort of size and if you can kind of get like a little view into the inner core of this but you can see that white slider portion in there and then you can see how the chains fits through there so again it's just it's incredibly individualized with each slider but we do make sure that we list that at so if you're looking for adjustable sliders you'll see exactly the chain that it will match and we've also tried to create several projects so that if you wanted to make this you'll know that it fits so maybe you wanted to make this necklace you'll know that it fits so and that's that's a big reason why we do a lot of our projects is because it takes the guesswork out of which gauge works you know which style or size or anything like that so it's all kind of there for you yeah and I would say I'm always a huge promoter of experiment try it out you know learning in this particular case I'm an insane look at the description and see which chains works yeah we really just spend hours testing chains so that we could get them right because we knew that that was gonna be a big thing it's you you're ordering this really fun innovative type slider clasp you want to be able to use it you want to be able to enjoy it but we have hundreds of chains on so we wanted to make sure that we listed for you the ones that really would fit so there's a lot to choose from yeah but please do look at them and choose one of the ones that we've listed just because even if you look at the measurements and you're like this other chain is the same measurement it might just be shaped a little bit differently so you say I was like you can't always say like oh all two millimeter chains gonna work right so that was something that we had to kind of discover but and I'm glad that we could do it for you wasn't that you know you guys know that you're getting something that fits yeah exactly yeah okay so I'm gonna keep asking the questions and we will break away and answer them as they come in but I'm gonna go ahead and make this full triple strand necklace in gold to show you how to make a layered necklace because I we really wanted to not just talk about this trend but show you how to make pieces so I'm gonna borrow the ruler for cash so if you are doing a shorter piece like this a really good rule of thumb is to have at least or at least or around two inches difference between each of your necklace links so I'm gonna do a 12 a 14 and a 16 and then add my findings which will add about another inch so that the choker is gonna be about 13 inches a standard chokers about 14 13 14 I have a little bit of a thinner neck but I'm adding my chain adjuster so it's gonna be able to vary by several inches so I'm gonna start right here and if we look down here I have one foot of this really pretty sequin link chain and that's perfect one foot 12 inches we're good to go so I'm just gonna start by taking my strand reducers and some little four millimeter jump rings and I'm going to open them with my chain nose pliers and put them on my strand reducers so these are a little three strand reducer they do come in all sizes you also have the option that you could connect this to a tube clasp if you don't want to have like a adjustable chain I'm just gonna read you from the camera superfast well actually we'll just have a camera look down here so there is a bunch of different tube clasps that this would work for the same project but I did want to have the adjustable chain and then there's other styles of stitch and reducers with different amounts of links and little connectors so you have a lot of options but we're going to use this pretty little one here by tierracast and I'm just going to link a jump ring right to that end sequin and then also the end loop and then I'm going to go to the other side and do the same thing making sure that my chain is not twisted so I'm just gonna really build this one by one fiddly little guys and we have another question I'm gonna kind of answer is Jewish work in here so I would not recommend using them on the leather just because the silicone could actually break down the leather a lot faster than a neck than it would have chained again like it's sort of a it's a sizing thing because you have to also understand that if you if it fits the two millimeter leather eventually it won't it won't wear down the silicone it'll wear down the leather and the leather can be really I don't want to my trying to say it can be really sensitive to stuff like that to sort of something sliding on it yeah repeated rubbing yeah like and you know the thing is is that sort of is great like you know have a pair of leather boots you know they wear in really nicely because they kind of stretch out you know with where it's the same was sort of putting that pressure on it so I wouldn't recommend it for a leather chain unfortunately yeah or a leather round cord but great crash really good question yeah yeah yeah if it didn't wear down so much absolutely all right so I'm gonna make now the second necklace so this was 12 inches now so the next one I want to be 14 inches so I've got 8 inches of this gemstone chain here and this is individually wire wrapped gemstones it comes like this which is amazing first off I want to show you how you would cut this chain to your length so you can order it by the inch and I've ordered 8 inches here but perhaps you just have a bunch of it at home and you want to use it for different projects you want to be able to cut it so first off I want to show you how to cut it so if we look really closely at this chain you'll see there is an inner basically strand of these gemstones right here you see that where they're connected and that's what's really creating the foundation for the chain and then you've got all these dangles so you're not going to cut the dangles to cut the chain you're going to look right here where these two links connect and you want to make sure you have an end loop that will be fully intact so what you're going to do is you're going to cut the one next to it that you don't want and there you've got a nice intact loop to connect a jump ring to and then definitely save these pieces because you can always use little gemstones so I never toss any of that so because I want my next piece to be 14 inches long and I've got 8 inches of chain here I need to add 3 more inches of chain on each side so I have some Rolo chain here we do love our Rolo chain this is a really nice state chain whether you're making delicate jewelry or just any type of jewelry that it's just it's just a nice pretty chain this 2 millimeter Rolo yeah it's it's a great standard chain it fits a lot of just various designs that we find so yeah so one of our favorites it is so I need 8 plus 6 to equal 14 so there's my six inches right there and then I need 3 inches on each side so I'm just going to cut right there and then I'll add that with jump rings to each side and you can see this is why we wanted to give you guys that toolkit so that you'll be able to create these pieces because while we are both using two pairs of chain nose pliers you could also use a round nose plier and a chain nose plier got distracted I'm sorry everyone I need to connect this to the chain first and then that I'm sorry I interrupted you Kat I just know it's a good idea where we're both doing it today why don't we do this on Friday towards the end of the week especially a holiday week with Halloween oh I know it kind of does feel like a little bit of a strange week it is oh yeah so don't forget guys we might look perfect and our videographer does a fantastic job of making us look great but when we're live this is this is how it is sometimes we you know we're constantly making mistakes are going back and going oh you know I bet I could do it differently or something so we do a lot of experimenting here so definitely don't feel like if you do that at home that you're behind or anything like that we are still always experimenting and always kind of trying stuff but again like I said that's why we do the project so that you know we can try to take some of that guesswork out especially if you're just starting the free tutorials and videos is a great place to start absolutely and we're always looking for more ideas too if there is something you've been wanting to learn or you've been curious about you know really this class came about because there are big questions about how do you do stacked and layered jewelry a lot of our classes do come about because people have written into customer service or they've written on Facebook or YouTube or Instagram questions or given us ideas things I'd like to see because it is nice to be able to really see it live and be able to ask questions yeah it's a big a big part of why we do these I'm just gonna make sure before I connect this at my gemstone chain is not kinked up at all it's all these wonderful little components okay so I made sure that the middle loop is what I was connecting this to on both strand reducers so pay attention that's important to make sure that you're paying attention to that all right so it looks quite a bit longer right now when this wraps around your neck it's not going to so we've got 12 we've got 14 and now we want 16 and I'm going to use the same Rolo chain and do a 16 inch so and I pick you can do a different chain I wanted to pick the same chain because this particular chain is sold by the foot and I wanted you to be able to just be able to purchase two feet of chain and be able to do that whole project but definitely feel free to mix and match your chains so on this one I want to add this little charm so I have some other charms right here I'm going to show you so this is a little home charm that you see there's a little Saudi act symbols little alphabet charms which is great for personalization if you want to you know put the loved ones initial on there there's an anchor there's a wishbone a little robot so one thing I really love about this trend is often you'll see one charm mixed in with all the different layered necklaces and it's a great way to add a personal touch whether it is that initial charm or it is something else and this is a great time to kind of talk about scale you know as I was choosing my charm you know you can do something larger on the bottom and smaller on the top or even just keep it all really nice and delicate like Julie is choosing to do here her bottom layer is gonna feature that nice little itsy Nunn design charm so something just really really fun and there's there's kind of no wrong way to do this because it's so personal but we do have some some some tips on how did how'd it get that look yeah it is a fun look it lets you to actually even pull in pieces that you have made in the past and kind of give them new life and wear them together it's a great opportunity to wear multiple pieces of jewelry on I knew I was gonna do this I would rather just so here's a little tip I like to just link the jump ring onto the chain versus slide the chain through the jump ring to me that's a little bit easier so here I'm just gonna go like this around the length of the chain there we go yeah sometimes I find that easier to do that as well it just seems to be a little snugger mm-hmm yeah there we go and then I'm going to go ahead and finish this piece off at least as far as a strand reducer is concerned so we're connecting to all of them all the little loops okay so we've got the base part of our necklace done and now we just need to add the clasp and add this little chain extender now I chose a little bit larger scale clasp personally I like to use a little bit larger ones just because you're easier to work with when I'm trying to kind of fiddle in the on the back of my neck I like a little bit of a larger class sometimes so that's why I chose a little bit larger one and so I'm going to create a little fake chain like it's not fake chance the real chamber I'm going to create a little chain out of jump rings to add a little bit of distance between the loop of the strand reducer and my clasp which I mean I find it easier to hold on to that way which also adds a little bit of length so if you are looking to gain any more length this is a great little tip and then I'm gonna want to put this on or at least hold it up to my neck once done so you can see how it would lay okay so now I'm gonna grab that clasp connect it on and now on the other side we're going to do the chain extender if you're making holiday gifts I really do recommend the chain extender is such a simple thing to add but it gives your recipient more flexibility and how they're gonna wear it all right there we go so now I'm gonna take this and I'm just gonna hold it up to my neck that's why we wore black but here we've got the three strands would you mind pulling that little charm down to the center for me okay okay so then this would lay like that so you can have it as tight to your neck as you want or as loose as you want but it's nice where you get that three strand effect you get that tiered look and you see what the distance is by just adding two inches here I'll hold it like this it might be a little easier to see so that's two inches extra per strand so the top one was twelve fourteen and sixteen and that's about the gap you get when you have about two inches between each yeah and even as a longer set even if you weren't wearing anything shorter it's really nice and honestly you could convert this exact same design to a longer set by just adding more chain right here and you would just see those strand reducers but that could be really pretty too oh yeah so just add one length of chain all the way around the back yeah it's very nice so that would be an easy easy way to change this design up exactly yeah and you know feel free to definitely uh alter some of the designs that we have shown you guys here so yeah alright so I want to show you something just kind of really quick so this is the necklace that I was working with earlier and I'm gonna put it on and I'm gonna show you because we get a lot of questions about necklace length and I'm gonna actually try to clasp this on line all right so now with the neckline that I'm wearing it kind of almost falls behind it you can kind of see that it's almost a little hidden so what you can do with this one is because it has that little strand a silicon piece on it you can make it just a little bit longer or a little bit shorter and again I'm gonna try to do this get all my hair out of the way oh this hair oh my goodness thanks mom but but yeah so I can then lengthen it so it lands just in front of my neckline now so now it's not gonna dip into my shirt and I find that sometimes when I wear like little tiny little charms right up here if I'm wearing a higher neckline I don't want it to kind of disappear so this is a great little kind of adjustment to that way you know not only for what you're wearing but you know fur and I know we did get another question while you were doing that really oh that's a great question I can't really asked what size jump rings do you prefer when attaching charms my choice is usually dictated by the chain and the ring on the charm um so in this case it was a little bit of a dainty charm and a thinner a chance I used a four millimeter five millimeter is really good and basic I'd say like a five millimeter 21 gauge it's gonna be pretty Universal yeah it will go around a lot of chain links um I don't usually go to much bigger than that just because it starts to look kind of big and it might flip around a little bit when you're positioning it so I'd say a four if I can get away for with it for a delicate charm and then a five for a pretty Universal yeah and we do have some a lot of the sterling charms come with charm or come with jump rings on them however some of them might be a little bit too large for the chain that you're working with so feel free to take off the jump ring that comes with it you can kind of switch it out no we do have some pieces here that obviously feature really large jump rings but this is sort of part of the design with something like this so you're gonna get like a really thick gauge jump ring on there but you know you can see it's just really really part of the design if you look kind of closely here you can see some of these guys have little oval jump rings and some have some sort of in my personal opinion a little bit of an odd scale jump ring that comes with it this is a little bit large I'm gonna guess that's almost six or seven millimeters actually so I would probably switch out the jump ring on a charm like this for something a little bit more delicate yeah so I feel like you could probably get away with a four or even a five and a 20 or 21 gauge yeah so again I think Julie had a great tip it really kind of more depends on the chain that you're using and a little bit less about the term but definitely have to consider both yeah and another question strand reducer so the question is she was having troubles with the necklace is getting tangled together and were there any tips to help with that I think a strand reducer is a really good tip because if you look at it here what it does is it does separate them out so there's a little bit of a gap between each of them so that really helps to create a nice gap and it keeps them in line with each other so that's one tip for sure the other one would just be you know definitely one at a time take them off and put them on so like I know for me if I'm in a hurry and I've got like three long necklaces I just kind of rip them all off together and then they kind of go and then yeah okay I just take em off one at a time yeah and I mean yeah I do find myself sometimes throughout the day kind of adjusting yeah I mean sort of fix it a little bit but yeah if you are wearing let's say you're wearing three separate necklaces I think she was good great to put them on one at a time take them off in no time and this tip is coming from the person who puts all her jewelry in a little dish and then has to untangle every pair of earrings and everything that goes on every bracelet so I get it I mean but what you could also do is Julie is pointing out these tube clasp so for example you could actually take a lobster clasp and clasp it here and add a jump ring so let's say you wanted to just make this triple strand that you wanted to wear just for that one day so add a little jump ring and add a little lobster and then you can kind of lobster it up so you've created a quick little triple strand now it just takes a quick little you know jump rings on hand type of situation but it could it could work you know in terms of that way it's at least in one piece so you could take it off in one piece well yeah that's a great tip if you find a trio that you love and you want to keep recreating it that wasn't a very easy way of doing it I'll just show you real quick with this one right here kind of a good illustration of what she means you can just take that lobster and literally clasp it to it and then you would just add a jump ring on the other side but there you go you've got your necklace yeah you would add a jump ring to this other side so that you created it and then the clasp just slides apart so you can just put it on then yep yep so that could that could work if you have separate necklaces that you want to wear together but try to want to keep separated or at least easy to take off and then you can kind of separate right okay I've definitely done that before where it's like you have to put everything apart the question is can you use vintage paint with sterling silver I believe you can I don't you are going to use patina I would recommend using plated jewelry but it's entirely up to you I don't think it will harm the sterling silver at all in fact silver plate is just sterling silver plated so this might actually be kind of a good opportunity to talk about some of the different metals and we do get a lot of questions of what is sterling what is gold filled what is gold plated so just kind of a quick little background on that so for the sterling what you'll notice is a lot of it says point nine to five and what that means is that the silver content is ninety two point five percent and that is what is sterling silver so when you're getting like a silver plate it means that that's sterling silver is plated on top of it it's usually electroplated through pressure and heat and then it but it's over like a copper or oftentimes a brass like a base metal yeah so you're always gonna get that base metal but sterling silver means that your component that you're working with there is ninety two point five percent sterling silver true silver so gold Verma is something where it is gold plated over sterling silver so we get that question a lot what is gold Renae let's see I gold plated is the same so you're gonna so sometimes you'll see like 14 karat gold plated or a 24 karat gold plated that just means the content of the gold that is plated onto your brass or copper or you know like Julie was saying like your base metal there and then meant gold filled is sort of a little bit of a different thing because there can be different variations on gold filled let's say I'm gonna get to talking about the Rings here in just a moment but you have something that is one over 20 and that means that it is 20 percent gold filled because gold is never actually 100 percent gold even those you know big gold bricks that you see in movies and stuff if they are gold but they'll always say 99.99 percent so it's never actually a hundred percent gold because there's always gonna be those little trace metals in there and that kind of thing so gold filled and sterling silver are going to give you a little bit more value there's a little bit more gold there you can also get something that's one over forty one over fifty for gold filled so it just kind of depends on the carrot and the plating there yeah I think it's important to mention this because if you are looking at the stacking and layering jewelry trend you're seeing a lot of these terms come up yeah and I think that's why we're mentioning it and that's why we pulled up a while the Sterling and the gold filled because what we were noticing when we were researching this class and just what we've been seeing out there in the magazines and just in life is a lot of people are layering sterling silver necklaces silver filled necklaces gold filled and so those terms are coming up a lot yeah and it's it's just the quality of the product or the value so so if you are looking at something that is gold filled and you're wondering why it's more expensive it's it's a different process than a gold plating so so that's really kind of why and you know I mean speaking of that though you can do a lot of these designs by even mixing your metals so it doesn't have to be all gold or all silver you know you can do like beautiful gold filled and sterling necklaces together so it's just all kind of about the little look that you want and there's also rose gold filled as well so lots and lots of so many choices yeah oh my goodness so many choices that's kind of the fun thing about layering and the stacking is that it can just you know you can have all of these pieces or just add on a charm or add this piece and you have a completely new look for whatever you're working on so actually speaking of choice this is might be a good time to talk about some of these trays that we have down here so what we've noticed a lot of is usually if you're layering there tends to be an interesting chain as one of the layers so whether it's like the sequin chain this little like bunting the fishbone or this one here which is so pretty there's tends to be different types of chains mixed together so I did do my necklace where I used the Rolo in combo with the sequin and I did that in part for value because I knew that the feature of this was gonna be the gemstone so I wasn't too concerned about the chain up here but oftentimes you'll see three or four different styles of chain and then you'll see a really graphic element often times so something like these little Chevron's a noodle bead this great little honeycomb shape even these zodiacs stuff or a lightning bolt there'll be something which is just very visually striking graphic and bold you might see a little sparkle so we've got like these little Swarovski channel charms the evil eye these wonderful drops and then over here another thing that is popular just put a single charm or a single tassel or like Kat was mentioning if you're doing a longer necklace you want to think of the scale of that longer necklace and so perhaps you want a really beautiful drop and we've got like the Dru Z's and the gemstones so those are different components to play with so think about mixing and matching your chains thinking about a charm a noodle bead a graphic Chevron shape maybe just even a long spike or a gemstone those are all different things to to mix and match so you can do a gemstone you can do gemstone chain you can do a charm chain and then you can do like a heavier gemstone at the bottom yeah there's there's like I was saying earlier there's a lot of options and there's kind of no wrong way to do it it's just about balancing it out and you know that's you know heavy ground the bottom a little lighter on the top having an interesting chain you know I think is is the best place to start with something like this yeah and I would also think about wearing the necklaces at different lengths that would be the one tip is you know you might have three necklaces probably try not to have all three right on top of each other at the same length where it's hitting you but instead try to stagger them yeah I have seen where you know you can wear like five or six necklaces and you have all these teensy little charms appearing now that to me it makes me go but I have seen it done and it looks very pretty very delicate but again like you wouldn't want like one charm to be really large and then another term to be delicate at the same height so that's another thing so if you're looking at like you know especially some of these sterling ones where you could do like three like teeny little charms let's say I'd wanted to choose let's see these four okay so these go kind of in scale together but you see how if all of a sudden I try to add in this one it's just a little bit too big even though it's not a big charm but it's just too big for those three so if you just kind of wanted to do at that same height but I don't know I kind of like giving them all a little bit of room to be seen so I would even just do like a 14 16 and 18 you know just kind of even if they're all three the same kind of delicate but that's that's my personal preference but we'd love to hear what you guys are doing with you so by all means shout it out for sure we love hearing what you guys are up to so this was actually a good time I'm gonna kind of remind people of the giveaway so if you're just joining us now I'm going to be giving this away today all right so this here it's kind of I wanted to keep it nice and packaged and fresh for our winner here but it is this black display piece here and this will kind of help you when you're not only planning out your jewelry but also a nice little display on your on your desk there I was I was like to look at pretty things at work look so we're gonna be giving that to you and then we have a sterling silver adjustable chain here and this is going to have that nice little button on it so you're gonna be able to sort of adjust to the link that you need and we'll go up to 22 inches we have a couple little charms here and Julie was mentioning a drop so this is a really great example of that so just a nice little long bar drop so really really beautiful and then we have a little compass and then we have a gold filled chain here and this is a Saturn chain and I have a couple little charms here as well and then we have our four-piece travel toolkit so this is going to have that round nose chain nose cutters your board and this nice little carrying case oh it's a nice little plastic case to travel with so really great little value it is over $50 so all you have to do is leave a comment during our live feed here and you are entered to win all right so we're going to move on and I'm going to show you another necklace piece here but then we're gonna start talking a little bit about rings and bracelets so if that is sort of more your style I know some people are definitely all about the bracelets or rings or anything like that so I'm gonna kind of start and I'm gonna move a little bit quickly with this one and then I think really quick before we move to bracelets after you finish that I'm going to show just super fast how to attach a crimp end to beading chain and add a noodle I won't make the whole necklace because I think we spent a while on necklace the night now but I will do that super quick just cuz I promised I would at the beginning I know I was like I feel like we must fulfill promises and so all right so I'm gonna start here by making this little link and I'm just gonna take off some little gemstones from my strand here and I have a 22 gauge eye pin and all I'm gonna do is kind of get on these gemstones here and now tiny gemstones can sometimes be a little bit finicky with their size so this is sort of you're gonna see that not all of them are gonna fit on my little chain here but I didn't want to go with any thinner of a wire because it would sort of get bent so I just wanted to make sure so all I'm gonna do is just kind of link up a few of these I don't see that one doesn't fit so let's that hem aside but yeah so even at 22 gauges at a 22 gauge wire sometimes your gemstones just simply don't fit they're just really teensy tiny so you always want to be kind of looking out for that all right just gonna get a few more on here so I can create a nice long little link here you know let's see if these guys fit nope all right I'm gonna take off a couple more colors here I want to get a nice little color splash going a little variety already and one more I think okay of course my one more doesn't fit all right last one last one there we go okay so what I have now is I've just slid it down to the end there and all I'm gonna do is I'm going to take my concave round nose pliers here and you can see I have a little bit of blue painters tape on there and all that does is just help protect that wire a little bit so that it is nice and easy to make a little simple wire loop I'm just gonna kind of loop that around and cross it over and then I'm gonna come in with my flush cutters and trim that off all right so now I've created this little fun kind of link that is gonna go on my chain here so I'm gonna start and can I have that ruler Julie thank you all right so the first length that I'm gonna do is I'm gonna do an 18 inch so there's 15 and 18 all right trim that off there we go all right so what I'm gonna do first is I'm gonna start and kind of go a little bit back and forth here just because I want to make sure that I am excited about my length okay so I also have some charm chain here now Julie left hers intact but what I'm gonna do is I'm actually going to trim off some of these jump rings here to sort of separate these charms because I want to create something kind of fun so I think I'm actually only going to use three and the nice thing is that we sell this charm chain by the inch so you can see how many of those little dangles you're really getting in an inch all right so to the center of my chain there just gonna kind of eyeball it here there we go I'm going to open a jump ring and again I'm using those 4 millimeter jump rings okay I'm gonna slip on one of my little one of my little flag charms there and I'm gonna slip him on to the center link of my chain all right now here's a little tip when you guys are gonna do something like this so on the Rolo chain and I'm gonna spread it out here so you can really see and keep it nice and taut so you can see that that jump ring is right on the bottom of that chain so when you're adding it to the links you're gonna need to add it to the same facing links so I'm gonna show you what I mean there because this I had to learn the hard way a couple of times all right so really quickly here as Rachel's doing that or I'm sorry let us know that we have a question oh sure so do you have okay her question is do you have any tips on creating nice loops at the end of wire and what was a tool that was used so while Kat is doing I'm gonna show you the tool real quick if she could just hand it this is my all-time favorite tool is I have it at home Sarah our co-founder here introduced it to us so this is a wire looping plier this has a round nose and a concave nose and actually Kathy now if I take your tape off go for it yeah I want to show you what it actually looks like so there's it and it is you see it's concave and the round nose fits right into it and if there's any spare wire maybe a scrap or something I have a little bit okay there's a little okay this takes some of the guesswork out for you so if you look at it when you squeeze it it creates part of the loop for you and then you can just bend it around and this is definitely a scrap but there we go so we just made a little loop and this is a must-have tool I love this guy they're called wire looping pliers this is my personal favorite one and I use it all the time I actually don't use round nose pliers anymore myself I only use this guy it's just I feel like I have more control also what I like is that concave nose grabs it so if I am doing anything else with the wire it just is a nice secure almost like a vice-like grip so a great tool you can find it just I think is a must-have yeah yeah they we all have one on our desk yeah so we do a lot of wrapped wire loops simple wire loops it's great for that you can also if you look at the nose it is a tapered nose here so you can make really tiny loops or you can make larger ones so you can vary the size of your loops and like I said I know we've all got them at home we've all done them at work and it's really one of these tools that we can stand behind them say that we love so yeah perhaps if you been wanting to get yourself a little treat or something this is great or if you're wanting to get a gift to a beater this is a really nice gift that is a really good gift because I you know unfortunately I think a lot of people don't know about that tool yeah so it's a really great kind of opportunity to be like oh hey I thought you might like this so very cool all right so I'm just finishing up here maybe as you're finishing that I'm gonna just go ahead and show one other little technique here so I like noodle beads they're a really graphic element I'm gonna slice them on some beading chain so this is beading chain and if you look at it there's no loops to connect a jump ring to what's nice if you buy it by the foot and you just cut it with your wire cutters and you can cut it to any length you want super easy to cut and I'm going to just be able to feed it through a noodle bead and it's a little bit stiff which is nice so it just feeds right through a noodle bead and you see it comes out the other side and then if I was to hold this up to my black shirt you see it's just a really nice element and so this is a great piece to consider for layering jewelry and to finish the ends of the beading chain there are these handy little crimps so I've got my bigtire right here when you see this as a basically it's a crimp bead with a loop and so I'm just going to place it into my crimping plier into that back notch and then I'm just gonna feed the beading chain into it I'm gonna just make sure that loop is twisted around there we go ya know you can maybe see it better okay so I'm just putting that chain into the little loop and squeezing so crimping it the same way I would crimp a crimp bead then rotate put it in the front notch of my pliers and crimp again and you can see it folded over on itself and now it's secured and I have a ring suddenly to attach a clasp to so if I was going to finish this piece I would just do the exact same thing on the other side and then just attach a jump ring to one side a clasp to the other side and you suddenly have a necklace super fast super quick super easy but it does create a really nice layering element if you are doing layered jewellery so you could wear this alone and I think it's a great just modern piece for your going out to a holiday party but let's say you do want to create some extra pieces to layer and mix-and-match this is a fun one alrighty so yeah so okay so I kind of jumped a little bit ahead and just sort of finish this up so all I did to the ends of my chain is I added a jump ring and a lobster clasp and a jump ring on the side but I have those three little teensy tiny little dangles right down there so something really really small and so I'm gonna set this piece aside here and now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take my finish or my unfinished chain here and I'm gonna take a jump ring slide on my little lotus here and what I want to do is I'm just gonna sort of thread that down so that it sits down there right at the center all right so this is kind of a little bit of a backwards thing so what you're gonna do is you're actually gonna finish this first before I show you how to add on your gemstone chain or your little gemstone link excuse me alright so again you'll just kind of see it and I did this exact same thing on the other side off-camera there okay and one more little jump ring on the other side alright okay so now you can see that I have this necklace that's sort of almost done now this could be completed as is but what I want to do is I want to and I'm just gonna kind of hold it up here for a second so you can see how nice and long this is so what I want to do is I kind of want to trap that little charm at the bottom so I am going to sort of find the center point here there we go and what I'm going to do is I'm going to kind of split it open there and I'm gonna add that link in the center there so I'm gonna add it probably see about three inches up on either side here so what you're gonna do is you're just gonna open the little loops that you made here just the same as you would a jump ring so just by giving it just a little twist and then I'm going to add it to the chain on this side here here we go and just close it up and then I'm going to move to the other side here open that loop and now the here's where I just want to kind of make sure that it's gonna hit the same side or the same loop on the other side alright so you're creating a little sort of pendulum swinging little bar there alright and just closing that up alright so now you've created a little necklace here that has a lovely little bar at the bottom and then when you go to put your little chain here at the top it's the same chain so it's that same style and then you're just gonna have a nice little where so let me go ahead and kind of pick that up and show you how that might wear on your necklace there you go so a nice little sort of fun little thing and I know mine's a little off there we go all right this is I'm holding it so just kind of a fun little piece and it looks just really nice yeah just and you know silver and black always looks fabulous though and what I like is this two necklaces but your eye is drawn to three points mm-hmm so that's kind of fun little trick there it looks actually like there's three things happening yeah that's kind of fun all right so let's uh let's see you did you had your sterling right your I did my little bead there little bead I think like you're saying before maybe we'll move on to rings and right yeah because definitely we see a lot of stacked and layered necklaces but we also see stacked and layered rings as well as bracelets so I actually for years have stacked my wedding rings yeah if you watched on the past videos I used to actually have four and I'm sorry these are not very clean I I have a three year old I bake I play with play-doh I'm sorry it is but yes you can mix and match rings I do it with my wedding rings I've got gold and I've got platinum and I did this actually because my grandma gave me these two and then I had this one I bought for myself and this is actually a little big so I trapped the big one in there so I just which is actually how they're good if you have like like if you're a size six and you yeah seven it's like well let me just trap it in there yes I did trap it in there but I love the layered ring look and I love mixing metals and so we have a bunch of rings now a to stack and layer yeah so one of the things that we've been really excited to get in is and I'm gonna start with these these are adjustable rings so if you've been seeing those adjustable style bangles we now have them in rings so it's really great as they go from size 5 to 7 6 to 8 and 8 to 10 so they have a nice little mechanism where they can actually give it a little bit of give there to slide between and what's really fun is you can trap a little charm so let's say you wanted to add a I'll jump ring a little teensy little charm I think that's so sweet but to get that sort of stats look you know we you can take let's see I'm gonna just gonna try to do this kind of on my finger let's see so we have this beautiful little Stardust style there and let's say I wanted to take something that is a little bit more of a band so I can add that on there and let's see and we also have rose gold which is really pretty and this is just sort of all those beautiful mixing metals but there's also just fun little things we have little rhinestone ones here as well and I know you guys have seen the look where it's in the middle of the fingers and all over so just to kind of give you a little bit of an idea we have size 3 to 10 in that sterling silver so if you wanted to take a little size 3 or let's see let's see a size 4 see if this fits on the top of my thing oh yeah there you go so yeah so I could do like a size 4 ring there and it's very comfortable it's very teensy and tiny so just a lot of fun that you can do with these and I do want to point out these these are really fun these are cultured freshwater pearls that we have here and they're just really really sweet and darling and let me just see even if you just wanted to wear just one let's say I just wanted to wear a teeny little one so just see how lovely and delicate that is on the hand so it's really fun these are brand-new at bead Halik so be sure to check those out it'll be in our new products section and yeah so that sort of kind of wraps up rings I mean you know when I think of rings like I have like my wedding rings of course but you know I also like to just sort of play around with it so I'm more of a right-handed kind of yeah layering sort of person so I would definitely want these but you know I have recently done a bit of travel and I didn't want to take my rings with me I was just nervous about it but I still wanted to have like a nice little band on my finger so this would be a great little opportunity to sort of you know a nice little sterling silver band that way it's sort of nice for travel but then it's also nice and lightweight and I mean I wouldn't want to lose it but if I did it wouldn't be especially with like adventure travel yeah I do that exact same thing I are afraid to lose in Africa absolutely terrified great so I was gonna say it's a great little opportunity and just really quick you know I know we talked a little bit about sterling silver and gold filled and rose gold filled these are that so all these rings are gonna be sterling filled or I'm sorry sterling silver gold filled or rose gold films so really great quality again that you're getting there yeah okay so that's rings and now bracelets we've never easily make so many of them oh my goodness but we have fun and you know I'm just I'm gonna pull some of these over here and you're gonna recognize a lot of these familiar faces because a lot of these guys are kids so this is a kind of a great opportunity if you've bought some of our kits in the past this is a great time to sort of add and stack them up here so I'm just gonna start just pointing out some of the familiar faces you might see here so I have some wrap bracelets here now these are the cotton style wrap bracelets and this is a single wrap made on the rapid loom so just a great little thing there and then we have thin loom pieces which are great for the stacking idea cuz then you know it's all about kind of getting into little tiny pieces so this is a wonderful little piece and this is actually part of a duo and I have one of the full duo's over here I'm gonna kind of bring it out I'm just at on my wrist or I'll just lay it on my wrist yeah so go for it this kit actually comes with everything you need to make two bracelets already so you can do the two bracelets and then once you've got these you can add something else to it like let's say um I've got these pretty little guys down yeah so you just have like this adjustable one in gold now you can mix and match your metal mm-hmm but you can put that with it interesting another great example of a set of pieces that we have so this is the flat kumihimo with beads and you will actually get the components to make both pieces so you could have you could be wearing just one little one if you want it see I'm just kind of dress myself here or you can wear both and kind of really get that lovely little look there and that's why we came up with the bracelet set for the kit idea was because we were seeing people wearing multiple bracelets yeah at the same time and we really wanted to offer something that was on trend with that so here's Kats got both bracelets on and then she can even add more yeah go for it another little guy when said that castle I was like that adds little color and a little charm there and you know even if I wanted to let's see oh let's add let's add a little more color but keep that turquoise ya know so now I have a loom piece there so there's just kind of a lot you can do with it it's really just dependent on your outfit but there's just so many fun things yeah so I'm really glad that we have all these kids to sort of pull from and utilize and you know this is just a little stretch cord which is really great and very quick and easy to make stuff like that so and I say if you're a little bit like say you're overwhelmed you've got all these creases at home you're like how do I make this look right right um a great tip is to find one common thread now you can't totally mix and match random actually works with this trend but if you look on Kats wrist there's a theme of there's this blue is very reminiscent of this blue kind of aqua turquoise so they kind of are similar you've got a gold theme going you know she could even add this is of course on the other side she could add this too and she could add um actually any of these I'm just pulling them off but she could do a bangle you can mix loom with kumihimo was stringing with a solid bangle but if you are a little bit overwhelming you don't know where to start and you want to kind of have a guideline is nice you can pull out a common theme my mom a couple themes like a color it's a great way of doing it or a metal type and it doesn't even have to be a lot all at once you know let's say I just wanted to do just before we dress our bus here but you know let's say I just wanted to wear this one here and a little bangle thing that's still stacked and it's still layered and it's still really really nice and you know if you want you can add on more this is a different style of kumihimo but even that so I have like a whole black white and gold thing happy yeah so just like I said there's kind of no wrong way to do it but just just play and mix and match and it's wonderful trendin yeah you know you'll start to notice like all the things that you can kind of bridge the gap with and that's a great way to kind of I'm all magnetic every time but it's a great way to kind of figure out like oh I like the the gold in that one and the black in that one maybe if I add in a color one so it can kind of inform some of your future designs like oh I want to add a purple one in that I can change out because I have a favorite purple shirt or whatever it is so lots of fun stuff to do and yeah adjustable bangles are great and you know they're really personalized with the charms that you could create here so I just made this one and I put a little star in a little zodiac and just some color but again like you know just by stacking up three of the adjustable bangles which we actually sell in sets of three which is really really wonderful and then having two of the stretch bracelets with some gemstones and some other color and you know it just makes it really nice and easy ya know and I've made two little that's right here that would just be perfect together now so you've got just again that white theme and the gold theme but you've added a little wood you've got some fiber happening here and then over here you've got that great cord and then again the loom and the turquoise so you've got like a brown and a brown and then you got the turquoise and gold combo so it's fun way of I think it's fun to just mix and match and then if you do want to make a few just basic components to go with it I think the stretch bracelets are really fun you're super quick they're super easy you can just use beads that you have around your house but you can just make a few you know like five stretch bracelets and a half-hour oh yeah and just be like okay well here's a white one here's a turquoise here so more brown tones or autumn colors yeah if it gets all about kind of tonally like making it all sort of blend together and I actually found I wanted to find a use for this and I was like oh my gosh how am I gonna use this this is just charm chain but it's got these cool little coins on it and I cut enough of it just to make a cute little bracelet but how adorable is that and it's just charm chain and all I would need to do is just put a little clasp on the back and you know Julie did this she had a version for Halloween thank you and you guys all loved it in it because it had those little amuse little skulls on it but you know as it can be as simple as that like doesn't have to be complicated it doesn't you don't have to get intimidated by it but you know and that's a great thing to like especially with a lot of our kits to try loom you know we we really spell it out for you guys so it's very introductory introductory um for you guys so but yeah I have fun with that um so I think we'll see maybe if we have any more questions and if not we're going to show the giveaway one more time and just give you a few more minutes to enter into giveaways live so if you're watching this after the fact I am sorry to the next time okay it's the giveaway some boys they start at the beginning and you enter by commenting any type of comment works and hello a hi I'm from here or question but we do like to give it away live at the end of each class so let's take one quick more look at the giveaway well few more people can comment and then we're going to go ahead and choose a giveaway winner alright so what we have here is we're gonna be giving away this black velvet necklace easel and you can kind of see it out of its package here and what we're gonna do is we're gonna also give you a sterling silver chain a couple of charms a gold-filled chain a couple of charms and this four piece travel tool kit so this is going to go to one very lucky winner so but I just want to take a second and say just thank you everybody for tuning in today it has been wonderful I know we were kind of all over the plants with a lot of this stuff but it's because there's so many options so it's really fun to play with and we have we have fun doing these classes so be sure to tune in next time when we do our next class and if you're curious as to win that next classes always always always check Facebook or Instagram we are always on there to let you know when everything's gonna be and we try to give you guys enough notice so that you can tune in but of course this will be on our Facebook page after the fact so you guys if you're watching later it means you found it but if you're just tuning in now and you're like oh shoot I want to go back this will be live on Facebook for you for all time yeah and it's also another tip too if you are wanting to find out more about the classes to subscribe to our newsletter you could go to for the newsletter you'll find out about sales but we also mentioned happening like this in it as well yeah which will give you more information which is nice because goes right to your inbox yeah yeah I was because I was like because that's where I remember if it's not in an email sometimes I'm like I just I forget and I'm I'm actually really I've been good lately about putting stuff in my phone so if something comes up or there's a webinar I wanted to Dinn for a live class I'm really good about sending a little bit on my phone because I don't want to miss it you know especially when there's giveaways all right so is there anything else you can think of Joey um you know I think I think I think we covered everything a good job doesn't long for everything all right all right so our winner for today is I'm gonna hopefully I say this right my toes show bias so I am so sorry if I didn't say that right um we will be contacting you and we'll be figuring out how to get you your prize congratulations and thanks everybody for joining us really so much and we will see you at next time here on our Facebook line and our youtube live so thank you for everyone's tuning in on all streaming you know works here yes all right we'll see you next time thanks so much all right thank you bye bye

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