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In this Beadaholique Live Event Event, join designers Kat Silvia and Julie Bean as they welcome Becky Nunn to the Beadaholique design studio. Becky Nunn, the founder and creative force behind Nunn Design, shares her story and teaches how to make beautiful jewelry using Nunn Design components and a lot of mixed media supplies.
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hi welcome to our Facebook live class I'm cat Silvia and I'm joined with Julie bean and we have becky nunn amended my here with us in the beadaholique design space we are so thrilled to have you Becky thank you so much for coming down it's great you another thing yes welcome and you've got you brought so many wonderful things to show and we're very excited so we're going to be doing an earring project in our video today and Becky is also going to help us and let us know a little bit more about her design aesthetic and kind of how to put it all together but also she's going to give us a little sneak peek into sort of how she came up with this collection so but if you've joined us for facebook live before you know that we always do a giveaway so we have to do a nice giveaway with becky nunn while she was here so I just want to point out our giveaway here and it's in these two pins and you're going to get this whole thing and this is part of becky nunn new collection and this is the Nunn design so you really get some beautiful pieces here and these are definitely nature inspired so if that inspires you these pieces will be great so go ahead and just leave a comment any time during our Facebook live we're going to give give it away at the end so leave a comment let us know where you're tuning in from if you have a question about anything mixed-media anything then design please hit us up so let's go ahead and dive in let me tell you first this is a $75 Oh retail value this kit is and it has a little bit of all of the collection is mixed in there so you have a little bit of the nature charms that are released you have a little bit of the hoops and you have a little bit of bead caps and we're also going to be going over all of those items and all of the things that I've created and some of the members of my team are you here guys at the design have put together some of the samples that we've created with this new collection so you'll get inspiration and fun things that you can do with this new product line and then hopefully you'll enter and we'll find out who wins at the end well and I don't know if you're like me but if I was watching right now I'd want to see what's in these tin okay my curiosity is so I love these little vintage tunes I want to see what I get to stay with potentially these are some really lovely charms and they're really it's a nice weight to them area see more than when we go over the whole collection here and some of the design ideas but really a lot of goodies to play with so so this is part of the nature collection that we just released these are a series of open frame poops and we'll go over all kinds of creativity and some ideas what you can do with these and this is the series of bead caps that we also released so all of these products are manufactured in the United States these are cast from a lead-free pewter and then they're plated with 0.999 fine silver 24 karat gold and copper the same is true for here for the plating these are brass solid brass hoops and then plated with those same platings but these are a shiny sterling and then the bead caps are also brass and then plated so all of these findings are made within the United States alright great and we're going to show you some really fun ideas of what you can do with them as well and I don't know if you know if you have an idea Vecchia which ones you want to start with I know you've got some great trays of different inspiration ideas - sure let's start with the earrings okay and maybe we can start with one I'm wearing because I grabbed the pair this is so you can see how they look on and I have to I want to think I love is about these I didn't know if I put them on the jingle yes I've been having a lot of fun with them privately yeah that's one of the pairs and then we have a whole tray of other ones right here and I like that these are all a lot of like mix and matching but they all look really cohesive yes so you pair it a lot of different elements together but it looks like a really solid design what I love about working with these bead caps and the product line of Nunn design in general if I call it Legos for women they can mix and match and stack on top of each other but creativity really comes out in this particular line for me the earrings that we just saw please it is this bead cap these pieces right here but you can squish the puddles together and then heiner I stopped pull it off real quick so I stacked the two bead caps on top of each other so you can start to think about there's some aspects of it that just happen as you assemble you just start to like what would happen if I turn to something that is inside of that and so a lot of this play is showing examples of the bat like this this example of the earrings this bead cap is turned upside down there's another bead cap inside of there giving it some motion some you know flowing up here's another example I love this little pair these also jingles because there's not a variety of I'm happy I know it's there just so they're there they're not only fun just to look at this is one to make and they're really fun to wear because they have movement and all of them start to have their own feel and look like I thought this looked like a genie in a bottle sort of below ya know and also just the acorn acorns that were two of them put together I have a little rim of glue on the inside that keeps that impact but yeah a lot of stacking going on here's another example of them just turned into a variety of different directions and then we're also seeing a lot of the Nunn design faceted beads within this collection it just pairs so much nicely it has more of a organic natural feel but it fits really well with that whole elegant look they're nice and rich yeah the colors just really stunning I also like how you're mixing metals yeah I hear a pop of copper and then in down here you have just a little bit more copper and without even a little gold in there yeah so I think it's really fun too like I said you're playing as like Legos you don't have to just have silver go silver you can add you know the mix of the silver and the gold or the copper and the gold so I think that's really a fun tip for people to sometimes think that they need to stay within the same color family of metals it's nice to know you don't have to and it looks really great and it's really fun to just to see you know you can have a group of people and each person's comes out different each person's hand each person's aesthetics and in this day and age when we have so much you know production of you know clothing and things like that it is just so nice to have your accessories being uniquely yours yeah and especially if you're doing you're doing a show and you have a variety of different things somebody can walk up and they're seeing that they're going to get a one-of-a-kind look yeah absolutely it's all the same palette just mixed in different ways yeah because you can see it's a lot of repetition but they're all so unique and I'm so awed by the steps they're really really fun this is a super fun to play I can't wait to you guys I know so let's go ahead and look at the open frames next okay I mean those honest eye and great so the open frames it's a series that we saw these earlier in the giveaway it's a series of hoops like this and when I decided to come up with this line interviews design it was because you wouldn't you wouldn't know it but it's really hard to have a booth like that the only way to really create this look is for a jewelry artist to solder the rim of you know a piece of brass and they make a seamless joint you have to solder it you have to clean it so to offer something that was just already pre-done was a no-brainer for me because I needed I needed it and here's some examples of the fun things that I created and some of the members of the Nunn design team created this is one look and also when I'm designing I'm looking for something that can have many usages so it it works with the epoxy clay it works with resin here's another example of it used as just a connector and then something's dangling off of it this one is done by the Nunn design team member Melissa Williams Williamson she's also our graphic designer this is Christie ballard's if she has incorporated all kinds of crystal clay pieces that are covered with mica you can see how you're incorporating all kinds of different techniques with a nun design yeah that we teach into the findings this is a fantastic piece that was done by Sheryl Weinstein those who purchase from Nunn design you have contact with Cheryl because she's the one that handles all of the orders she did this fabulous piece using leftover bits of resin and we actually are going to be doing a video on that technique here in the studio after we get done with the Facebook live so that video will be coming to you soon I hope so we're getting lots of hearts and love on that few yeah so it's really great pick it up yes people come yeah yeah it's actually clear so I think that wasn't that may be easy to see against the black but this is one of those pieces that I look at him like how on earth do you do this so I love yeah yeah I like that I'm like wow people think it's complicated it was complicated well it is a little bit but it's not terribly so what Errol did on this piece and she took a piece of packing tape and it's on the back and then she had the day before we have quarterly art days the day before she had poured out on a couple of pieces of plastic some Ziploc bags some mixed resin okay and then she let that cure for about 12 hours and it's really malleable and then she punched it and cut it and made a collage with that leftover resin or with that resin that was I'm sure and then she made a little design she did a couple of really fantastic pieces that are on our blog and then she poured a clear resin over the top of that so we'll be doing something similar to that as far as the video today and then these are just fun examples I just think this looks like candy yeah of all kinds of ways in which you can use the open hoops to create a variety of different looks so what we're seeing here line is like on this one it would be the largest size hoop and the next size hoop and that creates now a piece that you can put a jump ring through here's some examples of them assembled also either with some sort of cording or with chain you can make it look really contemporary or a little bit more boho hip and then on these pieces when I was doing this collection here it was it was super fun because what I did is I just laid all of the the pieces out on the table and then I started to do the combinations like Oh what would it look like if it was a bigger size hoop inside of a smaller sized member not math reverse or what would it look like this is another line that we have our open frames American Idol yeah the pieces I just cut off the loop and use that inside and there so you can create all kinds of different looks to create either a negative space within the piece anyway so that they were just super fun and so this is all colorized resin just mixing a two part and then design two part resin and then adding a little bit of the opaque crafting cast pigments into it and then when you're done you re bitten it secured you pulled the tape you pull the tape off the back and you use either the tape to remove the stickies or you have there's another product called googan that helps really is a very versatile product mostly those you have kids and you have to pull the shows off at the back of the car are windows so anyway those are some examples of using the open frame hoops and then the third item within this collection we can pull out is let's take a look at all of the nature collection let me grab this out of your way right so we have the nature collection here here so we did three different boards the third one is right now here so you can thank you for everyone who's tuning in and commenting we have people from Louisiana and Canada and Malta so keep commenting and if you guys have any questions for Becky she is at your disposal today so ask away so here are some examples of using the nature collection and I'm going to do a little demo that kind of shows the process of that what I did to create these these are all part of the nature collection and we have a couple of videos on your site already where I used a silicon molding putty to create a mold and then in this case I had dried some organics and we have some tutorials that are be coming up on the beat holic of ways in which to preserve organics and how to dry them like if you have a wedding bouquet for example our wedding flowers are things that you want to somehow preserve and then how to incorporate that into jewelry so we are going to give a little demo on how to do that so on these I just made a silicone mold press the organics in there I used epoxy clay to make my models so I made a impression with that and then we cast them so again these are cast and lead-free pewter and then they're plated this is an example of whether it plated in the copper these are plated in the 0.999 fine silver and these are plated in the 24 karat gold so it's showing a collection of just in this series is you know it's very boho I incorporated a lot of suede and cord with the pieces but what's so fun about this is that it doesn't have to look any particular way you can use them in many different many different ways here's an example of Heather Thompson who is our production jeep I don't know whether we call yourself a so he created this by using some colorants right over the piece and then you can also start to change the look of the pieces that has the two-part resin that's been colorized and then we're over the top of it to kind of just give it a little additional look so that's actually resin I thought I thought that was hey no that's actually recipe stop embarrassing but you could do it with paints you can do it with the vintage page you could go yeah the swellegant paints you can do it but even acrylic paint that particular one is done with resin really makes the design pop it does it's the isolator right I think it's a nice ticket you're coordinating it with the other piece right right which is really and here's an example here's those here are the open hoops this is actually a bezel on one of the Nunn design the grande pendant and here are two of the open hoops that we saw that were placed inside of there to give that color-block look hmm so it's super fun and then you know from here there's you know very little technique that's going on at all is just adding a pair of the nature collection charms right on to a jump ring and boom you have a pair of elegant earrings well and with the twisted jump rings there they just look so nice yeah I mean it it's not just any D it's not just any jump ring it's even the jump ring has a little bit of interest to it I love all right you want to see how that's done I do that gem oh okay help you move these guys aside and then I think this is a good time to give people a reminder in case you're just tuning and we're actually doing a giveaway during this Facebook live that we're going to pick a winner at random from everyone who comments and it is a Nunn design giveaway of all these beautiful pieces that you see here it's over $75 worth of wonderful inspiration pieces and at the end of the show here today we will pick one winner and we'll say your name live here on the air and we will send you these so a lot of fun things to play with and just really jumpstart your jewelry designs i think is great too because we're getting into the holidays right now you can make some beautiful gifts too with these items yeah I just want to give some more shout out hi Candice from Trinidad and Tobago all the way thank you so much for tuning in and we have Diana from Poland and Angie from Tennessee people comments coming guys oh hi Kat another cat all right so this we're going to talk about like how something like this was created so I dried the organics like I said there's multiple ways in which to dry the organics and throughout the summer time I was harvesting all of this organics from my my yard and I was just like I don't know what I'm going to do with this but you just kind of I just started to gather them and then one morning I woke up and I just had this inkling that I needed to organize them you need like this this urge for something to come out but I wasn't as their way and so usually when that that Muse is calling it starts out with just get organized yeah I was like it's just a sign that I need to just pull my stuff out and so I took my big box of all of this stuff that I had been preserving over the summer and I started to organize it into little pouches into little containers and then once I got them all organized I was like I I want to try something and this is what came from that so what I used to create this piece is I made a silicon mold and how you do that is there's a silicon molding putty yeah that you guys offer here at the beauty holic it's produced by ETI and I took off out of the containers I pinched off two equal sized balls these were balls at the beginning but now you know all the time they just slowly start to morph into blobs and then I have a little bit of my organics and I'm kind of just thinking about like what is exactly what is the look that I'm wanting to create so in this particular one this was actually the flower that made that tulip like stem and I knew that I kind of wanted to have you know something else I think that was like a some sort of blade of grass or something like that so I had all kinds of pieces organics that I had on the table because you have to work really quickly with this pull with this putty once you mix it you have about a minute before this starts to set up oh wow that's really fast well I think it actually says something different on the packaging and thinking and I think it has everything to do with some heat of the room the climate and humidity so I'm just got into the habit of like telling myself I have a minute because I don't want to miss that window room so before I even start to mix this clay this putty together I have my organics ready I have some wet wipes handy because I want to be moving as quick as possible what I'm doing this so the first step is you take your silicon putty equal parts and you mix it and sometimes I say I break a sweat you know because I'm living as fast as I can and I'm using palms of my hands have you guys work with this oh yeah oh yeah I want that it had like this way a journalist anyway this is an actually a really big amount of clay that I post the two silicon putty so we won't be needing this much for this particular you saw that little organic that I pulled with so tiny so you mix those two parts together until it's no longer modelled and it's one consistent feeling in the color of the clay and now I'm just using the palms of my hand to roll it into a nice smooth ball we're not going to want to have creases in there at all and then I like to put a piece of plastic down so that my silicon putty won't stick to my paper and then I just use the top to kind of give it a nice flat look so do I know how to place so now I have a nice flat putty that up ball and you can see I have a little bit of modeling in there I'll just flip it over and then just take your organics and then just press it right into that piece like that and then you just let that set and that's going to give us the mold so that's what's creating this really high contrast that we're seeing here in those petals and then you know after I let that set I brought an example of here's another mold that I had made we didn't actually end up going with this because you know a lot of people wouldn't be able to identify what is that I mean I know that's a robot but you know it's like is that a lollipop and so what okay once you pull this after it is cured it's it's really firm like you're seeing here and you bend back the sides and that organics will pop out and then you have a mold that you can work with then what I did is I took two Part A and B of the crystal clay which we're seeing here this is the white that I was working with you mix these two parts together and then you press them into the into the actual mold and you can get an impress imprint like for example this would have come out of that mold and you can see that that would have been the impression that I made and you know here's all kinds of samples of the variety of molds I made dozens and dozens of these molds in order to select the I think we came out with five well yeah I'm definitely seeing some yeah oh yeah yeah you know and and you know all that just with this yes that was incredible yeah so on on some of this you know some of the like the ferns this one didn't release yet but these I did not dry I used these right when they were fresh so that they didn't wither up at all but a lot of this is like seed pods and you can see like even for a design like this I mean I did dozens and dozens of samples to get just the right composition that's what it just took yeah because even this was a little bit too large this didn't have enough detail for me and so then after all of this is done we then turned around it and we cast them and then even I weeded out a ton from that process because they were way too heavy you know like this difference right here ended up being the heaviest one that we ended up doing and that's a pretty it's just the wrong way to it it's really it's a really nice piece and I probably wouldn't have chosen that myself because I'm a very petite person and I'm more attracted to the smaller pieces but when I was doing testing like I would bring them to several parties and picnics and all this other stuff to say hey which ones do you guys like best and then I waited to hear and this was up on the top three every single time and so you know it's not about what I like it's about also what I know that the marketplace is going to run you know so this was one of the most popular pieces and so it ended up in the line but this gives an example of like how I came up with this collection it was super fun to do this was all stuff that used to sort of it's just found objects that's so fantastic yeah well this is all organic classics but we have on I think we've done a couple of tutorial videos with you guys where did the same process and then we use colorized resin open-top yes it's called an echo porcelain and this is that exact same technique but then taken to the next step and we actually cast the piece now so huh I think everyone's gonna be looking at their gardens very different Wow I think we're all gonna be looking down on the ground well it's also just an opportunity to preserve a moment in DI like for example we talked about you would be surprised how many customers that we have that take even funeral flowers and make beautiful keepsakes from that it's just a way in which to take a moment in time and preserve it it's important for people and also with weddings and yeah even bridal showers or baby yeah hours just anything that you can think of that you want to like just have a memory you have like something tangible yeah hold exactly I think a good reminder as Becky said earlier and that she was going to share with us her tips for preserving the organic materials so that you can set them down so that will be up on our blog shortly and she's going to you know share her information with us because we do get that question a lot yeah like how do I take my wedding flowers and preserve them to be able to do something like this so we're going to get you that information stuff thanks to Becky okay and then let's go ahead and talk about what we have left here so I know we've got a great tray back here I was talking about a beautiful charm bracelet yeah let's go ahead and move all of this stuff side so one of the things that cat had asked me about to talk about was how do I take the variety of techniques that we teach and make it look good and you know how do you do it Becky it is one of the things that I really really love about teaching is is how do you take all kinds of information and make it into a cohesive piece and these are some examples of multiple techniques that we offer and that I teach and tied them all into one particular project this is a class that we've taught a couple times this year and in that couple day class we go over I think there's about 12 different techniques just in that one bracelet and each students piece comes out completely different it's because it is really it's an example of what is possible and how I typically like to design is within a theme in a feel so and that's because I'm producing jewelry to sell and so and then I'm producing sometimes jewelry just for my own personal aesthetics my own personal aesthetic tends to be very elegant I like old-world it's still a mixed media but it has a specific look that just comes out of me naturally I'm not good that you can design for yourself but then sort of feel like there's a specific person that you could design for you know and it's being able to meld that and so right into what they might like yeah so thinking about your audience's exact really a key part of designing is like who is going to buy this who is going to wear this and they might not like that particular stetic so in the class each piece comes out uniquely to that students desires or that that students look like I've had one students who did all dog themed within and made the coolest bracelet but it was all dog related things you know and others like really like a yoga theme or hearts or and then this particular piece right here is is more of a Paris theme this is just you know more elegant so it can be you know a specific theme like the imagery is really tying that in with the Eiffel Tower and anything that is a real regal feel in these pieces here that we're using that sculpted relief so this is that exact same technique that I just showed of creating a mold I'm in your item and in this case these were both um brass stampings or in this case was a charm and to create that high relief and then resin was poured over it you know just so just really tying in all kinds of mixed themes but creating something that ties everything together also it's really tying my pieces together our color so it but you know choosing one palette the pink is used in many different ways again mixing the metals with gold and silver but the primary feel is that silver base and then bringing in the gold as the accent and then the black in the clay is tying all of the bits and pieces together you know creating little teeny accents like we're seeing here these are done with leftover little bits of crystal clay to create additional little accents that tie it all together well I love just looking at the two fleur-de-lis pieces you see it's the same color resin but they have such different looks yes as you have the black clay and the white clay and really different baby food so a lot of what I'm doing too is you know making a lot of different pieces and then really moving them around back and forth until you get a nice full flow and feel to the piece the composition is a really key part to that like looking at like where there's a lot of weight you're going to use a smaller size piece and we're you know just moving the pieces around until you get a nice look and feel we almost go back to that Legos building glass you know where you're really laying or having fun with it and you're mixing and matching so it's like like you said you wait like you have this guy here so you're balancing them over here then you can mix and match I think it's also really great to see the variety of different objects he's combined right so it is charm so we've also got some resin we've got some crystal clay it's just fun to see that you're really combining a different a lot of different things and here we've got paper and transfers so you don't have to just stay within like one family of like techniques or even family types of product yeah and you can definitely see that there's some editing going on here because I'm sure there were maybe more pieces that you go there you know you're right you kind of like you like oh this one works nope that one works no let's put this one back right there's a lot of editing and right sort of design in that aspect especially when you're doing such a ornate charm bracelet like right and I'm guessing long : all those edited pieces became necklaces yeah we also the same way when I was talking about how I did the organic you know molds that I just had this this urgency to organize my organics it's it's really about the ingredient you know like when a baker goes to sit down art goes to cook that she pulls all of her ingredients are he pulling all of it occasions my household all the ingredients out and then you make your item well that's also true with the jewelry making is I might have a lot of these pieces that I've done over time and then I put them in bins according to theme like that they have a common feel and then when I start to notice that I've got a good body of them I'll pull them all out and yeah you start to do that editing process moving them around and kind of like time like who would have thought that that would have gone really well with this flowers you know but it's really the you know the tying together with the copper and you know added that copper on there to pick up that little accent there so that those did play together nicely and those circles are two examples of how you can do them on charm bracelets but it's not limited just to that here's an example of you know mixing things up if you have one piece that's really technique oriented but tied it together with having it be a high relief look and tying it together with the rest of the pieces can you see in this collection here these are all bangle bracelets adjustable bangle bracelets so even wrapping in a little piece of leather or suede to kind of bring in that whole boho feel into one so here's some bangle bracelets and here's another example of a charm bracelet just tying all of these pieces together and you know this is this is a technique piece just because it has resin but it just gives that extra little color so I might have been doing some pieces over here that we're pouring the colorized resin but then had a little bit of resin left over so maybe mixed in a little white or a little add that same colorant just filling in a couple of bezels as accent here it just has sprinkled over a couple of little group glitter rocks over the top to tie it in here's just straight glitter rocks so you can see like all of the different techniques and how they all start to play together and it's been some noticing like you said there's just little leftovers and here were a little leftover so like you could always find something to do with your leftover as well yeah I think you're like never taught anything well yeah yeah I think that that's a really important thing is really be responsible with your materials and we do a lot of sales to doers who are doing production pieces and you know waste is every time you have waste you're basically losing profits yeah so how do you use those little extra bits of crystal clay while it's still within that 90 minutes working time or how do you use that little extra bit of mix resin that you have leftover instead of letting it go to waste finding ways to use it and be productive with it and you know it just really takes having a lot of ingredients on the table and being mind of how you're creating and how you set things up like I do you guys probably do this when you do resin mixes it's finger I usually do it the very first thing in the morning because then I have all day so one day might just be prepping dozens of pieces and then going yeah and then doing the poor or work in a group you know like we have fun yes I have resin bag and everything right and I'll go there so we have art day at Nunn design and you know everybody works together as a team to talk about like what are you producing when are you going to be mixing which resin and you know everybody's done giving up the little cups yeah I'm having it's like it always have mold handy and that last little bit of resin always becomes like glitter magnets because we just forum is like a star but some glitter in them and then we've got magnets for our fridge alright I do have a question for you Becky have you ever done glass blown beads I personally have not done any glassblowing beat but we do sell a lot of products to glass artists we have some products that are designed specifically for glass cabs and that they can drop the glass cabs in but I personally have not done I have done a couple of classes using glasses glass beads not glass long beads okay yeah alright yeah they have a lot of a difference a different technique yes it's a totally different technique and it's really interesting if I took that enamel class this last year but it was taught by a glass artist and it was really interesting because they were brass stamping you know like what we have here and then you use enamel but all of this all the techniques were glass related and I just had a really big insight when I was taking that class because I was like there's so many things that a glass artist knows there's so many things you and I know as far as seed beads or you know like how it will handle the tools or how to hold something and I was in this class and I was a completely lock I don't I didn't even know how to turn my you know whatever I was holding or what part of the flame to use so it's like each each technique is its own own area and I got a lot of respect for this glass artists oh yes I've seen it done and I'm just in awe yeah yeah let's try that one but yeah what a spectacle yes oh yeah and I love it that's what I love about you are making there's always more to learn yeah always another technique to explore and like if you haven't tried this there's always something new I mean your tool or any tool yeah but what we spend our time with at Nunn design is finding ways to a glass blown jewelry artist who's going to be making those glass beads how could they incorporate metals into that and how could we make their lives easier like they might make a drop or something like this but then how do you attach it to something to make it into a pendant or so we really focus on not necessarily that particular technique but how can we incorporate that artisans work within what we do well that's just that's good because then you know it feels like everybody can approach your line with how can I make this work for my you know aesthetic and my technique guys bring what I owe and right with what you do well that that's a big part to of what we do at Nunn design is we're really thinking about this collection is very specific especially that nature collection is it's a line of charms but within the line of Nunn design such as these bezels that we're seeing here you know we're really thinking about like how can a fiber artist need to incorporate needlepoint artists how can they incorporate so we're it's really a blank canvas for an artisan of any kind of look and medium to incorporate polymer we have some fabulous polymer polymer clay artists that without are so it's not just mixed-media you know yokai berries it can be I'm just seeing some amazing fibers coming out in jewelry making right now is in particular needlepoint just incredible pieces using design bezels and you know they're viewing their needlepoint and placing it inside of there and so you know an artist that would have been only doing things that were more like a tabletop setting how do they incorporate their art form into a wearable art form Oh interesting yep yeah well and if you're out there and if you've used any of the Nunn design pieces share with us a special notice yeah yeah we are always very audit what our cookies do and you know we've gotten some private message but please share with the whole Facebook group and we love being able to show what our customers are doing and you know it's always inspiring to us to see what you guys are doing as well yeah definitely sure all right you want to do a project yeah I think we should okay I'm going to grab the tray right here so Becky has made a pair of earrings ahead of time she's going to show us how to do it here on camera so again we're talking about that layering that hold using these as Legos building blocks and we're going to go ahead and all her ingredients right here and she's going to build them for us so what tools do you need this makes you fifties - yep okay alright so I made use quite a while ago so let me just how to remember myself so let's start out with the first thing that we're going to do is we're going to make this they're kind of like in two different segments we have this end part right here and then we have the next part here and then it attaches onto the sleeve your back so as you can see here which we have one eye pin and we're going to go ahead and put on one of these pearls and these are Swarovski pearls aren't they they are so pretty all right I have to grab my glasses so we're going to add on that purple and your doesn't really cool jurasky right on top of there and then we have these two bead caps that are overlapping with one another so you thread on that and if you if when it's a tight fit like that just go ahead and push up with your thumb making that drop up inside of there and then on the second one we're going to layer this one slightly so it's kind of like overlaps like that is pushed it a little bit and then pushing it up with my thumb right on top there and it drops up inside of the bead cap then we have to beat caps and this is all SPECT out on your website you have all of this yes we do yeah there's a tutorial so we have another one here and then once you have this section made up so now I have and that that's a really cool stopping point right there you can do like a whole entire bracelet with all kinds of different combinations of you know this just mixing and matching and making a cool charm bracelet like we were looking at earlier then I have two pairs of needlenose pliers and everybody does their loops different this is how I I don't even know I don't think I was ever taught how to do my with a mannequin I don't know I'm sorry about Hannah's dream about a quarter of an inch --is is what I know a little bit more than a quarter of an inch that I'm going to do and this is what Julie was yeah I think that the photographer might have been shot a couple of times but I even has a even saved these extra little bits because as we saw in that charm bracelet you can add a little bit of crystal clay right on to the end of that so save all of your extra little bits and you can use the lights even those then with either a pair of needle nose and the pliers or these are just round pliers and these aren't I - oh so it's a new tool I just start making a loop and I just curved it bringing it to the base and that's kind of how I make my loops but everybody I've seen so many different great ways you do yours different chatons and Julie I think you Ireland fiery I use why I love that I have a concave nose and a round and round but I think this is great I've never seen a loop made like that and I think that is a really fun way to make a loop well I don't I don't know I didn't learn it I just taught myself and I think I was doing something another time and I saw somebody else do it and I was like ah would be a good way to do it well anyway it just it allows me to make the loop and it's consistent in size and then if you get down to the base and it's not quite right where you want it you can just adjust it and create that nice even nice round loop so that's the base part that we just put together here so next we're going to go do this part right here and it's just a whole lot of stacking so this I'm going to start out with already and I pinned that loop is already made and you can open this up now and thread on this first part that we already made close that back up keep on taking my glasses on and off and so then I can't see you are not alone I know I know we understand yeah and so you go ahead and bring that back down alright so now we're going to start stacking as we've seen here this bead cap is going to be upside down see how it is there and then we're going to add on another one of the Swarovski pearl beads this is a larger sized one isn't that beautiful so now you can see those two together one thing I like about using frosty beads for the pearls if they have a nice large hole yeah you can easily get the head pin to the items you know that is a really important thing I can't tell you how many beads that I have purchased over time you know at trade shows and such and you get home and your diet is you know trying to find just that bee that's going to fit and as you can see I'm doing a lot of that turning upside down like we talked about before so here it was face down and here now all of these pieces are turned upside down and then we have our last piece right here we're going to thread on so now we have that finished bead back same thing that we saw earlier about a quarter of an inch down holding this piece right here so you don't shoot Chris and then have a yes I have unfortunately had flying and oh yeah starting at the top right here and then just using the very tips of my pliers starting to bend because you can see how I'm just taking it to that curved area right here and just bending it all the way around and then coming back into the base and then bending it up straight now I'm going to open this back up and then we put on our lever back and close that and we have this super fun little pair of earrings so I love looking right now so here's this great pile of all these little it submits and components and it becomes something so cool and cohesive looking like it looks so elegant elegant the perfect word for it yeah yep yeah there you go so then we shave these little guys and have them handy for the next project and that was really quick so if you were to do the second piece as well and make a complete pair are we talking 5-minute I don't know yeah a lovely gift for someone or whatever maybe it is that you want to do right about the most challenging part is designing it and we've taken out a lot of that with Dan ticular project but that's also where the fun is yeah I know it is I just get it all and I just see it and I think I think that the biggest thing for people is that they get locked into like I'm not good at this or you know I'm not a designer or I'm not a jewelry artist and when you start telling yourself that garbage it does it's not as fun yeah if you just like say I'm just going to play I'm just going to play and see what I can do and you let go of your attachment to how things come out it's just it's fun it just makes it really enjoyable and oh yeah that's what that's what's great about this particular collection is these pieces there's a whole series of bead caps that we'd already had in the line so that's what we're seeing with a lot of these pieces they and then these are some of the newer pieces that we've incorporated in but all of them work there's a cast line as well and we saw a lot of those samples earlier they all incorporate together so it's super fun yeah it's like I think you know if you do have some old you know bead caps that you just couldn't figure out how to use well with some of the newer bead caps like oh they it all fit nice or it's like don't get rid of anything right yeah yeah and I think it goes back there's like really not a right or wrong way yeah because I mean if your personal taste so just like Becky made a simple wire loop very different than how I have one or you make one it still works so when you're designing let yourself play don't think you're doing it wrong if it's something that appeals to you and it works go for it not wrong and we get that question a lot from our youtube videos it's like you do it this way but I do it this way was I wrong did it work did you like the result right now you're looking wrong are you really on let go of that feeling right like it has to be a certain way and just have fun right and another thing is practice practice I believe is you know it's like you know and now that you know my kids are 9 and 13 it's like oh no I'm not even good at that and it's like well how many times have you done it and it's easy for you to tell the kid that but it's harder to tell adults Pat it's like how many times do you made a loop how many times it's just I just took time and time and time again and of course I do make it look easy you do make it look Andy and it might not be easy for the person who tries it for the first time but we've done it a couple of times you know it's repeated for us and you know it's just like giving yourself the you know the time and giving yourself the permission to be bad at something yeah we all start out with what we start out so what was so truly gifted all of us are gone oh yeah Krim peas were mine like I to days of crime like clear ice crying like okay I understand how this should work right got the pliers it is not working cookies flying craft yeah all right so yeah just keep at it keep practicing keep and all right here do you guys have questions get stuck always send us more stuff I mean we're happy to help that's what we do is why we love to do the video tutorials and everything no set us up and Becky's been so great to do so many videos for us and she's about to do a bunch more and share her knowledge and share techniques no we're always so grateful for that much time do we still have we don't have just a few minutes so I just want to remind everyone go ahead and make the last few comments and we are going to give away or give away here very soon any less little like tips or tricks but you want to share I know you're going to do some videos of course lab soon we were talking about you know practice and things like that one of the things that I just wanted to show with this piece here is that it's also getting to be very popular to not have things be precision you know for example this is an example of you know just random knot tying and then just you know trying to get it to all tied together someone but it doesn't have to be precision these little guys up here these are probably been mana might like no time to learn how to fold the other and attach it on there and you know it's like in every now and then I get one what I can't do it right and it gets frustrating and you just have to know that that's just going to happen you know you know same with resin it's like how can I get written bubbles in my resin because resin and bubbles Nick you know is it happened it happened you know if you don't want resin in your bubbles and do a CT more it'll bring ya glitter in there yeah yeah you're fine right make it work yeah yeah all right all right well I think we're ready to pick our winner here eh so here again is the giveaway and what we just ask is once we call out your name send us a private message on facebook with your address and we will send you all these beautiful pieces to play with and we're going to choose one person at random from all of those who commented and we'll send these great pieces I'm going to get ya a little bit of everything which is great alright it'll be plenty for you to do a project something that you've been inspired by today yeah absolutely and I actually can see even if you just you know wanted to put some simple chance on some of these these are some great yeah I'm hang up I mean yeah like this example here I mean I did it a couple of combinations but this is just a ball chain yeah I added on an extra little thing right here but it doesn't have you could have just put it right onto that but that's just super elegant in it so it's not just elegant it's also cool funky if I mean it can be yeah I think that are actually a really good point to point out just as we're waiting to pick our winner at random you can do something like this which is gorgeous that's a lot of different techniques you can equally do something really simple it doesn't always have to be you know something that I'm more complicated you can do something really beautiful with just how many jump rings we've got three jump rings a really pretty charm pendant and then a chain right we got more complicated up here that goes back to that layering yeah yeah right keep adding and write and edit making your application you want yeah all right we have a very winner congratulations Aaron Shaw but send us a private message let us know where we can ship your levity gift and we will send that out you just me congratulations Aaron congratulations I hope you have fun well thank you so much Thank You Julie beam and becky nunn for being here from then design i'm kat sylvia and be sure to join us next month not sure what the topic is going to be you're going to have to change by now thanks for joining us a have a wonderful day bye you

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