All About Crimp Ends, Covers, & Cord Ends for Jewelry Making

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this overview video you will learn all about the various options for finishing the ends of your jewelry projects. From cord ends to crimp beads, and everything in between, this video will show you all the options available and how to choose the right one for your project.
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Hi, this is Julie with covers cupchain ends not covers and scrimps that is a mouthful basically but all of these different findings allow you to finish off your jewelry pieces so that you can attach a clasp attach a jump ring attach it to another jewelry making components such as a chain or another finding I'm gonna go one by one and show you the different options available and this is just a small selection of those that are are available at so when you're selecting a cord end you're really gonna choose based upon one the metal finish the color you see there's a wide variety of colors so you'll want to match your colors if you're using a silver clasp and silver jump rings you want to still record in most likely but you're also going to choose based upon the type of material you're using or the type of project you have created if you are using flat ribbon for instance you're going to probably want a ribbon crimp cord end so these come in a variety of sizes so the size of the item that you're trying to finish also makes a difference if you have a five millimeter ribbon you're going to want a five millimeter and if you have a ten millimeter you'll want a ten millimeter and that's gonna be true across the board as you can see there's a variety of sizes available so you'll want to keep the finish in mind the type of material you're using and also the size so cord ends sometimes have hooks or clasps already attached sometimes they just have a loop and sometimes they have neither as you'll see here they just have a hole and we actually have other videos on showing you how to use almost all of these but I just wanted to talk to you about the different types available in this video so we have this type here which would allow you to easily cover the end of kumihimo or a braid or any type of fiber that you're doing some macrame would work for that we have a variety of shapes styles finishes you can see there's also ones for flat cork big text as big chords you see the scale varies quite a bit I have a few finished examples here here's an example where the cord end just has a ring attached and then we just use a jump ring to attach our setting here's another example where is actually a clasp is the cord end that actually saves some work but it's a different style you can see here the scale when I was talking about making a decision based upon the size of what you're trying to finish if you are doing something like kumihimo you'll want to make sure you pick the appropriate cord end or cord end clasp for the size of your braid you can just measure the diameter of your braid and match that up with the measurements on the product listing sometimes you can buy a little kit that has multiples or also has the clasp attached then there's also cord ends which will allow you to rivet a piece of material such as this flat cork and be able to finish your piece like that you'll see they come in different styles to even one switch just allow you to approve it in place and then you'll have this wonderful end as well different scale different sizes there's one such as these my Yuki slider ends where you go ahead and you just slide it over your beads adds a really nice clean finished look to your design so really quite a variety there are many many more on the website I just pulled a few but I wanted to give you a good idea of the range available so that covers the cord ends another way to finish your jewelry piece is with crimp beads now companies are usually used if you're using beading wire and there are crimp beads which are a little bit more rounded and then there's crimp tubes which are more cylindrical shape it's really a personal preference as to which one you want to use I know I personally love crimp tubes I just find them a little bit easier to work with but crimp beads work great as well and you can see they come in a variety of sizes as well we even have ones for stretch cord or you could buy multi packs as well and then if you want to go ahead and finish off your crimp bead you can use a crimp bead cover crimp bead covers just fit seamlessly over the crimp bead and you squish them you'll see that there's an opening right here so you just take a pair of chain nose pliers you go ahead and you pinch it together over that crimp bead and then it looks like another bead and I have a couple examples to show you to help illustrate that so here is a necklace design that one of our designers made and she used a crimp bead and you can see the seam in the crimp bead is beautiful it's secure she did a very nice neat job but you do see the crimp bead now if you want to cover that crimp bead you can use a crimp bead cover which is what has been done here so these are actually crimp bead covers they're not beads themselves but they have been made to look like beads just to add a finishing touch to the design speaking of covering there are not covers not covers are usually used in pearl knotting where do you also use them in different types of braiding techniques and they just fit over the knot again you just pinch them shut now with knot covers I do recommend using a little bit of adhesive inside that not cover just to add a little bit of extra security but then what you're left with is you've got a hook and a way of attaching this to a clasp or a jump ring along the same lines a bit of the basic concept of being able to have a loop which will allow you to finish off the piece and connect it our cup chain ends now cup chain ends work by just taking the last link of your cup chain sliding it into place and then you would just use your chain nose pliers to take those little tabs and fold it over that last crystal and then you've got a loop that you're ready to attach a jump ring or a clasp to and finally there are scrimps scripts are something you might not be quite as familiar with but these are also a way of securing beading wire here on this particular one you'll see that there's actually an illustration of how this works but there is a little screw in the scrimp and you put your beading wire through the scrimp loop it around put it back down through it and then tighten it with that little screw and you can see these two come in a variety of shapes and finishes as well so I realize that this is a lot of information I just wanted to get you started on some basic understanding of what is available in terms of how to finish off your jewelry pieces and then be able to attach a clasp or attach them to the rest of your design I know we covered a lot of information here very quickly please do check out the other videos on the beadaholique website which will show you how to use all these various findings you

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