Overview of Jewelry Clasps

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Designer: Julie Bean
Choosing the right clasp for your jewelry project can be overwhelming with all the choices available. This overview video talks about the popular types of clasps and shows finished examples using them. Once you decide on the type of clasp, you can then have fun picking out the right finish, size, shape, and design.
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Hi, this is Julie with beadaholique.com and everything in between let me first show you the lobster clasp this is one you're probably quite familiar with it's very common and it's used a lot because it's incredibly easy to use and it's very secure so you just pull the little tab back it's gonna open it up you're gonna unlatch your bracelet and then you just release it to close it back up usually you're going to connect these to a jump ring on the other side of your project so these are available all different finishes and sizes some are shaped like hearts others have little detailing on them some even swivel a lot of different choices and different scales which is nice with this style of clasp there's also hook clasps and they can be anything from a nice soft hook to an S hook and a hook a hook and eye some even have cord ends already attached to them this here is a kumihimo bracelet and we just glued the braid right into the end here and you can see those two are very easy to use toggle clasps are really fun you have a lot of variety in terms of the different styles for them you can see just in the small sampling that I've picked out here how different these clasps are they all function the same way but you're really going to be able to match the aesthetic of your design to the clasp itself so really be a nice enhancing feature these are really easy to use so they all are going to have a toggle bar and a toggle ring of some sort and you just take the bar you put it through the ring and that's secures it in place again some of these actually have the glue in finding for your cords and your braids already built in as part of the clasp and others just have rings that you would then attach with jump rings there's bezel clasps I just took one here but you just have this well which you will then fill with whatever you like I have a cabochon and then it it's just a box clasp mechanism and this one here is a two strand one specialty clasps and these are really fun this is a pair of handcuffs and it's one of my favorite clasps that we do have to offer it's just a very unique look to it now if you're doing a lot of ball chain jewelry you might want to buy your ball chain in bulk and cut it down to the size that you want and then in that case you would just buy these little ends and then you connect them on by placing the end ball into that well and pulling it to the side until it snaps into place tube clasps we use these a lot when we're doing bead weaving or multi strand bracelets with stringing materials you'll see that it will have a number of loops on each side here I've got one that has five loops here's one that has three a lot of different choices for you on how many loops you want and the width as well as what you're going to consider these are very easy to use as well and it's nice because they don't add a lot of bulk to your design you can see on this one here that we used a gunmetal finish it just really fades into the bracelet so the focus remains for us at least on the bead weaving itself box and pearl clasps are really fun they can be either plain like you see here or they can be quite fancy and crystal encrusted here's a little petite pearl clasp but it's very nice and simple and elegant even though it's got some detailing to it and then you can see that we've got something here which really becomes the focal so when you are choosing a clasp whether it's a box class or a toggle clasp or any other style you should think do you want the class to be the focal or if you want the clasp to kind of fade into the background and that will help you to make a better decision about which style to choose from but box clasps are great they're very easy to use and often times you're going to have quite a few choices in terms of how many strands of beading you want to feed into the box clasp a simple elegant way to finish a piece of jewelry is with a magnetic clasp and also if you're putting on a bracelet they're super easy to use because you don't have to use two hands to get it on magnet is great for that you can see that they're sometimes very simple and very elegant and other times they're quite fancy if you like to do paracord jewellery or other types of braiding and knotting jewelry maybe a little bit more modern-looking here we have these plastic buckle clasps and these are great because they're super secure and they're very strong and they've got those ends for you to attach your cord directly onto and the last clasp is also one of the most popular and widely used and that is the spring ring clasp I have a little example right here so spring ring it kind of works away its name sounds you just pull back the little tab and it opens the little latch and there is a little spring ring in here and you would usually just connect this to a jump ring on the other side of your necklace or bracelet so you can see here you also again have a lot of choices you can do something which has a lot of style to it really kind of flashy it might become a focal piece of your jewelry or you can go ahead and pick a really petite little one if you're doing delicate jewelry and you don't want the clasp to be a focal I hope you enjoyed this quick overview of the different types of clasps available there's literally hundreds to choose from on the website have fun picking the right one for your project you

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