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Hi, this is Julie with beadaholique.com one is 13 sixteenth of an inch and i want to show you how easy they are to work with especially if you're doing a bezel setting or some type of jewelry piece you're going to want to put a piece of collage art work down into so I'm going to take this first punch which is the larger one and this is actually like I mentioned one and a quarter inches which is the same size as the bezel setting of this pendant so this is going to be really easy to do so you'll see that if you turn it upside down you can actually see the inside and that's what I want so I'm going to take this one piece of collage work and I'm going for this bird right here and looking at it from upside down I'm going to slide the piece of paper in and then I'm just going to apply some pressure and punch you can see there's a little protective guard right here then I'm just going to take out to remove my image so I have that bird and now all I would have to do is put some glue on the back and set him down and you can see he fits perfectly which is such as time saver now I'm going to take him out for a sec because i want to show you something else you can do you really is a perfect fit okay so maybe you want to actually layer your images so perhaps you want to start with a pattern background there we go we can put that down into our setting and then maybe you want to put some wording on top you move that cute little airplane so then you would glue the first one down and then you could just glue that one and right on top and then you could seal it you could glaze it or you could put resin on top of it a lot of different choices you can even add further embellishments so paper punches are a great tool to work with when you're doing your jewelry designs especially if you're doing mixed media projects and things we're going to be using bezels and pendants you

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